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Judith Miller
The State of the NYPD « Back to Story

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gun buy-backs work wonders. stop & frisk isn't about guns. it's about the new jim crow.

Grandmas Abducted By NYPD in Harlem Jan. 5, 2012
all this, whilst New York's "finest" ride the subway late at night arresting and jailing tired workers for falling asleep on their way home, or slouching a bit into the next seat when the ten seats next them are empty. Not to mention arresting individuals and seizing their cars under false allegations of relocating the VIN on the vehicle, which is located precisely where the manufacturer put it. A felony charge in New York. "Contacted" for being a white guy lost in a black neighborhood, no less. Not to mention some recent HIGH PROFILE arrests of innocent/ignorant travellers, unaware of NYC's nazified and unconstitutional blanket prohibition of ALL handgun possession in NYC. Is THIS the stuff of "improving"? Until this sort of idiocy stops, I refuse to set foot into NYC, even in the airport on a scheduled stopover when flying. Such tyranny is unacceptable, and I refuse to participate.
According to the NYPD website a police officer
with 5 years on the job earns almost $100k, not including medical and retirement benefits after 22 years on the job (the latter being valued at $2.2M).

No wonder there is not "enough" money for other things.
I wonder if the private philanthropy types making these contributions have any financial interest in these technologies? Given NYC's long history of corruption and influence peddling that sort of thing really needs to be watched for.
Ha-ha-ha! Judith Miller is a Fox News contributor. A fitting end for the prevaricator who helped bring destruction and bankruptcy to so many.

I guess Fox doesn't care how many false stories you write.

I am not sure why we continue to give such a spotlight to the business-as-usual, reflexive "the police are always evil" whine of the New York Civil Liberties Union. If they don't have a good reason to involve themselves in an issue, they will invent one. They are paid (well) to be self-righteous and media grabbing self-promoters, not thoughtful and constructive participants in urban public policy. If this is the only significant objection to the performance of Commissioner Kelly and the NYPD, then they are doing a very good job down at One Police Plaza.
As to the issue of public philanthropy supporting the NYPD, we can’t be surprised that the politics of the NYCLU forces it to mistrust private largesse and favor government control of every aspect of public life.
Robert Winkler Burke January 18, 2012 at 11:57 PM
NYC and state need to allow "shall issue" concealed carry permits ASAP, and honor all other states with reciprocal permit systems... not go in the reverse-of-liberty direction.

Liberty is mutual dedication to self-restraint, not bragging about a police state really cooking with smoking hot police!

Let New York and its visitors be trusted with the right to keep and bear arms, and discover what abiding by the natural rights of man, and the Bill of Rights, Constitution and Declaration of Independence will do for a people.

For NYC progressive mice-taught-to-love-cats-of-oppression, and taught to fear what the cats say to fear... they will discover a freedom never known by the only state out of 13 that didn't vote yes at our nation's founding.

They will learn the fear taught to them by all their public schooling, all their corrupted media outlets and all "giveurarment" beastocrats... is just propaganda to dupe gullible rubes.

It is impossible to move New York to the Eurozone. But if New Yorkers would be allowed to carry concealed, perhaps the idiot mandarins would displace themselves and find a job in Brussels.