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Brian Calle
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Tough Love.

I agree with your comment. However, this looks like a management problem to me. I certainly wouldn't want to pay $75.00 per hour for some one to hose off and shine a motorcycle.

Perhaps the answer is voting out the entire State Legislature and putting them on a part time basis with a two year budget.
Charles, you miss the point....

If it's a normal part of one's job responsibilities, it should be part of one's base salary and transparent to all observers of Public Sector pay. By paying these secondary extras, clearly, (at least to some degree) the goal is to hide these perks from the those observers. ALL components of pay should be clear, above-board and transparent for all to see. Only then can we judge whether it is excessive.

And paying motorcycle cops perhaps $75/hr to wash their motorcycles is an abuse of taxpayer dollars. They can employ a $10 laborer to wash each bike in the first 10 minutes 10 minute of a shift. Alternatively stopping off at a "car wash" (or such at any time of the day would be MUCH MUCH more cost-effective. Clearly this is structured ONLY to shovel more Taxpayer money to the cops who in turn return the favor to politicians with campaign contributions and election support.
Bridge inspectors get diving pay of 5%. What's wrong with that? I wouldn't put on scuba gear and dive in the muddy freezing waters of San Francisco Bay for any amount of money.

If a government entity wants me to wash my motorcycle outside of normal working hours so they get the entire 8 hours of my working shift I would expect them to pay for it. If they don't like it I will wash it during my normal working shift. Perhaps you should return yourself to 1859 Georgia. Slavery was if nothing else, cheap.
Are you complaining about healthcare costs AND subsidized sunscreen for lifeguards? What about free water and salt tablets on trucks of road crews?
Quoting ....

"Special payouts have become common in local and state government as part of the collective-bargaining process and as a strategic negotiating tool for public-employee unions and elected officials alike. Unions can garner additional pay perks for employees when an outright raise is not obtainable, and elected officials can claim that they didn’t “officially” give raises to government workers. It’s a win-win for elected officials and unions but a major loss for taxpayers. "

Public Sector Unions are a CANCER on Society.

Collective Bargaining with a Public Sector Union should be banned, and the acceptance of campaign contributions by an elected representative who votes on matters applying to those giving the funds should be considered acceptance of bribes and severely punished.
Wow! The unions have really taken the taxpayers for a ride. Time to fire those guys and get some honest, working city employees.
The solution is for the state NOT to bail out cities such as San Diego whose elected politicians promise the labor unions nearly anything in order to get elected or re-elected. (Sounds like Hugo Chavez at election time) They get the bankruptcy or layoffs they deserve. While most public employees do a good job, they have to bear some of the blame for their own layoffs if their unions get too greedy. Just look at Camden, NJ, Oakland, CA, etc. for examples.
So what wrong with that? The people's on "WAll Street" don't put thier life on the line, they hide behind other who just don't have the balls to put them in jail!
Please take a very close look at the total compensation package of BART employees, you may find that it comes in ahead of all the other California public employers.