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Michael J. Totten
Hezbollah’s Relentless Rage « Back to Story

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Dear Alas:

The source of your quote is an opinion piece in Pravda English by one Lisa Karpova, a rabid hater of Israel and a fan of the late Muammar Gaddafi:

I believe the quote is made up completely and once again insist that you provide a reliable source for it. Otherwise, I will have to assume that you are just a big fat liar.
"Congratulations Mr. Netanyahu, my first question is that does the beginning of the large train line's construction confirm the announcement of the dissident Syrian Intelligence Office that you will strike Lebanon?"

In reply, Netanyahu stated:

"Yes, and it is not a secret that it will happen with U.S.-Gulf support and that is why they have been warned, but before you ask, you have a look at the new map of the world and see that there is no nation with this name."

Here is Netanyahu threatening to destroy Lebanon.
Give it a rest, Alas.Your propaganda and hyperbole are nothing but meant as cover for the Arabs (and all of them), along with Iran.

Abbas of the PA cannot and will not even acknowedege Israel's right to live as the sole Jewish nation in the world.

It is the Arabs who wish to wage indefinite war and every time they lose, they cry to mommy U.N.

This silly talk of Israel terrorizing the poor, poor Arab Palestinians is bunk.

They do to their own on a daily basis what Israel must do to defend itself where and when necessary.

Look at the Arab Palestinians---they cannot even get along with themselves, being split in 2 with Hamas and the PA.

Tell you what--shoot nor rockets, wage no war against Israel and peace would reign.

But that's not what the Arabs want nor is in their DNA.

Oh yeah, let's not mince words either, a "call to end the Zionist regime," is essentially if not in reality, calling for the destruction of Israel.

Now that you've been called out as a hypocrite we find it not only very hard to take you credibility we simply don't believe you and the Palestinian Arabs wanting Peace. Oh, quite the opposite.

Israel has to retreat nowhere. The Arab Palestinians need to retreat back to their real homeland, Jordan.
Totten's a good journalist but surely he doesn't really believe that Hizb'Allah is really all that strong.

They are only as strong as their supply lines, and the strength and resources of their host country--Lebanon.

Israel can destroy Lebanon's infrastructure in minutes thus effectively neutering Hizb'Allah from even such basic mattes as water, food and electricity.
"...Netanyahu is on the record for saying "in the future you will look at a map and not see a nation with that name [Lebanon]""

I cannot find the source of this quote. I can only find it on various neo-Nazi, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic websites where it is attributed to an interview in the German Die Zeit. I believe the quote is a fraud, and I would be most interested if someone could cite the original source if it exists.

Even if it were genuine, however, what Benjamin Netanyahu would be referring to is not Israel destroying Lebanon, but rather, Hezbollah and Syria destroying Lebanon. Which, in actual fact, has largely happened already.
Alas, Zionism=Israel and Israel=Zionism. We know exactly what Hezbollah is saying; Kill the Jews and take over the land for Islam. Back to the '67 borders? Give back the Golan because Syria is SUCH a stable place...NOT. We see that the Arab states are unstable and not-to-be-trusted.

Israel has never talked of conquering Lebanon (or any other Arab country) except in the context of a threat against Hezbollah's threat to annihilate Israel.

Israel gave up the 2nd Lebanese war, not because Hezbollah was so strong, but the political pressure (including that from the United States) and a weak plan relying too much on air power. There was too much paralysis and the Israeli command wasn't sure what to do. I think they have discussed this and practiced at some length and gone over scenarios so that the same problems will not reoccur. Netanyahu is not Olmert.

But Netanyahu has no desire to destroy or conquer Lebanon; that simply is a lie. He threatens Hezbollah and southern Lebanon if Hezbollah tries to make war again. Israel will not hold back or be confused again.

The existential threats to Israel are two-fold: the theofascism which grounds Hezbollah and the Islamic Republic, and the demographic rise of Israeli Muslins to majority by the end of this century. No mention of the second threat in this book?
Great review, Michael. As always.
How can Hezbollah or any other 'state" destroy Israel without killing thousands of Arabs?
How can Iran or its proxies use a nuclear weapon on Israel without killing tens of thousands of Arabs?
What about Palestine? You keep saying Hezbollah calls for the destruction of israel (which it never has it called for an end to the ZIONIST REGIME, you shouldn't trick your readers)but what about israel's calls to wipe Lebanon off the map? Netanyahu is on the record for saying "in the future you will look at a map and not see a nation with that name [Lebanon]"

This alone gives Hezbollah all the right to exist and accumulate arms. Its simple really, does israel want peace? Work towards the Arab peace plan of 2002. Israel retreats to 1967 borders, and allows Palestinians the same right of return european jews claimed. In return, every Arab state, including Hamas will recognize israel, and uphold a permanent truce.

Israel is the one terrorizing palestinians everyday, and stopping all efforts at peace.