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Nicole Gelinas
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David P. Turnbole October 22, 2011 at 4:56 PM
The OWS movement isn't against those who are the 1% as much as they're against the 1% not paying their fair share, percentage to income, as the rest of Americans. Everyone has the right to be rich. When the rich use their money to manipulate the economy and our politics, such as with the Koch brothers and the Waltons, then the poor and middle class in America will fight back and take their country back. THAT is what the OWS stands for.
Good points, it should be noted however that the Dodd-Frank bill was watered down from the original, as the only way to get enough conservative support to pass, like many of the bills, conservatives freely use the filibuster to effectively impose minority rule. Until that rule is changed and campaigns are all publicly financed I don't see how positive change can happen.
How ironic that the unions, also bailed out by the government in the form of billions to GM, have tried to jump on board with the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Many, if not most, of the Wall Street protesters would be happy for government assistance, if only it was directed towards them so they could continue to play bongo drums in the park for a living. And to compare a product like Macs (which I love) to government bailout of a financial system interwoven into every aspect of society is ... well, silly.
People in power love capitalism and the rugged individualism that theoretically fuels it, yet when true power is achieved, much energy goes into protecting that power and so socialistic concepts come into play. Such as : Some pigs are more equal than others; privatization of profits and socialization of losses; golden parachutes and gobs of money for corporate failure (CEO of Gannet a very recent example); and so on. The real crime is that the cause-and-effect of capitalism was set aside for those in power. It was focused, magnified, and forced on lower classes without much less power, leading to foreclosures, unemployment, and a rising share of the tax burden.
I think many of you beat me to the punch on this one. I could summarize my angst with this article by posing this question:

Which complaints (forget about policy options) originating from the OWS crowd should Nicole Gelinas (or advocates of free markets/liberty/and even Republican)not dismiss THAT has not ALREADY been voiced by the Tea Party? I believe the union of these two groups' views is very limited, and OWS's contribution to the debate is likely to be (policy-wise) more than useless. Nevertheless, I would suggest that someone like Mitt Rommney could use this renewed interest to engage the Tea Party on these issues.
Nicole, while I liked what you said, you have missed the point of this protest altogether. The truth is that Occupy Wall
Street is an orchestrated event, orchestrated by the very elements that Barack Obama worked with in his community activist days such as ACORN (now in different form), the unions, the hard left revolutionaries of the Bill Ayers type, and other groups that are affiliated with Obama's Organizing for America. We must begin to see the forest instead of the trees. People are being paid to show up and protest. The "genuineness" of this event is mythical, and is an extension of the Democrats' (Obama's especially) effort to hang on to power.
Yes Nicole, Jobs was a true capitalist and Occupy Wall Street understands that. Wall Street doesn't and has not understood that long before the "government's response." What is your point?
The only thing I might want to clarify is that many, if not most, of the protesters seem to be anti-capitalism not just anti-croney capitalism.

(will not take an href, I see.
Here is another great take on it all.
Hogwash. Jobs was a idol to them because he was, in their eyes, left wing hip. In a small sense, they are his creation. They no doubt admire George Clooney's "drive", and think that Bono actually "helps people in Africa" too. Moreover, it is preposterous to hold up a "pizza maker", typical of the older Democrat NYC constituency, as some sort of ideological "counter balance" to some Manhattanite hipsters. I have news for you, that "pizza maker" hated Wall st. from the time he was in high school and figured out he would be stuck makg pizzas. He probably learned it on his New Dealer daddy's knees. The Democrats ccnned him way back when just like they are conning these kids now. Typical democrat agi-prop. You can't be that naive. Stop trying to paint the OWS as anything other than what it is--an astroturfed, political front engineered by the Democrats and the Hard Left.

Those brats down there have no understanding of capitalism, and, given your "analysis", either do you.

The Leftist are trying to deflect blame, but let us get straight just who is to blame: The proximate cause of this is the Democrats (with their RiNO enablers) meddling, through "regulation", in the real estate markets to buy votes and pursue their redistributionist, Marxist schemes. The "Banksters" are at best merely their bag man, though the truth is that the big banks on Wall St. are just the "commercial arm" of the Democrat Nomenklatura. In fact it is a revolving door and they are really the same group of functionaries, politicians, "experts" and apparatchik both on Wall St. and in DC.

The broader cause is, of course, the larger welfare state and all if its redistribution nonsense, which, again, is about keeping the Nomenkalura in the pink. This fiddling around with debt by the FED, the government and the banks goes way back, back to the New Deal. It has nothing at all to do with "capitalism" and everything to do with (soft) socialism.

All of the OWS nonsense is meant to obscure this fact.
You can bet that not one of those useful idiots down there is even vaguely aware of this. They probably think that those IBanks on Wall St. are run by Republicans. They are not, BTE, they are chunk full of Demcrat insiders. All of the major players like Cit,GS and MS are havens and harbors for Liberal Democrats.

(And please, can we drop the pretense that this is a "broad based grass rots Protest"? It is orchestrated by the professorial Left, including the Unions, ACORN (in a new shape), the Democrats, and, of course, Soros.)

Decent people do not believe in weeks long disruption of public spaces or in baiting the police into a "media incident. You seem wholly ignorant of how communist front groups have operated throughout the entire 20th century.

Or maybe not. Maybe you are part of one.

I will bet that you did not give the Tea Party folks such good press.
"In the past few years, surviving banks have “succeeded” not by giving people needed or wanted products, as Apple did, but through their ability to hold the entire global economy hostage."

Thanks for articulating that so well.
CUPERTINO, Calif. — Steve Jobs, in pain and too weak to climb stairs a few weeks before his death