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Daniel J. Flynn
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Historians may well record how American society decided to commit suicide through the efforts of the democratic party and degenrates like Frank.
Even in his political twilight Mr. Frank is an unrepentant boor. This last Sunday Christiane Amanpour vainly attempted a discussion on the size of government including George Will, Paul Ryan, Robert Reich and Frank. Barney, of course, thought the hour was devoted to him.
This S.O.B. should have been impeached and removed years ago!
The idiots who kept blindly re-electing this pedophile deserve to spend the rest of their lives living under a bridge and eating out of garbage cans as pennance for their laziness and craven stupidity.

I draw some small comfort for the fact that if Obama is re-elected in 2012 this WILL come to pass.
They’re determined, dirty, deft,
And audacious on the Left:
First Dodd and Frank
Defraud a bank,
Then investigate the theft.

It’s so nice when a friend interposes
And everything’s coming up roses:
With Congressman Frank
Protecting his flank,
It was nothing but roses for Moses.

In both Parties you’ll find creep and crank,
Even some who are thoroughly rank,
But Republicans wholly
Have disavowed Foley,
While the Democrats laud Barney Frank.

In Congress there’s many a crank,
And a few who belong in the tank,
But leading the race
As a public disgrace
Is the Honorable Barney Frank!
You forgot to mention that Barney's daddy was a mobbed-up Bayone NJ biznessman (sic). Like father like son?
Frank is a classic example of how scandals that would destroy a Republican politician do not hurt and can even strengthen a Democrat. It all goes to what I'll call the traditional media, and how these people treat politicians from different parties differently. Republicans are held to a completely different standard than Democrats.

Barney Frank is toxic - a man of absolutely no character, who more than anyone else is responsible for the economic mess we are in. And as one of the sponsors of Dodd-Frank (he shares the credit for this terrible bill with another corrupt Democrat) we will be living with his terrible legacy for a long time to come.

Frank exemplifies the institutional corruption that now pervades the Democratic Party - which goes unnoticed since most of the media (and that part of it that still sets the agenda in this country) is firmly behind the Democrats to the point that there seems to be no line between the media and the party - it's one seamless whole. Without a media watch dog, the Democratic Party has been able to make corruption a permanent part of its makeup - for example by funneling taxpayer money through public unions as campaign donations. Frank was able to get away with his corrupt style of politics simply because he had a "D" after his name. Ultimately being gay helped too - Frank was certainly never hesitant to use that when he thought it would help.

Unfortunately, having Frank leave isn't going to do much good - his replacement, Maxine Waters is equally bad. Heaven help us if Waters ever gets a chair post.

He should be in jail!
Ms. Frank had the temerity to claim that he had been dysfunctional during the time of the gay whorehouse in his home, but still was able to show up and vote in Congress. How he could believe that he was able to vote competently is a rationalization only the demented liberal "mind" is capable of.

No liberal denunciation was forthcoming for his abhorrent sexual practices, but oh! What they won't stop criticizing is Mr. Cain's antics, albeit denied as they are by him. But come on, he's black, after all. What culture did we learn fornication, abortion, divorce, drug abuse and birth control from during the 60's but the Black Panthers? Liberalism is a sin before God. Martin Luther King also had escapades, do they criticize them?
And the old media are always in high dudgeon when they're accused of a liberal bias. Good grief, the Enquirer even scooped them on Edwards' child, borne by his girlfriend.

I was on a liberal website 2 days ago and they were all crying in their beer over the loss of their wonderful representative. For Pete's sake, was he doling out taxpayer dollars to everyone in his district?
Thanks for the insight. Most people knew Frank was a real numbskull, but have not been exposed to many of the details.
Thank God for the sake of our country he will finally be gone.