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Peter Whittle
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Poor Britain!

Anyone there who is not actively contemplating emigrating has a brain which is already dementing.
The unfettered greed and economic catastrophy brought about by the parasites in the city in London reveals the real impotence of British institutions.
Peter Whittle is very perceptive in writing about the "lack of will" pervading British life. The authorities who should be governing the country seem to be paralysed by political correctness and fear of breaching some European notion of human rights handed down from Strasbourg. The British people are longing for the government to get a grip, but now that the "Police Force" has been rebranded as the "Police Service" there seems to be little hope.
apu, the majority of citizens worldwide do support the Occupy movements. The issues with the the Occupy movements are:
(1)they don't have a specified agenda(s) and haven't set goals
(2)they haven't effectively communicated any agendas and goals
(3) they don't have a strategy on how to effectively continue their protest

Because they lack these three necessities, the citizenry - albeit supportive - have lost interest.
"Every public opinion poll shows, and has showed widespread prevalence of public support for the disputes expressed by the Occupy Wall Street movements; they’re all around the country."

Sorry Vince, you were just being clever with your wording. Though the citizens of the USA may have much do to dissatisfied with (Barney Frank, Chris Todd, Eric Holder, Nan Pelosi, and of course the big eared empty suit), the OWS does NOT express those views.
They are churlish children who refuse to take responsibility for their own lives and the decisions (i.e., expensive student loans) they've made.
This article is a rehash of the coverage of right-wing UK newspapers like the Daily Mail. "The great unwashed, scroungers, spongers, hippies, trots, etc, etc." Anything to avoid talking about the real issues. The Church of England should be conflicted over this issue. Its a Christian organisation, its meant to be on the side of the poor and oppressed. What seems to have happened is that initially some in the St Paul's leadership were going to respond to pressure from the City of London by initiating eviction procedures. Other staff were concerned about the whole "aren't we on the side of the poor thing" and also thought that violent eviction scenes outside St Paul's Cathedral might not just be the best thing for the CoE's reputation. After all, in the New Testament it was the money lenders who were expelled. The right wing media piled in (who would quite like the protesters to be beaten into submission by the police) and sought to make the CoE look stupid. It still seems to me that the church's conflict is an honourable one.

I am personally not a supporter of the 'occupy movement'. Beyond a general (and widely shared) view that all bankers have no fathers, they don't have a focus and without one nothing will change.

BTW the Peace Camp in Parliament Square is not the final resting place of the Greenham Women.
A few polls early on did show support for the anger directed by the OWS crowd, though, tellingly, not for the OWS crowd itself. Since then their polling has tanked. Gallup shows them decidedly unsupportive, (31% neg, 59% don't know enough), and Boston Herald decidedly negative and far worse than the Tea Party. So, Mr. Coit, you seemed to have missed the point of the article. The OWS are not popular, and they appear to be blighting institutions primarily as their only actual goal.
“That these protests represent the views mainly of the protesters themselves is confirmed by the fact that despite recession and ever-present crises, established left-wing parties throughout Europe have seen no increase in public support.”

I actually thought, for a second I mean, that this was a relatively well written article. Yet, no, the statement is utterly false as it relates to U.S. society. Every public opinion poll shows, and has showed widespread prevalence of public support for the disputes expressed by the Occupy Wall Street movements; they’re all around the country. You can’t dispute it widespread prevalence. I know Europe is ideologically far beyond the U.S, so, I don’t even know who you hope to be talking to, maybe someone will respond, or you’re talking to yourself.
Is the parliment Square "Peace Camp" where the Women's Peace Camp decamped to when RAF Greenham Common closed?
What's most revealing is that it has revealed the hypocrisy of British institutions. Not bad for a group who don't seem to know what they want given the ap dog media parading as guard dog press have never come close to achieving that.

This article is intellectually sloppy and questionably motivated.