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Kevin James
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How can we make the general public aware of this situation?

Myra Kraus
"Most bad government has grown out of too much government."

-- Thomas Jefferson
The lack of empathy for our city council shown in this article is regrettable.

Even as I write one member, in a campaign recalling Franklin's efforts to organize a volunteer Post Office and fire department, and John Adams' courageous defense of the British soldiers, is bravely championing a ban on the use of plastic bags at supermarkets.

Others have steadfastly refused to intervene as managers of a local sports venue voted themselves salary and contracts which must surely benefit the economy. Sure, it would be easy to launch an investigation and get to the bottom of things: but our chauffered cars are waiting. Got to go!

Los Angeles City Hall corruption abuse of power only needs one change: City, State or Federal level three strike law, any elected official found guilty of 3 felonies or more within the last ten years, including perjury and voter fraud, conflict of interest should automatically be dismissed from their seat and not allowed to take any other government job or appointees, commissions and so on. No felons not allowed to vote should not be allowed to run for any governemtn position or volunteer. Personal Legal expenses for this type of crimes should not be paid by any type of political funds or government fund over 10,000 expenses in legal issues for every 2 years. In addition, pension and benefits should and other perks should be lost, except for out of pocket contributions to their retirement plans.
Great idea! Ditto our state legislature. Do we need thousands of new laws and regulations every year? Nope. No more special favors for special friends. Now it could be the case that many government decisions would grind to a halt at first. That's not a bad thing in the short run. Its a hint at how much corruption has been built into the system, which we can take out by repealing laws.

Cut them to one quarter time, and cut salaries accordingly. And since its a part time gig, no benefits and especially no retirement. Ditto the State Assembly and State Senate!