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Tom Gray
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The author makes the mistake of under estimating Democratic politicians lack of responsiveness to economic conditions. Democratic leaders have a completely different agenda than the rest of us and prosperity, growth simply isn't on their radar. Lip service maybe, but that's it.

So when I see articles which assume that Democrats will make choices based on what's good for the State, then I know the author doesn't truly understand how the Democratic Party works. Prosperity, growth none of that matters - in fact these are negatives for Democrats, who do better when residents are and remain poor, uneducated, and their communities criminalized. For example, in the inner cities of America African Americans have had 50+ years of experience with the Democratic party - the communities are worse off than ever, with gangs now replacing family. However, despite this dismal record (actually because of it), the Democratic party is stronger than ever. What possible incentive is there for politicians to embrace actions leading to prosperity? After all, its not as if the media will say word one about it. Rather, better to maintain the status quo or worsening conditions (which can be blamed on everything but the real cause), which means continued power. After all, bettering conditions risks loss of power.

You really need to understand just who you are dealing with here. These people are that bad!

California is the Suadi Arabia of geothermal, but can't exploit it. Why? Because the geothermal power plants are located where the power sources are, whereas the consumers are located in urban areas. To connect the two requires powerlines which are verboten, even in the desert. So: no carbon sources, no nuclear, no geothermal.
Mary Nichols at CARB needs to get canned as well, a hold over from Brown's earlier term at running Calif. into the ground. More logging might mitigate our wildfire problems and I think we can get offshore drilling up and going too. If we have a spill, we'll clean it up, no need for hand wringing. This insanity had gone on long enough.
the hippie state could take care of all its debt through the oil industry it works so hard to destroy, enjoy that 6 dollar gasoline bros
Miller and Chernow are on paid admin leave...they have not been "fired", it appears, but will be reassigned or reinstated after some "process" figures out what to do with them. It is not clear at all that Brown will do something constructive here, and taxpayers continue to pay for Miller and Chernow to do nothing.

Jerry Brown in a self-styled maverick who is a very conventional and narrow minded "progressive", a hack way in hock to CA public employee unions and environmentalists. While he will finish his career with the current gig, he will not, I believe, do anything radical to rock the boat. If he does, who will invite him to the "right" parties and honor him in retirement.

In a recent letter, I wished him a long life. Long enough for the state to run out of money and renege on his pension.
It is about time.