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Guy Sorman
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We should have never derecognized Taiwan, and should have withdrawn from the Chicoms, the day after the Soviet block imploded. Phooey on the Chicom's, let China be free, no Communism, No more, Not anywhere (including the White House and Occupy "Wall Street".
What great courage from this artist! How shameful it is that our libs and conservatives have so little to say for fear of offending our main trading "partner".
Having lived there I can say that the Chinese government greatly fears the freedom of expression and action that Americans take for granted. That government is so Facist and controlling that elimination of great swaths of people means nothing to it; any threat to complete control of the population is met with great violence, thus the docile nature of the Chinese (and all of Asia for that matter) people. Sad, but true. And that is exactly what Obama has planned for America.