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Theodore Dalrymple
The Currents of Islam « Back to Story

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Katharina Sri’s (former: Noor Gaza) should be rebutted in any place she comment
Posted on April 13, 2010 by sanooaung
I had seen this STUPID, IDIOT, IMBECILE, LESS MANNER Katharina Sri’s (former: Noor Gaza) comments in many places, just writing against Muslims, Islam and migrants.
The article below, very good HUMAINE, “The problem of foreign workers” and her comment’s aim is totally different.
According to her comments, she must be a convert, migrant and may be married to a foreigner in Germany.
If she meant what she wrote, with her strong anti-foreigner/ anti-migrant belief, she should divorce back her husband if she get the citizenship through marriage. Because of the anti-migrant policy she should return home, if she had any.
All people deserve very good life time and mortgage loans or just sba loan would make it much better. Just because freedom is grounded on money.
My good Doctor, let me begin by saying you have been my greatest inspiration in literature. I have read most of your work, and there are few as passionate as yourself in diagnosing the ailments of our crumbling society.

Inspired by your prose, I have begun transcribing my thoughts on the matter. I would be humbled if you would have a read and provide your opinion.

I thoroughly enjoyed this piece, as the Islamic phenomena in Europe has spurred many emotions in the native populace. My thoughts on this matter are legion, and I hope to refine them shortly.

I look forward to more of your excellent writing.


DT (
"Except that he took the part for whole..." This is not a trivial distinction. If his "criticisms were precisely mine," maybe you should examine your criticisms.
This is an extremely interesting article. Theodore Dalrymple is of the most important writing observers of our time. I have always read his wonderfully sharp pieces in The Spectator and the Salisbury Review, and I am glad that I have now found the City Journal with his contribution. Thank you.
Bertil Wedin, Kyrenia, Cyprus
I'd like to have a beer with the cabbie, but
he'd decline to join me, of course, for ethical
Marseilles has the highest proportional Muslim population of any major European city, not Brussels.
Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza) September 29, 2011 at 8:57 PM
What a joke this article is! Trying to hype up the MASTERMIND of global terrorism especially against the Jews and Middle-East Christians - the Muslim Brotherhood (MB)! The main spiritual adviser of MB is Yusuf Qaradawi, who not so long ago called for the Genocide of the Jews, and this author tries to portray the MB as if trendy Socialists, even feminists (by the way, Hitler/the Nazis were Socialists!)? So, where're these so-called MB feminists, shouting againts the barbaric treatment of women/girls in Islamic-ruled countries or Islamic societies even in the West, such as honour killing, polygamy, and pedophilia child-marriages? Such hypocrisy and lies are indeed cowardice on this author's part!
We need a "right to work" statute or amendment.
If the private and corporate sectors
are unable to provide work for all, then the government should provide it,to enable the working-age population to have access to
decent housing, healthcare, education and nutrition. There are unmet needs in education,
infrastructure and assistance to an increasing
older population, that are not addressed by
private enterprise.
If there is work we don't need public charity.
This is the solution if we care about "Gemeinschaft",not only for"Gesellschaft."
Who will pay for government-funded work?
Did we ask who wold pay for fighting the Axis
in WWII?

That was an enjoyable and refreshing piece. Thank you.

However, I'm not sure where you get the data that Brussels, at 17%, is the most Islamic city in Europe. Surely Marseille or Malmo have more.