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Fred Siegel and Sol Stern
Naming the 9/11 Enemy « Back to Story

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"What can be the reason for this omission, other than the fact that including the Jewish state might tell us more about the perpetrators and their roots than the White House wants us to know?"

Reasons? How about why would anyone think that a foreign-born Muslim would have any sympathy at all for a Western-oriented state right in the heart of the Islamic world?
Finally some common sense! I cannot understand why we are pussy-footing around the fact that our enemies are 'Islamic' extremists. Are we really so afraid of offending? After all, Muslims have more to gain in the fight against Islamic extremism, since those most oppressed by Islamic extremists are fellow Muslims. Let's not forget the Taliban's barbarities against the people of Afghanistan (especially the Shiite Hazaras); Wahhabi persecution of Saudi Shiites; and the conflagration of Shiite mosques and funeral processions by Sunni insurgents in Iraq.

By the way, the non-Muslim country which has suffered most from Islamic extremism and terror is India, not Israel. Nevertheless, you make a great point about the long-term dimensions in the fight against Islamic extremism. We should debate amongst ourselves how best to wage it, especially on the question of whether America's present strategies are really sustainable (a broke, exhausted nation cannot sustain two wars forever). But the absurd idea that if only 'we' leave 'them' alone they will stop trying to kill us must be resisted at all costs. It is a dangerous heresy, for it denies the reality of evil. Ten years ago today nineteen men gave the lie to this heresy.
Israel did 9/11.
We need to make a distinction between Islam -a religion- and Islamism - a fanatical version of Islam. It is easy to enter into a polemical argument whether Islam itself is radical.Moderate Muslims are captives to the surge of religious zealotry.Muslim youth are indoctrinated with conspiracy theories which are swallowed up. For instance, children in Pakistan are being fed on toxic text books that preach hatred for Hindus and India.Unlike the US, India has become a soft target for Pakistani Islamists. But people in India are starting to protest. The pacifist government is facing people's ire. People all over the world should realize that no single religion can dominate the world irrespective of what some texts written thousands of years ago may say.Religious fervour is an intoxicant.It cannot feed empty stomachs or provide jobs.
Only by naming the true enemy can we help both ourselves and the real liberals in the world of "Islam.
Amen to every point in this article. I have been listening to and reading both right and left for several weeks now and no one has placed a finger on the plain facts discussed here. Many thanks!
Last time I checked guarding the ramparts is basic reality for any nation. Defining the ramparts is much more interesting which goes along with ramparts enforcement.
"A timeless, extremist ideology based on a holy text; true believers’ resentment of the West; the easy availability of powerful weaponry to networked warriors—these realities will keep Americans guarding the ramparts for decades to come." What a bleak outlook -- is there any hope or way forward? Nothing our children can inherit from us to guide them to a better world?
Why the dodge word "Islamism." If you call for others to call a spade a spade, then you, Messrs. Siegel & Stern, ought to take your own advice: not "Islamism" and "Islamist," but Islamic and only Islamic.
Carolyn Barnett-Goldstein September 07, 2011 at 12:55 AM
I know, my comment needs editing, but I did not realize there wasn't the opportunity prior to submitting the final form of the comment.
Carolyn Barnett-Goldstein September 07, 2011 at 12:46 AM
I think, this Campaign year must put every candidate on the line in regards to their understanding , position, and plan in regards to the Muslims and the communities in which they live, the Sharia Compliant Banking Laws, the sharia creep that persists, in addition to their understanding and knowledge of the Constitution.
I disagree, actually, with Mr. Seigal's statement of how secure we are. I think, that is living in denial.The amount of illegal immigrants who are jihadists, as well as drug dealers, the virtual usurpation of our S.border in part, and the lack of true competent, TSA, and Homeland Security
individuals, place our nation on the precipice.We have Hamas and Hezbollah in very large numbers just in Dearborn, Michigan.we have the Muslim Brotherhood appointed to high positions in the Administration, and Somali villages transported here in toto, who are working to infiltrate sharia in the corporations.
we have Islam being taught in curriculi throughout the US not as it really is, but in a form for brainwashing and subverting the thinking of our children. The jails and penitenturies are breeding grounds for Islamic converts. judges remain ignorant of the stealth jihad being waged and permit Islamic traditions, such as Honor Killings to go unpunished in too many cases.
False depictions of Islam proliferate in books given to the public and school libraries.
Influential Muslims are muzzeling our President,Congress and administration agencies, actually, determining how we -they- refer to Islam amd Muslims.They are gaining on eradicating our First Amendment rights.
Women are insisting on driving with their heads covered and their license plate picture taken with their hoods on.This goes for Court appearances as well.Collages have succumbed to providing prayer spaces and times and special, or additional, sinks for their daily ablutions. The Muslims are working daily to make themselves exceptions and to receive special consideration in every workplace and school.
They are suing, I believe, to be exempt from Airline security patdowns,screenings, and scanning.
Anyone who criticizes a Muslim gets called out, intimidated, and sued.
Halah meat is being snuck into the general meat supply at major supermarket chains.
Of course, the Military is cowered, now, and soldiers are being dismissed and punished for protecting one another against a terrorist attack in the US.for instance, the two brave police who stopped the FT. Hood massacre were just dismissed.
We have had numerous attacks in this country that are terrorist but that are characterized otherwise.The economy has forced cities and states to fire many of their police and firefighters to reduce costs.
The Arab and Muslim businessmen have bought one business after another in the US, from Saks to Barneys to Fox and other media outlets.Then, there is Al Jazeera...
There is the UN business Anne Bayevsky so eloquently describes, routinely.
There is, also, the little matter of who owns our ports. Remember?
I am sorry, but we are far, far from safe and secure on any level in this country.Ignorance, denial, greed, and stupidity are a golden combination for self-destruction and the world's demise.