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Fred Siegel
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Fred, you are losing it. While there is much to criticize and condemn about Lindsey's handling of race, what makes Obama special is that he precisely rejected that militant strain of race consciousness and accommodated himself to the culture of achievement and its institutions. This is really an absurd leap, especially since it ignores Obama's personal history and his concerted efforts to make the American Dream real again for the middle class.
The upper class could not and does not benefit the lower class at the expense of the middle class through democratic means. With a fine contempt for self-government, they impose these policies throught the unelected government which cannot be voted out of office: Federal judges and federal bureaucracy. When Congress enacted the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Senator Humphrey promised to eat the Act page by page if it ever meant imposing racial quotas in hiring. Seven years later, the Department of Labor began imposing racial quotas in hiring. Similarly, the policy of busing for racial quotas, from which the upper class carefully insulated themselves, was never enacted in law. It was imposed by unelected federal judges who serve for life. I live in a state where a federal judge ordered criminals released from prison after serving as little as 15% of their sentences--including some who had been sentenced to death until the Supreme Court commuted the sentences. And there wasn't a damn thing the voters could do about it. Congress never passed a law giving the EPA the power to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant. The unelected EPA decided to and an unelected federal judge decided they could. To crush the middle class's standard of living the upper class must first disenfranchise them and they are doing so.
God bless you, Mr Siegel. I posted this on Facebook