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Heather Mac Donald
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Ms. Mac Donald IS distinguished, but not by the undistingished,clodish critics here.
Not up the usual MacDonald standard of commentary! 'Get a job' is clearly an abusive piece of personal advice, without much plausibility as a realistic option, even if one foregoes offering a substitute or 'superior' social critique. And the notion that'turning up' for 'work' on a 9-5am schedule will 'keep society stable'is an unusually dumb proposition from the usually perspicacious Ms Heather.
So I take it that you believe yourself to be "clued in" & morally sound? Open your eyes, read the American Constitution & get it right... if you still don't agree with the multitude of people who want their country back then you Ms Mac Donald are a traitor.
"very well thought out and written."

most of her work on the surface seems to have these qualities but when you get down to reading her with a critical approach, you soon find out that she is nothing but an inconsistent polemicist, apparently with a lot of time to kill.

she is smart in one aspect, for which i feel i must give credit where credit is due. in an age where intelligence and common sense is a rare commodity in the conservative circles, what little she has to offer is worth many times they would in the progressive camp.
"Why is a month-long slumber party in a public park more heroic or newsworthy than getting up daily and going to work?"

because of the context... now, that should be simple enough for a woman of your intellect to figure out. at least one can always hope, if not for you, at least for the quality of academic institutions in your country, that this is the case. i stopped reading the rest of your mumblings after i realized your commentary will not be of any value to me, seeing how you failed to comprehend this most basic of realities.

i look forward to deconstructing some of your other, older work as i consider you to be mildly entertaining and somewhat stimulating for being among the minority with the privilege of having a couple of brain cells to rub together in the conservative camp.

take care.
Fairway Supermarket on 74th & Broadway has always lacked diversity at its checkout counters. The checkers consisted solely of majority groups. Yesterday I stood in line for a checkout person who was a member of a minority, a young girl of no color who was polite and well spoken. (Not that the other aren't, but they usually have limited English.) I applaud Fairway for implementing diversity by giving a person of no color (or peach colored) a job. She could be demonstrating on Wall Street, but instead she has chosen to be productive and useful. Good luck, Tiffany! I'd hire you in an instant.
very well thought out and written.
@underground whitey

As the African American community continues to have the highest rates of unemployment, its ridiculous to think that companies reserve positions for non Whites. White people are not "unwanted"; the problem is that corporate america has now found people from other parts of the world that are more competitive than Americans. The education system of Indians, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and even parts of Africa completely TRUMP the US. While kids in third world countries do Calculus as early as EIGHTH GRADE, we still have a bunch of goobers in the middle of the country who don't believe in evolution and took slavery out of history textbooks. THIS is why we're no longer employable.
"The water cannons, tear gas, and rubber bullets are long overdue but the PC mayors and other metro leaders lack the stones to do it."

That would do it... only problem is that the fire and police departments that would dispense such tactics are also being laid off, salaries slashed and benefits cut. They are now on the side of the protestors.

And Ms. MacDonald, these protestors living off their parents are a result of the meritocritous age. I find it funny that in the next City Journal there is an article called "Who Killed Horatio Alger?" and the byline "The decline of the meritocratic ideal". The meritocratic ideal is still alive and well; only difference is now merit is the ONLY measure at which "success" is driven. Working and being able to provide for one's self takes a backseat to getting a transcript full of A grades. And parents subscribe to this practice!
I always knew that this whole problem was caused by diversity initiatives in universities! Thanks for finally pointing it out to me!

Note: not serious
Thanks for this article.

You make some good points.

I don't support greed of any kind, but that doesn't mean the Occupy Wall Street crowd is noble.

Our modern society is swimming in sin.

We can try to change this or that aspect of society, but it won't help unless we become a moral society. We need to put God first, and the rest will fall into place.
Good to know that arrogance such as yours doesn't belong only to the rich.

"Showing up and doing your job", indeed. Did you really miss the key points?
Let's see...the manhattan institute is funded by...guess who?? The koch brothers, exxon mobil, numerous pharmaceutical companies, and several big banks such as chase. No wonder so-called scholars like old mac donald publish garbage such as this. That's how they make bank. nice job there, heather. I rather be unemployed and protesting on the street than selling my soul for a few bucks and some imaginary prestige. thank god there are more people who are finally seeing through these lies.
As Roger Miller said: Squares Make the World Go Round.
Have the 1960s come back to haunt us, or what?
Re: Comments on the Tea Party:

When will people understand that the Tea Party is about one thing and one thing only - government spending. IT IS NOT about gay marriage, abortion, immigration, global warming, the environment, or a zillion other issues.

People in the Tea Party believes that government spends too much, and that since lots of the money the government borrows is from China that's a problem. Also, if the government has to pay huge amounts on the debt, which will happen when interest rates go up, then the programs that people who like the government to spend lots of money on will not be able to survive, since all the money will go to paying interest on the debt. So those who want the government to spend more should be in the Tea Party too, since less government spending means more spending in the long run, ironically.

That's it - less spending. As to how to accomplish that, you could talk to a thousand Tea Party members and get a thousand different answers.

Yes, Tea Party members are usually Republicans, but that's because less spending is something that is more likely to be supported by the Republican Party than by the Democratic party. But the Tea Party is not an arm of the Republican Party.

It is also not funded by anyone, much less the Koch Brothers. I belong to the Morristown, New Jersey tea Party, one of the first. I'm sure our leader would love to be funded - although what would we do with the money? The only thing we do is have a rally every once in awhile.

The Tea Party doesn't even have a spokesperson, if we did we could address the ridiculous things people say about the Tea Party.

And here's something else - you want to be a Tea Party member? Just believe that there should be less government spending. Now you're in the club!

As for Occupy Wall Street - as I said in another context, when there were Tea Party rallies all over in 2009 and 2010 the media was obsessed with counting the number of attendees at the rallies. Now that its OWS, all of a sudden the number of people is irrelevant - what we see at some of these rallies are just street level views, which magnify the number of people appearing to be there (having people clustering around a camera is an old media trick - you can make six people seem like a huge crowd.

Are these rallies well attended? I saw one figure of 43 people at a Los Angeles rally, and that's it. There appear to be more in Zucotti park, but how many more?
Your view is very narrow. They are not all kids with alot of time. They are also people who have gotten up everyday and gone to work for ten,twenty,thirty years and lost everything
due to the corrupt banking, coporate, mortgage industries. I applaud that you have a job and no you are no less noble but everything is never black and white. There are always who ride the train for the fun of it but it doesn't mean they aren't fighting for something noble. Your job may not always be there if there are not people with money to buy or use whatever you produce. You prosper when the majority is prosperous.
yeah, you are right, its so easy to find employment out there, what are these people thinking??? its so damn easy, its so black and white, if u dont have a job, just go get one, seems simple...oh and have you been sleeping for the last 3 years? you know when Bush was in office and we were losing 700K jobs a month, or did you forget about that? your article is one of the worst i have ever read, pretty weak, rather offensive to the people who lost their jobs because republicans need to give tax cuts to their wall street hedge fund managers, and top 1% of the workforce, you know the job creators, my lord, give me a break, its obvious your readers are retarded, sarah palin loving morons...write something insightful next time, pathetic
As usual, Ms. MacDonald hits the nail squarely on the head. These "protests" are just a congregation of ignorance and laziness. It goes to show you how GETTING a college education is actually becoming a danger to our society. College students come out so brainwashed and misinformed that it's dangerous.
Robert Irving wrote below: "One objective of the capitalist system appears to be the maintenance of a large pool of unemployed so that it is always easy to fire and hire workers, allowing the repression of the work force. They can always be replaced." Therefore knowing I can be replaced, I do my best to excel at my job, to be as useful as possible, so I won't be the one who is replaced, but will add value to my firm. The capitalist system works if you are industrious and are obviously excellent at what you do.
Ventura Capitalist October 19, 2011 at 11:05 PM
These whining little pinheads (with all due respect) are the ones who elected President Foodstamp... Now it's MY fault he gave the banks $billions instead of prosecuting them? I don't think so.

Look, kids, if you'd gotten a degree in chemical engineering instead of ethnic and gender studies, you'd be working now.
I appreciate the thoughtful response & civil dialog. I guess what constitutes sneering & spitting depends on what side of the fence you were looking at. You have a contempt of the Tea Party, yet they were the first ones to complain about the bailout of wall street, and that fact those who committed crimes should go to jail. Where we differ is who is ultimately responsible. Read "The Trillion-Dollar Bank Shakedown That Bodes Ill for Cities", (on this site)written in 2000, it predicted this crisis long before any of the problems were on the radar.
Did the banks find a way to profit from making bad loans? You bet. Did they find a way to slice & dice them to hide the problems? You bet. Did they make sure they were going to profit even when the sh*t hit the fan? Of course! But there is an un-indicted co-conspirator who was the guiding hand behind all this, and that was the politicians and community activists. The banks were mandated to make these loans if they wanted to grow in the go-go 90's. Their profits were privatized and their losses socialized, their loans backed up the full faith of the US gov't by Fannie & Freddie. If you notice, it was primarily (though not totally) the democrat politicians pushing these programs.
So you'll pardon me if I don't feel the solution is to give more control to a democratic congress & president.
B of A just announced they are trying to move their toxic derivatives from a subsidiary to their lead 'insured' bank, so that when they fail, their losses will be covered by FDIC (I wonder if Warren and his $4B investment has anything to gain from putting the politicians in charge?) MS & GS have already laundered their money.
I'm with you that they and their investors should suffer the consequences, not the taxpayers. I just don't see why you feel these OWS people (who, the last time I looked, were supported by Obama, George Soros, Ron Paul, Louis Farakhan and the Nation of Islam, Michael Moore, Teacher’s Union, KKK, China’s Government, American Nazi Party, Al Sharpton, American Communist Party, Teamsters, Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream, Al Gore, Al Qaeda, Jesse Ventura, Iran & Everyone with a underwater mortgage) justify your support, but the Tea Party doesn't. My dad told me you are judged by the company you keep.
It seems like the Tea Party's evil crime is that they are accused of being mostly white, middle class Americans who should have nothing to complain about.
The vagueness of a coherent message provides an open slate on which any leftist can imprint his own cause....kind of like "Hope and Change". It means whatever you want it to mean.

If you can see "your" dream in a blank message, why not vote for it?
Hans, I'll think for myself, thank you.

I think that the majority of these OWS people support income redistribution, socialist and communist ideals, and even think violence is OK to overthrow our capitalist system.

Am I brainwashed by some nefarious Tea Party radio waves beamed to my tinfoil hat? Not exactly. I read Democratic pollster Doug Schoen's column in the Wall Street Journal.

I also think that the demands of the OWS protesters are unfocused, general 60's rehashed pablum, and that many of the young (and old) OWS people may have hearts of gold but minds of mush.

More Tea Party influence? Nope. All one has to do is to watch the incessant news coverage. I also attended an Occupy DC rally (for as long as I could take it.)

Your insistence that behind all of this display of anti-American sloth is some kind of hidden truth is sadly humorous. It reminds me of the old Groucho Marx quote:

"Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?"

underground whitey October 19, 2011 at 8:31 PM

Most of those Whites at OWS can't get a job because so many companies have Diveristy and Inclusion programs that reserve too many positions for non Whites. Part of the malaise in the White Community is the unspoken realization that they are unwanted because Affirmative Action and Diversity Mandates give preference and privileges to blacks.

White privilege is now a liability in the job market, and the "overwhelmingly White OWS" proves it.

For example, the Diversity Mob has made such inroads into the policy making at Univ. of Ga., that the very Whitey President Michael Adams just gladly signed the new "Embracing Diversity and Inclusion" document.

Why doesn't he just step down so that a Diversity can help UGA "catch up and move forward"? Shouldn't a Diversity-ro take over the presidency and move into the mansion, which is one of the finest ante-bellum homes in the South?

Isn't it "long over-due" that a black takes over the Whitey's domain in Athens? That UGA has never had a black president proves that "in spite of how far we've come, racism still infects our community, and we have more work to do."

He essentially signed a White Men Not Wanted document.

We need to investigate why it is that the UGA lawyers didn't warn that formally institutionalizing discrimination against Whites will lead to lawsuits. Do they know that the judiciary will not judge in favor of any White who can't get a job at UGA because the positions are held for Diversity?

Please examine this rather short and repetitive document and write a story about its implications for the future of White Humanity at UGA.

You will find that dismantling racism, overturning systemic, institutional, and structural racism requires "systems of accountability" that will restrict Whites to a few approved positions with no advancement into jobs that blacks want, regardless of qualification.

White Georgia taxpayers subsidize this race suicide.

UGA: Eliminating White Privilege, One Diversity at a Time.


The five goals of the diversity plan are to:

1. Enhance and sustain an institutional climate that values and welcomes diversity and

2. Increase the recruitment and retention of diverse students, with emphasis on those
who are historically underrepresented.

3. Recruit, retain and support advancement opportunities for a more diverse faculty
and staff.

4. Expand partnerships that increase diversity-related research and program
initiatives with businesses, communities and organizations.

5. Integrate diversity and inclusion into established systems of accountability.

Progress towards the goals of this diversity plan could be measured by increases in areas including:

• Campus-wide diversity and inclusion awareness and engagement programs and activities.

• Enhanced curriculum diversity including academic courses, service-learning,
international programs and extra-curricular activities.

• The number of historically underrepresented undergraduate, graduate and professional

• The number of women and historically underrepresented faculty and staff at all levels.

• The amount of need-based and diversity-related scholarships that support the recruitment
and retention of diverse students.

• The number of external partnerships and collaborations across the state of Georgia that
promote and enhance diversity and inclusion.



Enhance and sustain an institutional climate that values and welcomes diversity and inclusion.


1. Provide opportunities for faculty, staff and students to increase their knowledge, skills and
abilities in working with diverse individuals and groups.

2. Provide exposure to other customs, traditions, societies and ethnicities, through effective
interaction and engagement across diverse groups.

3. Enhance, communicate and assure fair and equitable treatment free from harassment,
discrimination and bias.


Increase the recruitment and retention of diverse students, with emphasis on those who are historically underrepresented.


1. Evaluate and enhance current recruitment and retention strategies to promote diversity.

2. Increase existing institutionally supported need-based scholarship and funding opportunities.

3. Expand the collection, management and dissemination of annual data on diversity of students
to track growth and declines at UGA.


Recruit, retain and support advancement opportunities for a more diverse
faculty and staff.


1. Evaluate and enhance current recruitment and retention strategies targeted at a more diverse
faculty and staff.

2. Increase faculty and staff diversity in all units and at all levels as appropriate.

3. Expand the collection, management and dissemination of annual data on diversity of faculty and staff, to track growth and declines in all UGA units.

4. Ensure a consistent unit-level process for performance evaluations, exit interviews and data
archives for faculty and staff.

5. Utilize existing programs or, where needed, create new ones that will provide staff and
faculty with opportunities for career development and advancement.


Expand partnerships that increase diversity-related research and program
initiatives with businesses, communities and organizations.


1. Build upon and enhance the University’s supplier base to incorporate a diverse set of
businesses providing goods and services to the University.

2. Promote, develop, and enhance activities and collaborative research with colleges and
universities that traditionally serve underrepresented groups.

3. Develop and implement community-focused diversity initiatives that engage the local
communities with which the University of Georgia interacts.


Integrate diversity and inclusion into established systems of accountability.


1. Establish baselines and conduct climate assessments to measure improvements in diversity
and inclusion.

2. Recognize and document contributions to diversity and inclusion.

3. Include diversity and inclusion activities in unit annual reports and evaluations of faculty,
staff and administrators as appropriate.
No, Wall Street did not destroy the economy. Governments did. It was the Gov that coerced the banks to loan money to people ill equipped to repay. It is the Gov that is preventing drilling in the Gulf and in Alaska (while even the Cubans drill in the Gulf) and who is moving to mess up our power grid even as we speak.

I don't blame Wall Street, I blame the Obama administration and Pelosi, Reed and Company.

And what about the green jobs debacle? NOT Wall Street's fault. I don't see banks funding that mess. Nope, Obamunist intervention again. Sheer stupidity? Nope he was paying back bundlers.
Long suffering parents are joyfully changing the locks as their arrogant whining nasty parasitic adult children have temporarily vacated the extra bedroom to go play games at OWS.
"You can be rich, but you shouldn’t try to get richer, because you make people poor by getting richer."

That's one of the stupidest things I've ever read. And this guy is in college? That's just scary.
It's not that they're unemployed, it's that they're unemployable.
@Ann Banisher: i do agree with you that one of the real problems here is the undue influence that Wall street exerts upon the Government, and all its minions. i do believe also that there is an Occupy Wall street movement going on in D.C. as well as in NY is there not?

i continue to insist though, that many of the people protesting are middle aged, and even older, i've seen many older folks in the pictures...and in the Occupy Protest in my own town there were people of all ages, and all employment statuses, some unemployed, some underemployed, some fully i don't think that employment status is a relevant criticism of the OWS crowd. also to comment upon their "unwashed" status is a little disingenuous...what the hell do you expect when they are camping out on the streets???

all the sneering and sniffing and spitting in the world is not going to make these people go away, so you might as well not waste your time with it... only meaningful change in the financial markets and in the government regulations will make them go away!

they were using the human microphone because they weren't allowed to use megaphones and sound systems as far as i know....i have no idea what kinds of ideas they were transmitting WITH that human microphone, and what you reported does sound extremely stupid and irrelevant to the issues at hand. but that doesn't mean that the method is useless or stupid.

really the OWS movement should be, as you say, taking place bigtime in D.C. in front of the Congress...and in front of the White House...but Wall Street is also a good location because it highlights just who the criminals are: the crooked WallStreet Banksters, who gamed the system such that millions of people lost their investments, lost their jobs, and their homes, not only in the US but in many countries of the that they could take home massive bonuses, ill-gotten through fraudulent dealings.

Europe is suffering so badly today because of those same banksters and so are parts of Asia, those who believed Goldman Sachs for example, that their products were good investments, when they were absolute trash, and the investors were almost guaranteed to lose their shirts over those investments...

not only that but Goldman Sachs and Paulson & Co. were betting AGAINST the very same products they were selling as sure fire excellent investments...and also they worked to ensure that the hedging would pay off by making it very difficult for the people with mortgages to renegotiate them, as well as they found ways to speed up the foreclosure process, such that they would make a killing off all these people's losses...this is criminal behaviour and should be prosecuted. these crooks should do some serious time in a federal prison for their scams and con games, and the rip off of America's money.

it is wonderful today, to see that Goldman Sachs has posted a Loss this quarter, because they were not able to continue so openly in their crooked ways. i agree that it's "Crony capitalism"...and it should cease immediately if only because the government starts to impose some appropriate regulations to control these ravening beasts.

until there is meaningful change in these departments, i fully support the OWS because they are about the only hope that ordinary people have of influencing government in the least.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We are the Faceless.
Voice of the Voiceless.
We stand as One.
I guess the problem is that it is difficult to determine wether or not any ongoing protest "carries an undeniable dignity" even as these events take place. The examples given in the paper are all from the distant past. And even then, you will always be able to find a group of people that would disagree about the virtue of these protests (Tiananmen Square for example). Something to keep in mind I believe...
The water cannons, tear gas, and rubber bullets are long overdue but the PC mayors and other metro leaders lack the stones to do it.
Then there's the thought that this "crisis' is the big eared empty suit's false flag to pull real early October surprise and run with it in his nonstop campaigning.
Good job, Heather! I went to college in the late 60s-early 70s. Many of the protesters back then ( and I didn't totally disagree with what many were protesting, such as military spending, the Vietnam War, etc)were what I'd term "silk-shit hippies". It was fun protesting on your parent's dime, and acting revolutionary by wearing an over-priced Che Guevera T-shirt. Mass cadres--with a very loose-openended agenda--such as OWS don't accomplish much,except to tie up traffic.
Mr. Edward T. Hall III of the protests doesn't NEED a job. Granddaddy's TRUST FUND is paying for his useless graduate degree and "research" that no doubt will be so relevant to future generations of mankind.

The 99%-ers don't give a good damn about me or my socioeconomic state. They just want control over the means of production, which in my book makes them as greedy and self-serving as Mr. Blankfein of Goldman Sachs.
Did I miss something? Are jobs plentiful? Did Wall Street, the big banks and the Government not destroy the economy? Did we not bail out the feckless, irresponsible, incompetent financiers who's only virtue seems to be that they can get up and go to work? Are those funky scroungers to blame? And if they all change their lifestyles will everything be alright again?
The satellite protests are much the same. I visited one in Edmonton, Albert this weekend and saw much that Heather observed, a bunch of young people seeking to affirm their 'identities' as radicals without doing anything towards furthering their goals.
Thank you Heather. . . I disdain protestors and their self indulgent conglomeration of body odor and beggary. My favorite are those who protest against the welfare state while mooching a buck for coffee, like the losers selling bagels out of their van at a Dead show. Protesting is not action, it is the vilest form of inaction, because it reeks of entitlement rather than contribution. These ass clowns want the rich to share? At least the rich HAVE something to share, instead of being a drain on MY economy. Blocking up traffic, causing the city to blow more cash on security and generally trashing my delicate urban ecosystem. Yeah, save a tree or a whale, but hang whatever lives in the city park. I would rather see these gutter punks mowed over Tiananman style than suffer through one more of there ridiculously disconnected rants. We should be able to shoot people for being stupid.
Heather, nice of you to sit in your ivory tower in the Manhattan Institute and point out to people "the unsung virtures of showing up and doing your job," when many of them have no jobs to show up to, and that's why they can go out and demonstrate. You sure solved a lot of problems here, I'll tell ya.
Why don't you reasearch what this protest is really all about and report on that rather than degrading the folks involved. I'm afraid you along with many other elitist minded folks just don't get it.
I look forward to the day Heather when you write something surprising.
Plenty of us who protest do have jobs. Those who don't, having lost them in no small part because of the shenaningans of your ideological fellow travellers speculating on the world econmomy, have nothing but protest left. In answer to your imperative, 'Get a job!', I would reply 'Get real!'
The dismissive style of this article reminds me of the way that the liberal media report on the Tea Party: e.g., any accompanying video almost always includes B-roll that focuses on somebody dressed in an American Revolution costume.

That sort of reporting makes the libs feel superior and saves them the trouble of thinking. And it's easier to produce something like that than providing serious analysis of the issues involved.
Ms Macdonald, has it occurred to you that maybe it is a) difficult for these protestors to get a job as there are few available b) such jobs as are available are low-paid and not worth having?
One objective of the capitalist system appears to be the maintenance of a large pool of unemployed so that it is always easy to fire and hire workers, allowing the repression of the work force. They can always be replaced. Therefore, you can, I think, not complain that there are unemployed people with time on their hands to protest, as this is the way the system is designed.
I'm sure you were just as outraged at the classification of the tea party as teaba**ers, or white racists by CNN. You talk about repeating lock step phrases, but that is how these people have conducted their meetings, with repeat after me messaging. I saw a video where the crowd repeated after some boob who said 'we can have sex with animals', and people repeated it, like some crazy Harvey Korman Blazing Saddles scene.
I'm sure you'll find alot of billionaires supporting this crowd, just like you'll find alot of not so well off people not supporting them, so I don't get the solidarity issue. Who said rich people a some solid group? They are just people who happen to have a lot of money. If the issue is really about 'Wall Street' having too much influence in politics. Why not protest in DC against the people from Wall Street who have the influence? Wall Street gave more to this prez ($15.8B, or 20% of all his contributions in 2008)than any politician....ever. His Treasury Sec was the NY Fed chair, his advisers are GS guys. The main result of the proposed regs are to kill the small banks and credit unions, leaving only the too big to fail banks left. That's called crony capitalism at best. So please, think for yourself.
I heard over 100 thousand total have been protesting on any certain day, 10 thousand arrests total so far; you should be getting the picture by now. The corporate media has already begun to pay attention, a mere short period of one month in. You would think the right, who are in control of Viacom, Disney, and News Corp (and who else?-yawn) would be instructing the newscasts to diffuse this misbehavior, civil protest, freedom of speech, all so naughty. The problem is, they can’t ignore it, so get out your checkbooks, adding progressivity to the tax code is absolutely required. This is going to be your problem for a long time. The institutions are going to serve … the 1% less, and 99% more. The negative liberty, enjoyed by the 1%, will no longer give you freedom to behave irresponsibly toward society, which is what you have done. The democrats will no more be neither to co-opt the message of OWS anymore than the GBecks and Limbaughs will be able to portray OWS as communist terrorists, as it is (and here’s the key point) a genuine populist movement. Finally Americans acting like Americans.
actually many of them DO have jobs....they just took time off to come to the protest, because it's that important to them. others are looking for work, but unsuccessful. a few are college student types. many of these people are at least middle aged as well, and some are of retirement age.

writing about them all in such a simplistic, denigrating, black and white way does not do the movement justice, nor does it make you, the writer, look good (except to other Teaparty/Republicans). all it does is reinforce the image that you project as a Teaparty/Republican, of a person who thinks like an high-scoring RWA (Right Wing Authoritarian psychologically), in black and white, even to repeating the same lock-step phrases that all the rest of them use.

why not try to honestly look at things, and honestly write about them, WITHOUT the far right wing republican/teaparty spin....i don't have a problem with CONSERVATIVE values, but i do have a problem with high scoring RWAs who appear to believe that everyone MUST do as they say and believe what they want to be believed...good luck on that one.

when even several billionaires, and many Wall street workers say that they sympathise with the OCCUPY Wall street movement, your arguments appear to strangely lack any solidity, or even validity, but are unfortunately merely superficial, propagandising the same old party line that all the other Republican/Teaparty types have said...

You are not even original...Howard Stern pulled the same trick the other day...picking and choosing his interview subjects to reflect his preconceived views, just as this story does.

i had thought better of City Journal than to publish this kind of propaganda drivel, but i guess the editors are marching lock-step to the same old Republican/Teapartyer drum as the writer.

it's more than a little obvious.
as are the lock-step teapartyer comments that accompany this story. can't any of you think for yourselves? stupid question, i know....
I remember People's Park in Berserkeley about 1968 or so... even there, the "great unwashed" had a clear focus on a specific goal, and detailed (though at times questionablly accurate) information to support their claims. This is chaos, deliberately planned and, uhm, executed, for the sole purpose of destablising society in general so as to bring about chaos, which will, of necessity, need "fixing".... read the communist playbook, this fits perfectly in the four-stage game plan to bring about regime change. We can only hope these bums run out of "other people's money" and stuff before they succeed in effecting the anarchy they are set upon inflicting upon us. The bible says "if a man WON"T wok, DON"T feed him". It was true enough then, and hasn't changed. Their continual whinge against someone sufficiently smart and industrious to actually accumulate some wealth within this warped and contrary system rings false. To what economic system do they subscribe where one person accumulating wealth is necessarily to another's lacking? True capitalism is what brings about the reality of one person's wealth coming about BECAUSE he also prospers others. Dummies.... life is NOT a zero sum game, where everything one person gets is another's lack. On what planet do these spoilt brats originate?
Dr. Mac Donald: Great report. I hope you continue to chronicle the OWS events... maybe reports in other cities.

I value your observations and assessments and believe they will become valuable as data as this movement grows, morphs, decays, or is internally or externally destroyed.

A former Chicano (Los Angeles) activist of the 1970s
I hope South Park gets around to skewering these losers.
I think many of them would get a job, but there are not jobs to be had. That's part of the problem. We're in a double recession, or perhaps a depression. With your fellowship, you may not have noticed.
You make some good points, Heather. Perhaps in a broader sense these local job hindering protesters appear to be without idealogical leadership, and the reasons each individual came to clutter up NYC public parks are naive,idealogically ignorant, and got nothing better to do. I vote for idealogically ignorant myself, and I blame the coercive public educational system.

That they are all there and other places is a fact, and I wonder what the common motivation is that brings them together, apparently from all across the country.

Have you any suggestions concerning their fundamental motivation?

I surmise the protesters are primirally youth with lots of energy and few long term commitments, who have become aware their future is not as bright as their parent's futures were.

They don't know what or who to blame or what economic or social conditions caused their fear that life will be harder for them than for their parents. To look at your future at a young age and fear that yours appears bleaker than anyone can remember might motivate you to protest.
Great article, Heather. I'm surprised you didn't mention any of the people who quit their job to go protest unemployment!
jessefan in chapel hill October 18, 2011 at 8:57 PM
"Usually activists have neither practical experience nor economic literacy, so they go around blithely creating huge costs for those who have to work for a living and those who employ them. Not only businesses but the public as a whole end up paying a staggering price so that a relative handful of people who are a drain on society can feel superior to those who contribute to it."- Thomas Sowell
Dr. Sowell says it better than I can. Anyway it appears that many of these OWS activists have graduated with useless degrees (how about a "BS" in Multicultural Gobbledeegook Studies) that were obtained with student loans (i.e., taxpayer funded). If they are looking for villians, they only need to go back to their respective campuses and raise holy cain with their "advisors", tenured professors and asleep at the switch placement officers. They may also need to ask their parents "Why did'nt you tell me jobs will be hard to find with the kind of degree I have"?

"This must be the golden age of presumptuous ignorance."-T. Sowell

Of all the reviews of Buchanan's new Suicide of a Superpower, none will to Heather's for insight and impact.

She need a better agent- she's not on TV enough to build "critical mass".

If you take a look at UGA's new Embracing Diversity and Inclusion document, signed by a very White UGA president (the last?), you will find that dismantling racism is being achieved through systemic and institutionalized discrimination in favor of "historically underrepresented groups" and implicitly against outdated Whiteness.

How will UGA avoid a class action lawsuit from White men who are discouraged from attempting career advancement for fear of violating the new Diversity Accountability Standards?

If UGA's policies imply to Whites that they are not wanted, don't we have a legal standing?

I assume that none will attempt it, because judges are now so imbued with the Diversity Imperative that justice must bend to fit the latest afrocentric shibboleth.

Does Heather read comments?
Take a look at the OWS crowd. The majority wouldn't apply for a job that requires a drug test, but they will complain that the stiffs on WS actually earn their livings.

The tragedy of OWS is that some enterprising cops haven't gone in their with the drug sniffing dogs and video cameras.
Spot on Heather