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Sohrab Ahmari
The Civics Crisis « Back to Story

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The biggest problem we have in this country -- the reason we're so close to losing our freedoms -- is that the American people have not been taught the truth about our history and form of government. How can they appreciate something they don't even know they have?

My "History Chant" (free online at is a 45-verse jump rope rap that teaches kids more about American history and government than is known by the average college graduate or congressman. It's one solution to 16 years of miseducation, and it can be memorized by an eight-year-old kid in only a few hours!
With the focus on reading (but not history) and math (but not academic expository writing) in our schools, the disappearance of civics is only slightly less important than the disappearance of history in general for our students majoring in ignorance.

Will Fitzhugh
It’s time for a new perspective on educational reform. Check out No Child Held Back at to join the conversation!
Is it "God forbid" one should mention values, which is to say morals, which is to say religion? Religion, and the family, are the only solid bases of a society.
Although Juan Williams was born in Panama, he identifies as African-American, not Latino.
Thanks City Journal. A very important story. Brainwashing the youth is been done before, for instance in Nazi Germany. We must do everything we can to prevent that from happening here.

Leftist organizations have our local school boards well protected. If you try get involved and bring a little sanity to the discussion, be prepared to be viciously attached.

Damn the torpedos, I say.
Never mind, I didn't realize I was the first commenter.
How do I read the comments? I really enjoy reading the comments.