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Troy Senik
The Edge of Reason « Back to Story

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Another example of "Give'em power and watch them abuse it." Government out of control infringing on your rights. On the other hand, what else would you expect in California?
A term often used in Colorado is,
"Don't Californicate Colorado." Good advice.
@ B. Samuel Davis: Environmental activist gets bitten by monster he helped create. What a shame. To reprise Henry Kissinger, it's a pity they can't both lose.
I can't express how disappointed I am that this comments section is not filled with groan-inducing U2 song title and lyric puns. Here, I'll get us started:

When asked if he was able to get his plans approved by the CCC, the Edge responded, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." How Long will he have to "sing this song"? Until The End Of The World?

Some environmentalists are concerned that the on-site sewage treatment facility is just a short Walk To The Water. The delays have resulted in a Race Against Time to file his lawsuit against the commission. "It would be the Sweetest Thing to be able to proceed with my plans," said Evans, "but even Silver And Gold cannot seem to satisfy the CCC."

Okay, team! I know you can do it!
I must admit to a certain satisfaction in reading this article. People like Evans support causes that lead to agencies like the CCC, whose unelected members are accountable to no one. I doubt that Evans will change his opinions one bit though - these people are generally stuck on stupid.
David W. Nicholas August 21, 2011 at 7:20 PM
I gotta saqy this: I don't particularly like self-righteous rock stars who lecture everyone else about how tax dollars should be spent while hiding their own in a foreign country (look up where U-2's corporate HQ is; it's there for tax purposes), and on the other hand I can't stand government over-reach, and the CCC has been a bone of contention since the '70s at least. I can remember a friend of mine bemoaning the Commission's decision to essentially require that a friend's land remain empty, because the CCC didn't like the houses he was going to build on it.

So, since I don't like either party, I guess I want "the Edge" to win, but after a long, bloody, very expensive court battle.
That the two brilliant musicians Edge and Bono pay no taxes to anyone anytime anywhere and parade around the world to hot-spots getting their pics in the paper for their charitable works - all on others of no consequence?

I would ask why these two tax cheats even have U.S. entry visas?
Now if California would just go ahead and seceed from the Union - we could all relax and enjoy our privately owned property. With or without LEEDS certification!

This reinforces my decision to never go there again.
Gee, Doug, the planted and highly dubious axiom here is the CCC's contention that sea level rise will be 5 feet over the next century. Quite simply, no empirical data exists to support that figure. The Mecca of sea level studies is the University of Colorado Sea Level Research Group (UCSLRC), and they put the long-term linear trend of sea level rise at 3.22 mm/yr., which translates into roughly one foot of sea level rise in a century.

Now, if anything, this is a gross exaggeration of the actual trend, as the measurements on which it the rate is based come from electronic buoy signals that are picked up by satellites and relayed back to ground stations, where computerized algorithms turn the electronic signal into a numerical value of sea level rise/fall. NOAA, which controls the electronic buoy program and their data, on which the UCSLRC largely relies, was recently found to be adding a big fudge factor to the measurements. Port tidal gauge data, which goes back over a century in some cases, shows a barely measurable rate of sea level increase. So Mr. Senik is hardly diluting the force of his argument by pointing out that the CCC--not an oceanographic institution as far as I can tell--is using a highly dubious, unsubstantiated junk science factoid to set land-use policiy.
The last item, that the CCC requires developers to take into account the probability of sea levels rising, is reasonable. A sewage treatment plant that now sits a barely safe distance from shore will, in all probability, find itself plagued by storm surges if and when sea level rises even one or two feet.

Why dilute the force of your arguments by sliding in an assumption that the science on global warming is wrong? You don't know that.
tyrants, power mad tyrants. Have them all in the bay.
Well I hope that he and Bono -total liberals-are learning the hard way that DEMOHACKS are corrupt-and are all about power. They wanted to exercise their power to say NO because they had the power to do so. It would not have mattered how fantastic the plans were...they are elitists and they REALLY don't want what they preach coming to roost in THEIR neighborhood.
If California tax payers would like no growth on the coast and are willing to buy those properties which would be deemed worthless by the Coastal Commission, then so be it.

But today, California is in dire economic shape, and the cost of defending a rouge agency such as the Coastal Commission, let alone paying for properties it unilaterally decides should never be built is not reasonable.

It's up to the California Courts to enforce the constitution and takings law; it's up to the tax payers and voters to decide if they want to support buying private property to protect the coast or pay teachers and firefighters to teach our children and protect our homes.

Troy you did a good and balanced job in outlining the issues. Thanks.
Environmental terrorism and activists are destroying this country.. maybe "Edge" might want to think his support of these groups and find out what they are actually all about.

Every year we get a group that goes around our small city and bangs on doors in the name of Clean Water. Now who doesn't want clean water and the normal knee jerk reaction is to sign their petition and give them money. No more, it is ridiculous to support a group you know nothing about and this year we politely told them 'we're not interested'. As expected the woman began to raise her voice and insist we take the brochure and listen to how bad 'fracking' is. My husband just told her to leave and shut the door. The next time I will call the police and report them to City Hall as a nuisance to the city.

The next time I will also THINK before I support any environmental activist.