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Theodore Dalrymple
Rotting from the Head Down « Back to Story

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A foreign 'intellectual elite' to boot - as names here, including the real name of the Russo-Jewish author of this piece, suggests. Dalrymple invariably makes a good sense. He is clever and writes well. He is also disingenuous, however, little more than Peter Hitchens with a medical degree when it comes to recognizing what truly ails us. Unfortunately his preoccupations betray the peculiar prejudices common to many of his immigrant background. That is why he studiously avoids topics of race and biology, smothering the real origins of, and responsibility for, crime in lofty generalities about 'the human spirit' [presumably to imply a universal, equalitarian capacity for culture]. What confirms me in my reservations about this man is an obvious indifference toward the welfare and experience of a people he cannot even bother to name correctly, who suffer almost exclusively [not just disproportionately] many of the things he complains about, who pay the bills of neighbours permitted by EU law to extort money from them, and the extent of whose plight he repeatedly conceals by adopting that familiar pretence of mainstream conservatives that 'Britain' is a nation when it is actually four, of which in this case only one is truly on the brink of dissolution, notably because foreign influence, not least from the sense of entitlement known only to Scottish, Welsh and other immigrant elites allowed to vote on English affairs, have the run of a country they wish to destroy. Daniels is entertaining but he selects his targets a little too carefully, a little too deliberately, for my liking.
Gerlernter recently published a book on a similar theme: "America-Lite, How Imperial Academia Dismantled Our Culture."

Gerlernter in Commentary wrote sort of a precursor essay,"How the Intellectuals Took Over" way back in 1997.

And, surprise, surprise, he's another well-healed lefty who went to a 17k a year private school! (Mr Mieville not Mr Dalrymple)
Mieville is a trotskyist and long standing member of the Socialist Workers Party. I've met him and though on a personal level he is a kind and thoughtful person, his vision of society and civil life is as deeply corrupt as every marxist-leninist.
Thank you for your amazing essays over the years. A decade or two from now, Britain and the West need only point to these as early warning signs of the decay and rot they'll be neck-deep in.
Trevor Butterworth March 14, 2012 at 3:00 PM
Interesting, isn't it, how the New York Times described Miéville as a novelist, and not as a prominent Marxist theorist and a failed parliamentary candidate for the Socialist Workers Party? Perhaps one of the most blatant editorial acts of ideological smuggling in recent years.
My favourite part of the article was Mr. Miéville's horror that "police might use live ammunition against those setting fires — some were teenagers — in future."

Disregarding his miserable grammar, I would HOPE that the Police would shoot arsonists caught in the act, even teenaged ones.

The RAF did, not so very long ago.
There will not always be an England, methinks.
"Inadequate speakers? Inadequate for what?" Inadequate to produce the sound at any reasonable fidelity, making the already hideous music they play sound even worse than it would if it were played on speakers of adequate quality.
I'm an American living in Berlin.

Burglaries went up here 34% IN ONE YEAR.

The police have given up.

Judges give out trivial sentences and probation to overwhelmingly Muslim offenders (referred to euphemistically as "misguided youths" who torture, rape, and murder people for the sheer, pure bubbling, giggling fun of it.

And in conformity - it must be said clearly - with what state-sponsored religious authorities scream at them from at tax-funded mosques and even in PUBLIC schools throught Germany - that Europe's indigenous population must be terrorized into submission.

(by the way: Its working)

(Mein Kampf is banned in Germany, but NOT!!! Muslims screeching morning, noon, and night about the moral necessity for exterminate all Jews.)

The judges will say solemnly that "our priority is rehabilitation" - as though they simply do not know what a sadistic, remorseless sociopath is. Or what religious warfare is.

Berlin's wild boar population is exploding, they intrude into neighborhoods, gardens, fear nothing.

They serve as a nice metaphor for the ongoing barbarization of Germany's capital - which takes place with no opposition from anyone, and accompanied by hysterical applause from the brain dead zombies of the German left.

I guess it's past time to stop giving these kind of people the benefit of the doubt, and to start to operate under the hypothesis that their actual goal is the dissolution of the lower classes' social fabric. Because if the clients of Labour ever pulled themselves up from their dependency on the state, they might start voting Conservative. The continued existence of crime and poverty ensures perpetual demand, and votes for, social programs to address them. Since it is not in Labour's best interest to actually solve these problems, it's not surprising to see these kind of expressed (facetious,really) concerns, calls for new bureaucracies, administrative posts for the nomenklatura, etc., all carefully constructed to spend the most resources while having the least positive effect.
I read "Reading the Riots", the study of the riots by the Guardian and London School of Economics. They interviewed hundreds of the rioters and found that a high proportion of them justified their actions by presenting themselves as victims of police harassment. They noted that this sharply differed from the opinions of people who did not riot, among whom large majorities (85%) attributed the riots to criminality and poor parenting. They interviewed looters, who complained that social status obliges them to have fashionable clothing and electronic toys even if they must steal them. First, it is naive to say the least to take a criminal's excuses for his actions at face value. Moreover, the Guardian-LSE researchers ignored the opinions of a group directly involved in the riots, the owners and managers of the 2,500 stores the rioters looted. I attributed this oversight to the fact that the rioters looted and burned retail stores instead of the London School of Economics and the offices of the Guardian.