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Andrew Klavan
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Tracey Breitbart karadizian January 27, 2013 at 7:44 AM
Thank you for writing such a beautiful article.
Much love to you, tracey breitbart karadizian
Really beautiful, Andrew!
Don could not distinguish between insight and insult. But he was not an intellectual pygmy, just a giant Douche.
Recruiting Animal March 04, 2012 at 8:58 PM
Funny, some reviews focus on Shirley Sherrod and others like this one ignore it completely.

It sounds as if he was very energetic as you said but perhaps because he had no governor to moderate his energy, which left him reckless.
Andrew, I've watched you from the time I subscribed to PJTV. I've read some of your articles but I'm not one gifted with spare time. You're quite capable of carrying on what Anderw Breitbart laid out for you, he would insist, inside I feel you do to, just it would have been NICE if he would have stayed around a bit longer. Take care.
That is an absolutely, heartbreakingly beautiful tribute, Andrew. Thank you for sharing it.
Breitbart could not distinguish between information and knowledge. He was not an intellectual giant; he was a pygmy.
To honor his legacy, we must carry on and fight the good fight. We must not rest.
On the contrary Mr. Klavan, our future is brighter because he was here. My condolences to you on the loss of your friend. I was never priviledged to meet him, but I am unbelievably sad now that he is gone. And yet, I keep thinking of St. Therese of Liseux right now, who said she wanted to spend her time in heaven doing good on earth. The people that I am sure are right now being inspired to act because of your friend's life, may prove that God is allowing him to do the same.
"All of us have lost the future he would have made."

what a magnificent line that is... i think that sums up why we miss him so much
Then it is yours to add your hand and create it with others. Breitbart seemed to me who only knew him through his outlets of hope, that others were just as capable but the difference was he was willing. Are you...are we? Peace and comfort to his family in this season and the seasons to come.
Then it is yours to add you hand and create it with others. Breitbart seemed to me who only knew him through his outlets of hope, that others were just as capable but the difference was he was willing. Are you...are we. Peace and comfort to his family in this season and the seasons to come.
"Bizarrely lovable". Perfect. Thanks for that Andrew Klavan. RIP Andrew Breitbart and may God bless your family now and always.
He truly was a conservtive gladiator. May he rest in peace knowing his work will carry on.
Tracey Breitbart-Karadizian March 03, 2012 at 1:14 PM
ThAnk you for this beautiful tribute. He will be terribly missed. It's comforting to know how much he was respected and loved. Thank you for your words.
Tracey Breitbart-karadizian. .
Mr. Breitbart will be missed. His enthusiasm, spirit, and spot on clarity of the subject was inspiring!
Thank you Mr. Klavan for writing this piece about Mr. Breitbart. He was a true visionary as evidence by his groundfloor work on both the HuffPo and Drudge Report. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, but also with you and the legion of conservative bulwarks that he empowered! May God continue to richly bless you.
The problem I had with Brietbart, and I realize that what he did was a necessity to counter the MSM, was that he did not rise above a gutter-fight. You could agree with his ideals and his desire to out the falsities of the left and its media allies, but his tactics verged on the despicable in their own right, and so, IMO, diminished the truth they contained. Example: Anthony Weiner. Weiner got exactly what he deserved, no doubt, but I remember Brietbart claiming to be above publishing the shocking pictures that he was in possession of, and then merely handing them over to 2 shock jock idiots to publish for him. Breitbart took the defense that he hadn't published the pics personally, but in reality, he may as well have. Its stuff like this, and visiting the morbidly stupid Big Hollywood site, with its half-ass innuendos, lousy drunk writers, and blatant jealousy of people who have made it Big in Hollywood while being leftys, that make Brietbart's loss, not quite as heartfelt for me as it surely is to his family and friends. But may he rest in peace, and enjoy the freedom from the fight, in Heaven.
OK-Isn't this cult of personality the left's territory? I met Breitbart at a conservative conference--I was a nobody, a no-name , a middle-aged mother who had done alot of research--he looked at me with total indifference--if you didn't have a name or were affiliated with the big guns of conservative media-in other words a real plain old tea party person with some great insights--the same people he purported to champion-he wouldn't give you the time of day--he hung out with the biggies because they were well-known--anybody else? just "rubes" according to his his buddy Olson.
That future is only lost if we fail to prevent the Leftist destruction of our country. Accomplish that, and Breitbart's future comes to fruition.
Andrew was my hero. I read the "Bigs" everyday and rejoiced in seeing him on the news. He was out there fighting for the truth and the conservative way. Now, I can't stop crying. He excited us all on the right. I'm 68 yrs old, and would be jumping up and down watching him on the attack. He is our Braveheart. God bless his family.
AMEN! Andrew was a TRUE modern day PATRIOT! I'm sure he will be soon discussing the loss of the American dream with Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Washington et al! GOD SPEED!
Nice article. I'm just sadly waiting for the next book and HBO movie to come out in a month, full of with lies and distortions about the guy.
This average person is devastated by our loss of Andrew Breitbart. He pulled aside the veil so we could see what was being hidden from the average person by political and media distortions. I learned to find the truth on my own and how to shine a light on it so other people could also see. He gave each of us a rod and taught us all how to fish. History will find him to be, truly, one of the heroes of his times. To do him proper honor, we must continue to shine the light.
Thank you, Mr. Klavan, for that beautiful, from-the-heart tribute to a fine man. His loss is inestimable. I shall miss him greatly.
Rest in Peace, Andrew. WE will NEVER forget!!!!!!
"My heart hurts," also, for his beloved family, his devoted friends, as well as our troubled country, which desperately needed his vision and passion to bring us out of these dark days. I am so sorry for the loss of this true patriot.
yeah, man, that is so, so true.
Oh please continue his legacy as best you can or a group of you who saw his vision. WE need the free and clear voice of such a bizarrely lovable person. I will miss him.
Klaven we will lose the future he would have made only if we are unwilling to pick up the mantle and work in his stead.
Beautiful dedication to a truly wonderful and amazing man. Thank you Mr. Klavan and more importantly thank you Andrew Breitbart.
I've been sick since news of his death. I can't believe we've lost such a ferocious general. Andrew, this was a lovely tribute and was beautifully written. Thank you. We should all carry the "Be Breitbart, Baby" sentiment in our hearts
He was full of hate. The guy should not made into a hero. He was a scumbag.
I'm sad for the loss of Andrew Breitbart. The words of Andrew Klavan help.
Thanks for this. What a loss.
Andrew, we've only lost that future if WE don't pick up the sword he dropped as he fell.

Semper fidelis.
this is not a comment
Brian Richard Allen March 02, 2012 at 11:54 PM
"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."
-- Abraham Lincoln
Brian Richard Allen March 02, 2012 at 11:51 PM
Thank you, Mr Klavan for your tribute to our lost Four-Star General. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and with everyone Mr Breitbart loved. With We, The People, that is.
The greatest (and saddest) tribute to Andrew is the hatred spewing from the tolerant left. It's a perfect illustration of what Andrew lived to expose - they feign peace and love for all but hate all those they can't control.

What becomes more obvious to me each day is how vast the hole is that is left behind by Andrews passing.

The small part that I can play is this - I vow to never again spare myself by staying silent when the lies and hypocrisy of the left need to be called out. And the memory of Andrew Breitbart will be my personal inspiration.
Klavan...your name has been called. You, and Andrews friends are now charged with completing the vision. I wish i was young enough to help. What a wonderful future.
We've only lost it if we allow Andrew's remarkable vision to fade away.
I'm a 54 yo physician, psychiatrist, wife, mother of two, conservative. There isn't much in life I haven't seen or heard. To my surprise, I was so deeply struck by the news of this happy warrior's death. I called my husband and told him we had lost a great American. I am not one for being impressed with famous people, celebrities, politician, etc. However, as I reflected on his life and what he has done for all of us, I realized that he is one of the very few people I would consider a hero and someone I would have liked to have met. He was a courageous soul who took on battles most people wanted taken on but were just not "Andrew enough" to do so.

May God bless and look after his wife and children. I will strive to be a more active foot soldier in this war to save America and restore her to her core values.
In tribute to Andrew and in preparation for the battle that is to come, if we haven't already; we should go out, obtain, read and commit to memmory: "Righteous Indignation" - here is his insight and battle plan for victory, already committed to posterity for just such an inauspicious occasion. God bless his family. God bless those of us committed to seeing the victory of truth over self-righteous obfuscation. Andrew Klavan - you speak for the multitude who exhaled a collective sigh of disbelief at the hearing of his passing and thankfulness for having had such a leader for these times which try men's souls.
Diana Dugina Riebling March 02, 2012 at 9:25 PM
It's up to all of us to carry on where Andrew left off...His energy and path will carry many forward....
Refering to the last sentence, "We can't that happen Andrew."
Staggslaw, I'm sure you think that was very clever. However (there's always a however, isn't there?)

Just remember that your vision of the world is Every thinking person's vision of hell. You Revel in the death of a man who has lived a Knowledge filled and kindly way of life,

It's a pity.

I make the motion to nominate you as the inaugural president of a Great Good Place in Hollywood.
The dream doesn't die with the dreamer.
With the living dream, the dreamer never really dies.
Great view into Breitbart's life. I have been so grateful for his exposing some of the hideous underbelly of perverted organizations. I have to admit I was disappointe when he joined Log Cabin Republicans (which I believe is one of those orgs.), but I began to wonder if he was he was doing some undercover expose' there.
This is a pretty sick column. He was a nasty guy. It's hard to think of a single fine thing he did. He set up a sting of ACORN, and hurt the least among us.
Thanks for the beautiful missive, Andrew. Andrew is smiling somewhere..
Thank you, Andrew.
@Joe Gould & teoc2 -- One can only hope that upon your own demise, those that disagree with you (and I can't help but believe there are many) will hold their comments to themselves -- and in the process show a ton more integrity, class and intelligence than you clearly have.
I am imagining that God called Andrew home,as
his purpose had been fulfilled. He was actually
a great "leader"; he has shown so many of us that we can stand up to this fight with just
our honesty and words. What a Warrior!!
I thank him for all that he has done and pray
for his family
Thanks, Klavan. Direct and fresh. Myself, I am without words.
Thank you, Andrew.
Check out this new fact checking website:
Note to Paul (March 02, 2012 at 4:39 PM).... Trying once again to rewrite history aren't we?

Rather than the brief outtake from the 2003 City Journal article you cite to support ACORN's actions, try the prescient year 2000 expose on what we could expect from the Clinton admin's CRA reinterpretation, mixed with then little-known ACORN and its ilk.

Pretty good crystal ball gazing, if you ask me:
BE his friend, then...take up the mantle!!
@ Lucian... Oh too soon huh?

Comparing Breitbart's media antics and untimely passing to Chappaquiddick is a bit of stretch even for a humorless sourpuss such as yourself.

I'm guessing by your faithful comments that you pray at the Alter of Obama in a church named Our Mother Nancy or Infallible Kennedy but if I've been remiss in my assumption Ted's Church still provides confessionals for you to absolve your petty, incongruent and witless casting of stones.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, man, that is so, so true!”
Right Wing Training:

Thanks for sharing Klavan... very sorry for the loss of your friend.

I love the story about Andrew telling Bill Ayers that his cooking was "the bomb".

Let's construct the building.
like so many other leftists Joe Gould refuses to see that Andrew's point was the NAACP blatant racist reaction to Shirley's story.

Thank you, commenter Mark, for putting it so well: "It is up to us the living to create that safe space for honest people that he envisioned."
Thank you for your "take" on Breitbart. I am finding the loss of this man harder and harder to take as the tributes roll in. My heart aches for his family.
Andrew, love your books but come off it. Andrew Breitbart started something that can't be stopped, we are all braver souls because of him. His passing will supercharge everyone he touched and influenced to achieve an even brighter future than he imagined. I read an article today where someone said Andrew would be looking down from heaven asking us "What are you going to do?". Well I'm going to keep on keeping on. For Andrew's sake, for America's sake, for God's sake.
What a beautiful, loving tribute to Andrew Breitbart from his friend Andrew Klavan.

Thank you.
Well, as long as we're talking about the bang up job that Breitbart did on ACORN, let's look at an earlier (2003) City Journal article telling us how wrong ACORN was and how right the free market was:

ACORN’s anti-capitalism leads it to deep distrust of capitalism’s central instruments—the banks and other financial institutions that ACORN would class high among those “irresponsible . . . largest businesses.” ACORN loudly campaigns against “predatory lending,” “redlining,” and other forms of presumed abuse by financial institutions that supposedly hinder the minority poor from getting the capital needed for home buying and business start-ups. As an antidote, ACORN has latched on to a 1977 federal law, the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), which was aimed at ensuring that banks do not discriminate against poor minority communities. Under its rules, banks must go through a costly process of reporting where and to whom they lend money, to show that they don’t discriminate. There are no official penalties for banks that get less than satisfactory ratings from the regulators on this issue. But when banks need approval for mergers or acquisitions, the CRA gives “community groups” the opportunity to lodge complaints against them, alleging suspect lending practices. If there’s even the appearance of discrimination, the regulators may put the bank’s deal on hold.

The discrimination that the CRA sought to cure no longer exists, however. True, back when the now-defunct savings-and-loan industry provided most of the nation’s mortgages at rates capped by law, S&Ls often avoided lending in inner-city neighborhoods, where the risks of default were higher than usual, because they couldn’t charge increased interest to compensate them for the increased risk. But today, lenders can adjust the interest rates they charge borrowers according to the riskiness of the loan, so that they can make a profit by lending in the inner city. Today too, hundreds of individual mortgages are packaged together and sold to investors as “mortgage-backed securities,” whose overall default rate is much easier to predict than the default probability of any individual mortgage. Thanks to these innovations, the capital available to inner-city borrowers is now plentiful. As Emory University finance professor George Benston sums up: “Researchers using the best available data find very little discernible home-mortgage lending discrimination based on area, race, sex or ethnic origin.”

Oh, wait. Looks like ACORN was right, and we were wrong.

Oh well. I hope that didn't cause any damage to the economy or anything.

If it did, however, we'll just blame Fannie and Freddie.
No one will replace him but... Andrew showed us the way. The libs are so use to us being in the prone position while arguing with them (and the fact that they "have" the media) we cowed in response. Andrew noticed we were always on defense; no more my friend. Once he showed us liberals fall apart if they have to defend themselves, there issue, or their ideology it should be just a matter of time. It is time to go on offense.

The key question to be asked of liberals with every response we give is...Where did you get that idea from? It will inevitably be Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Engels, Mao, or Stalin (maybe Bismark, but they aren't that aware), and if they are unaware we should point that out forcefully.

I just finished Liberal Fascism; Jonah Goldberg. It is all laid out there. Most libs don't want to do the 1984 Orwell fascism by the states boot on your neck-forever!! It is more like Huxley's; Brave New World where the state hugs you to death with fascism that tells you what toilet, and what light bulbs please mother earth the most. How much better things would be if you just go along.
Before you cannonize Breitbart, be sure to review his comments following the death of Sentor Kennedy and then come back and tell us all how much of a "good" and "sweetly amusing" guy he was.
You're so right about our losing the future he would have made. What's so disturbing is reading or listening to these obits of him knowing full well that he wasn't even halfway finished with what he was going to do -- and what our nation so desperately needs.

It's an unthinkable, inestimable loss that we've suffered.
@ Joe_Gould

What a perfect example you are of the hatred and the lies that Andrew fought against and exposed.

Thank you for reminding us what this fight is all about!
Lovely tribute.

It's so difficult to believe he's gone.
"All of us have lost the future he would have made."

We look to you. We look to all of those close to Andrew. We look to ourselves. We must not let Andrew's work die with him. His spirit lives and it's up to us not to allow the future he would made to die with him. He worked too hard for us. We, in turn, must work hard for him and his vision.

oh and I forgot to mention Breitbart was—to put in words best appreciated by you Brits—an absolute gob smack wanker!

"...battle against the conspiracy of silence and lies that is mainstream American journalism."

take a look in your back yard

I'd say the Brits could us a dozen Breitbarts given the silence and lies that have been tumbling out into the light of day over the past several months

the PM riding on a corrupt editor's retired police horse she obtained how exactly?

Mr. Klavan,

Thank you for this beautiful tribute to our fallen hero. You have captured the essence of Andrew Breitbart.
Dude, I am looking for a handkerchief after reading your piece.
A particular piece of the future will not be, but we will carry his legacy. It is up to us the living to create that safe space for honest people that he envisioned. RIP Andrew.
His passing has really left me surprisingly heartbroken considering I've never met the man. One of very few high profile people on the right who I feel get it at all - at least from my perspective as someone who has spent his whole life submerged in leftlandia - and his energy and sense of mischief will not easily be replaced.
This article broke my heart more than it was broken already. (I also chuckled aloud at one point.) Yes, I was looking forward to seeing what he would accomplish for the rest of what I hoped would be a very long life! I will not miss him as his family and friends will, because I will not miss his day to day presence, but I am saddened just knowing that his vitality and passion are no longer in this world. May his fellows carry his spirit forward!
Andrew this is wonderful, it's perfect, thank you for making me smile today.
You have captured so much in this piece and your "bizarrely loveable" is exactly the Andrew that had us all enthralled.

This is the best tribute of Andrew I have read. I was (and still am) a big fan of his. While I never met him I am truly in mourning for his passing. I pray his friends and colleagues keep his dreams alive. That's what he would have wanted.
Andrew Breitbart was one of the most gifted in the use of slander, calumny and obloquy. He took a video of Shirley Shirrod that showed her confessing to how she had changed her prejudicial views, and he distorted it to look like she was a racist, worthy of being fired. It was brilliant. Among the other scalps he took was that of ACORN, which will no longer have its way with US foreign policy in, well, uh, no, uh, I mean… with US domestic policy in, well, uh, no, uh…. May he rest in peace in a Superfund site, because any other graveyard would require fresh compliance with the Superfund regulations and we KNOW how he dated government regulation. Andrew can rest now with his father, and the other angels in perdition.

After a day and night of tears, I was doing okay again. Until I read that last sentence "All of us have lost the future he would have made"...I'm back to sobbing again. You are a wonderful writer Mr. Klavan, I felt like I was there in the studio with you, becoming enraptured with that scruffy guy whose light shown so brightly. Thank you for allowing me and others to know what it is like to be near such greatness.
"went on to discuss the ways new media could break the Left’s stranglehold on culture and information to give the American public access to something closer to the truth."

Get the details out in writing before they fade.