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Joe R. Hicks
Occupy L.A.’s Enablers « Back to Story

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The Occupier farce exposed mental vacuity of those who think every lunch can be free, and in cities like LA, the spineless and amoral search of politicians to cater to any loud mouse on the left, and thereby generate the proper "image". The Occupy LA found kindred idiots in LA City Government. It is no surprise at all that CA's unemployment rate is so high, and that it will remain there.
Well, a lot of La's problem is related to immirgation of course. The downturn of the aerospace industry sent a lot of whites out of the area and a lot of hispanics keep moving in with a some asians. The hispanics that came have lower education and skills and their children and grandchildren finished high school less often than the white and asian populations do.
The Occupy "movement" was one of the stupidest things I have seen recently (that is saying a lot). Modern America is dealing with far too much stupidity that is destroying it bit by bit. OWS was only a small part of that stupidity.

Most "protesters" had no real idea what or why they were "protesting". What, a laundry list of weird left wing "causes", which have been cancerous to our society for decades? Which is clearly unwanted by the majority of thinking Americans was not worth the huge cost to taxpayers around the country. What a waste in this time of government insolvency. Why the need to inconvenience and irritate commuters and shopkeepers? Why the need to destroy our public parks with garbage, crime and disease?

So many clueless people who have no idea for what and why this country was founded for.
I especially liked the comment "the occupiers will ultimately settle their grievances “in the streets.”"

As King Leonidas I once said, "Molon Labe" ...
When looking at many American cities, not only in California, it is difficult in the herd's dust to make out community. But the leaders are easy to spot urging their constituents on to greater freedom from responsibility. Between the herd that is Los Angeles, which elected Villaraigosa, and the protesting herd, the issue seems to be inconvenience.
I couldn't read most of it because I could tell from the start when he called Occupy LA a anti-capitalist protest that it wasn't journalism.

But to insult Cornel West by using quotations shows that Joe R Hicks is a real pundit.
The distinction between the principle of democracy and mob rule staggers across an exceedingly narrow path. The problem is in defining that distinction in order to straighten the staggering steps. The simple
make no distinction, the more discriminating commit another modern
day sin; they discriminate. And how is that working for all you democrats.
Don't have anything to do with L.A. but clearly you oppose occupiers. What about them do you not like? Are you for the present income disparity in America? Are you for unregulated banks? Are you for the poor being taxed more that the billionaires? Are you for unregulated corporations that can disregard their workers, the environment, their customers, that are insulated from the consequences of their actions? Are you an American that has any familiarity with American history? Have you read the Constitution lately, including the Amendments? Have you looked outside yr window, or from your car? Like what you see? What century are you living in. Don't have to agree with protesters just agree that they have the right to protest, that the right to assemble is not a a hollow promise but truly isthe right to assemble. What would Samuel Adams, John Adams and the boys at the tea party think about what our authorities are doing? Do you think that they would agree or do you think that our governments have assumed the role of the British? Do you think at all or just react?
"But do 46 percent of Golden State voters really identify with drum circles, pot smoking, public urination, indecent exposure, violent brawling, and semi-literate rants against capitalism? And did I mention lice?"

Way to give an unbiased assessment. A little subtlety goes a long way in the propaganda business.
If we could take away all the federal subsidies and "entitlement" payments that go to so many people in a city like LA, the occupiers would be too busy working to engage in such juvenile behavior.

All the more reason welfare and unemployment payments should be tied to some kind of civic work. Then these Occupy idiots could clean up the parks and public places, rather than trash them.
What kind of communities does this man advocate on behalf of? Ones that live behind high walls with armed watch towers, firing at the 'not us'?
"Vibrant" L.A.?

Think Mel Gibson and Tina Turner stuck in Bartertown.

"On October 19, Villaraigosa and the City Council put their official blessing on record with a joint resolution supporting the 'continuation of the peaceful and vibrant exercise in First Amendment Rights carried out by Occupy Los Angeles.'"

Any time the Left starts piously emoting about something being "vibrant," be very afraid. You are about to be swallowed up by a multicultural zoo. What a lot of these people don't seem to get is that the answer to Wall Street malfunctions is not utopian socialism. Such things as banks or other entities "too big to fail" may be an excess of capitalism, but they are also clearly socialism, since taxpayers pick up the tab. Are many Americans angry about this? You bet.

However, a majority of Americans, particularly white Americans, tend to get very uneasy about masses of protesters surging through streets. It is a wonder that any group takes the chance, because you could manage to assemble 10,000 peaceful demonstrators and one nutcase with a handful of rocks, walking down the street breaking windows will understandably be what the news cameras will focus upon, and that will be what is most remembered by viewers, fairly or not. And of course the right to march and assemble is not the right to illegally occupy.

I grew up long ago in L.A. when it was mostly an orderly conservative city most influenced by its European heritage, many Americans having moved west during the Depression, and then during World War II and later the post-war boom. Of course federally imposed open borders roaring along since 1965-1970 ripped all that apart. Now instead of a basically fair law-and-order mayor, they've got a guy who can't decide whether or not he is a demonstrator.

So let this be a lesson to you in the rest of the nation, some of you no doubt represented by the very people who are still voting for national open borders.

Or as Tina and the children sang:

"Out of the ruins, out of the wreckage
Can't make the same mistake this time."
Hey, this is riddled with the ad hominim fallacy. You might wanna take a class in rhetoric before you write your next op-ed article.
The Occupy Movement is NECESSARY for our citizens to expose the corruption which Big Business has infected our Government with. Every single person occupying the streets and protesting Corporations is a hero and a patriot. I was compelled to lend a hand and create some new posters for the movement which you can download for free on my artist’s blog at