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Troy Senik
Highway 60 Revisited « Back to Story

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Fred, have you driven the 60, the 10, the 15 or the 215 lately? Trucks, trucks, and more trucks. The Alemeda Corridor does indeed carry a tremendous amount of cargo from the ports through the Inland Empire and beyond. But those giant warehouses in Ontario, Fontana, San Bernardino, Rialto and Riverside aren't all being serviced by trains. And, you may not remember, but at one point Southern California transportation planners had considered making the 60 a truck-only highway. Senik's argument stands.
Since Mr. Senik seeks to bash rail transport, he neglects to note that the primary route for containers from the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles is not highway as he suggests. The true provider is a railroad, the Alemeda Corridor, built as a public-private partnership. Rail opponents like Mr. Senik also bashed that project, but it has been an unqualified success.
What an idiotic commentary. Building a new freeway is far more complicated than repairing a damaged one.

Thank the voters of California for insisting that the big bulldozer crowd like this tool do not run things.
Don't hold your breath for anything to change. People one by one are as smart as ever; people in groups, far stupider, because organized special interest groups no longer require leaders or infrastructure. What I mean is that what everyone wants entails also things that every single one can find grounds to oppose. Folks demand and obstruct change at the same time, all day long...that is, if their collective opinion is given any importance.

Get rid of THAT...that the popular group will is of ANY value that is positive...and the problem goes away. If I can raise the money to do the job, find willing providers of right of way, and willing customers, I will build my damn road, right through the yard behind your fence! THAT is how stuff gets made better: one person just doing it, with no ability of anyone else to even make them pause, except by non-patronage.
I truly wonder what is going to have to take place, to get California it's common sense back. It has really lost its way. California used to be the state to look up too. A place for people to go to and get a new start. Today that place is increasingly Texas, not California.

Now, it's a huge symbol of what is wrong with America today.
Well said. When re we going to ride up against the privileged and moneyed few who are strangling us in the name of environmentalism. Global warming was so hard to prove that its name was changed to climate change - and even that assertion is dubious. Lets take our state back.
When you write "congestion pricing" you really mean toll roads.

No thanks. Just build the darn roads that we have already paid for.