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Steven Greenhut
The Conventional Jerry Brown « Back to Story

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The Key will be whether he signs SB 506 which makes it difficult for a city to file for Chap 9 relief under the Bankruptcy Act. If he does,many cities will be left to twist in the wind. Calpers just increased the cost for a city to terminate by an additional 100% of liabilities,so with SB 506,if signed,cities will soon need to resort to volunteers for public safety. In 3@50 cities,unfunded deficits will exceed the fully funded principal required in the plan and annual Calpers fees will soon exceed the revenue of many cities.
Jerry knows he's got nothing to lose if he signs bills either party wants. He's probably shocked everyday he's the govenor. Our state needs jobs as we are broke. Our state is doing nothing to create or hold jobs. When Jerry finally gets a pair and addresses unions benefits and pensions then I'll agree with Steven Greenhut. Also, Jerry should get over reversing prop 13. Seniors will be sadly effected. They may become homeless and be a huge burden on the state. Since seniors live on limited income additional taxes is insane. We have a rich state but the regulations are killing the ability to drill for oil. We need money now and it will take many years before alternative energy will be found. Now we are shooting ourselves in the wallet because liberals are so dead set again drilling. I'm just disgusted with these liberals/democrats who don't care about us.
Gov Brown recently signed the National Popular Vote bill, so that all of California's electoral votes in the Presidential election will be cast for the Democ ... I mean, the overall winner of the California vote. Would have liked to see that mentioned in the article. The Gov is not imo the middle-of-the-roader he appears to you.
Huzzah on using haruspex in a blog post! :) made my weekend.