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Claire Berlinski
Subtergenekon and Other Crimes « Back to Story

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This article will be hard to translate into other languages. But I think the translators will enjoy the challenge.
Like most Americans, I've never heard of any of these people, but I hope that if and when the USA is fully engulfed in Sharia, there are a few brave journalists to get the word out about our condition...unless, like some have said, the USA is the world's last best hope for freedom and democracy.
So you contribute to the confusion by adding more invented words? Why don't you do what a journalist is supposed to do and clarify the story. Call it what it is, subversion. Don't cloud the issue by trying to be clever. You fail to be a journalist and only succeed at furthering the American foreign policy of "Divide and Conquer".
Coming soon to to America...
the word 'Terrorist' will be as equally distorted in it's use under the newly signed NDAA Law. Welcome to the North American Banana Republic. Totalitarian government begins here.
Alena Hromádková,Prague January 04, 2012 at 11:45 AM
It´s very sad to read about the latest developments in Turkey.Experience of non-communists, who had the bad luck to live under the totalitarian regime in fiftieth, led distinguished families of professinals to very prudential tactical moves in my country.
Are the responsible Turkish journalists accused in clandestine activities? Perhaps they should start the sort of work in order to avoid direct antagonization of the authoritarian regime and develop new ways of communications with home and foreign readers. It seems that in this moment they have little chance to influence public life in accordance with the conventional wisdom.Consequent wastages of talents, experts and professional figures of all kinds can Turkey weaken very much from the short/longterm point of view,I am afraid. And what about the Turkish communities abroad? Do these mind the procedures of judicial system and govermental authorities?
It will be painful chapter of Turkish modern history and so much is at the stake.
The airheads in Brussels who want Turkey in the EU need to read this.
Given that and the growing anti-Israel government attitude, I don't see how Ms. Berlinski can continue living in Turkey.
The biggest terrorist of them all is living in Saylorsburg, PA outside of Poconos on the Golden Generation compound.
Exiled Islamic Imam Fethullah Gulen is dishonest and no hero to anyone except his followers. Hocaefendi should grow some and fly back to Turkey and face his charges.
Face to face, like a man.
Miss Berlinski is to be commended to helping educate the West on the tyranical crusade against the truth being waged by the Turkisg government.
This is very close and realistic reporting; the neologisms are spot on, though I had to read thru them a few times.

Turkey's economic vulnerablity isn't in full show yet. I wonder if Fethullah Gülen will continue to stay away when it implodes.

Oh, and thanks for the clarification on his relationship with the current regime.