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Andrew Klavan
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Maher and his friends are reminders of what it was like to be young teen-agers, saying dirty words and farting loudly. Then going into hysterical giggles at their own actions. You cannot hold it against them though, they are democrats. We can be thankful that they are in declining minority.
You could not be more right. Their idea of what america should be is being shown once and for all to be a total disaster and almost dooming 235 years of building the greatest nation the world has ever known. All of the people who were mesmerized by obama in 2008 are now taking their heads out of their butts and realizing just what they did when they voted this man into the most powerful position on earth. I desperately hope they learned their lesson and will be ready to toss obama out on his ass in 2012. God bless america.
Andrew, I'm guessing that you were never invited to be a guest, on "The View". Outstanding piece.
Oh Yeah, if a pretty woman doesn't sleep w/me, I insult her.
Like Klavan's on the Culture...he once again hits it right on the head! Im reading Palins first book, though have for some time now known why Liberal ditest her, its because she represents EVERYTHING they can never be, could ever hope to be...and never had the chance to be! And it drives them up the effing wall to know it, that deep down inside she represents mainstream America...not this 10 lbs of crap in a 5 lb bag they elected...the conservative ladies ARE class...EXUDE class from their very pores...and they simply dont have it TO exude...their lost, petulant little spoiled children who revert to internalized anger to express themselves, improperly, simply for the attention it gains much more pathetic can an individual be? I used to get really pissed at Im simply amused and border sympathetic to their wretched excuses for utterly sad!
AnyFateButSubmission July 23, 2011 at 9:43 PM
We'e got them by the balls ...and they know it.
The recipient classin America that has become the base of the Democrat Party does not work, nor pay taxes. They receive public housing,free health care, food stamps, and payment for not contributing to their individual welfare. They are about to be awakened.
It is....Time to cut them off.
Support Cut , Cap, and Balance.
I enjoy Andrew Klavan and his talks against
the liberals. It is very amusing .
Bill Mahar is not funny nor is he significant. He entertains the weirdest segment of the extreme left. He seethe with jealousy that he could never gain the favor of the likes of Michelle or Sarah Palin. He fails to make a single point other than he hates what he covets and loathes what he can't ever have. Mahar has the respect of no one.
Bill Mahar is not funny nor is he significant. He entertains the weirdest segment of the extreme left. He seethe with jealousy that he could never gain the favor of the likes of Michelle or Sarah Palin. He fails to mKe a single point other than he hates what he covets and k OAS he can't ever have. Mahar has the respect of no one. He is the angry evil clown, a villain who despises all that is good and makes sense.
The blogger "Honesty" is anything but, by practicing exactly what Klaven is talking about: smearing the opposition. To call Palin and Bachmann "stupid" is so obviously false as to be an outright lie. One was a successful governor and the other a successful tax attorney. Careers I'm pretty sure "Honesty" could NEVER achieve. To excuse Mahler's misogynist behavior is disgusting. Oh that's right, "Honesty" is a Lefty and they are seldom (never) truthful.
i've been on an ugly search for over fifty years, and the first time I stumbled upon the Bill Maher show, I hit the jackpot. Let's face on second thought let's not...this man is a gortesque monstrosity. but perhaps we can turn a minus into a plus. We should pass a law that all killers on death row should be sentences to watch this most hideous ghoul for at least eight hours a day. Oops, the Dems would call this cruel and unusual punishment and coddle these poor unfortunate victems of the oppressive capitalists.
This has to be fantastically humiliating for our left-wing media.

If they were capable of humility.
We voted with our feet and pocketbook earlier this week, cancelling our subscription to HBO. We will not support a cable network which provides a forum for those who joke about raping public figures.
The MSM are really shooting themselves in the [EXPLETIVE] foot by using so many [EXPLETIVE] expletives. As the principle goes, honey attracts bees, [EXPLETIVE] attracts flies. So they end up with a following composed of primarily worthless [EXPLATIVE] flies.
It is time for the people to put a stop to this type of behavior. It is time to go after the ones who support him like HBO for allowing him to spill this filth on the public. I am calling on all decent americans to contact HBO and demand they remove Maher from the air waves. Please join me.
Bill Maher has no choice but to insult conservative women. Some guys get like that when they know they're way out of a smart, sexy woman's league. I guess that's why he hangs out with the teenies at Hugh's mansion. They're the only one's he can out-smart. Although, I'm sure he likes to help them with their homework. As for the F word...adolescent behaviour...must impress Miss July to no end.
Chris Mathews needs to talk over conservative's answers because he can't risk actual intelligence leaking out of his show. Fingers in the ears and shouting "na na na I can't hear you".
Adolescent and childish tactics to defend the emptiest suit in the history of American politics.
Up here in the frozen Canadian north people were very impressed by Obama when he was elected. Caught up in the euphoria I guess. Funny things happened on the way to municipal and federal election though. Canada's largest and mainly lib-left city overwhelmingly elected a mayor whose sole platform was to "stop the gravy train". He's keeping his promise. Federally, the nation awarded a conservative party a solid majority government. Provincially (state) all indications are that the Conservative party will replace the Liberal party in October in our most populous province, Ontario.
It seems we looked south and decided we weren't prepared to have our community organized a la 'Bama.
If America returns THE ONE to power I'll pray for our great neighbour...maybe even throw in a Hail Mary for Bill and Chris.
Maher's vulgarity is the only publicity he gets; really how many people actually watch his show? He reminds me of a 4 year old wanting attention so badly he will do anything to get it. I have chosen to ignore him, he will eventually go away when we stop paying attention to him.
also apparently no one watched his show and are only taking bias articles like these to base their option.

watch an episode(a full episode!) and then judge.

give each side a fair chance.
i saw the episode in which you're talking about. i knew eventually there would be an article about it. Palin and Bachmann just happen to be women, he's hate for them is because they are stupid. he goes on tangents of male candidates as well.

"hosting comedians who fantasize aloud about sexually abusing them."

So you haven't seen the show i guess, because he rarely has comedians on the show. the panel just makes jokes because these candidates are jokes (especially one who messed up on the history of Paul Revere and then tried to defend herself about it instead of just admitting she made a mistake.)and these "comedians" also said the same things about Santorum.

Bill Maher's show is an opinion show, just like Bill O'Reilly except that he invites people with opposing views and actually lets them talk.

when he was called sexists he immediately explained why he wasn't. and if people just listened this wouldn't be story.
Sounds logical but it is difficult applying logic to the illogical mind of these unhinged leftists.
Linlithgow, you need to complete your schooling. receipts continued to go up, but not nearly as much as they would have. that second part is the key piece of info. total fallacy.

Actually turns out you're just straight up wrong no matter how you look at it.

Funny how much trouble you guys have with facts. Magical thinking.
Bill Maher is nothing more than an overblown ego with a big mouth.

Since he has no talent, the only way Bill can get attention is to stoop to the lowest common denominator.

His typical audience is becoming the lower IQ terminal pothead and raver type.

He is deliberately attracting an audience of crude people who speak shock words to be big and bad. He wants a bad person audience. He doesn't care about appearances, only his own ego and money.

Please someone send this to Bill Maher to free him from his meglomaniac delusion.
Well written! BSBO only has 17 more months to go, and then all these "wonderful" comedians and commentators can unleash their full fury on the new REPUBLICAN president. Then BSBO can go about the world, bringing the same kind of jovial American spirit everywhere as Jimmy C does. Eventually, BSBO will become as irrelevant as Jimmy C....especially when he has to pay for his own trips.

Bye, Bye, BSBO. Nobody will really miss you!
President Obama = Mr. Bean. I like it.
Brett July 22, 2011 at 9:53 PM

Brett, receipts continued to go up after the Bush tax cuts. Just look at the WH's own spreadsheet and you can see this, as well as Bush's regrettable foray into the Liberal world of spending too much, and how Obama has increased that trend even while receipts have gone down because of the recession:

In fact, spending really started taking off (not just increases in $100B chunks) after the Dems took Congress. See how it jumped in 2008 - 2009?

This comment of yours I find absolutely hysterical:

"[American republicans]...they are taught to believe that you can't trust anybody, they're all "elitists" out to trick you with their smart-talk"

Because what do Democrats preach, at their core? That life is not only incredibly unfair but that people/corporations will always lie/cheat/steal (to you)/(from you) if given the chance, and only by the intercession of the always beneficent, always honourable Federal Government do you have a CHANCE of getting what you deserve but that which everyone else is trying to keep from you.

That's what Lib Big Government is all about, isn't it Brett? Making things fair because somehow one has been cheated, which accounts for disparity of outcome, right? Disparity never occurs, say, from a difference in application, talent, drive, work ethic, or just plain old occasional luck.
Right on.
David S at 9:53 PM

Do you have any idea what it takes to be a tax attorney? I do. I wonder if you could do something successfully like that for a living, because that was Michele Bachman's job before she went to Congress. It's takes a very sharp mind to be able to understand the complexities of the income tax code and the enormous amount of case law on the subject.

When I was in law school, I was required to take a 3 credit course in income tax law. It was by far the most challenging subject for me and many of my classmates. We studied a minute part of the code and it's accompanying case law. Imagine having to obtain that level of expertise in such a complex and demanding area of the law.

So again, I ask you. Since you've called Michele Bachman (and Sarah Palin) dumb, ask yourself whether or not you think you could get through three years of law school, with a concentration in income tax law, then become a successful tax attorney. Please report back when you've figured it out.
True, to a point. Maher, however, has jumped into a debauchery of vulgarity the American people should not stand for.
Shame on us if we condone such degrading behavior!
Joyce Weinstein July 22, 2011 at 6:25 PM

You think calling someone 'vile' is the same as people talking about violently, sexually assaulting a woman? One is an opinion about character; the other shows a desire for the target to be physically humiliated and subjugated for another's pleasure. Pretty big difference in my book.

Did Kerry lie about atrocities that occured in Vietnam during a hearing? Yes. Has Limbaugh ever expressed a desire for someone like Maxine Waters to be raped? Never. But hey, don't let rational thought cloud your ideology. Why don't you try to construct a more believable tu quoque before you post next time.
Fred July 22, 2011 at 9:58 PM

Why does obama have all those horrible scars on his head and neck? Also, why did he seal his medical records?

Fred, what are you insinuating? Is this a new conspiracy theory people are trying to start up? I'm honestly curious.
Denise, still waiting on that to help out? Where was Maher sexist? You can't just keep asserting that he is, yet you don't even seem to know what he said.

How can you chastise me for posting on Friday evening (it's 7pm here), when you're doing the same thing? haha you're not very bright are you? My GF is actually about to come here. We're going to a concert, what are you doing?
Why does obama have all those horrible scars on his head and neck? Also, why did he seal his medical records?
"It may, on the one hand, be the tactic of second-rung celebrities desperate for more attention, but it may at the same time represent the dismay of yet another generation of leftists waking from yet another utopian daydream to find themselves in a disaster of their own making."

Very well said.
I agree that Bill's use of vulgarity is unnecessary and he is frequently strident about issues of complete irrelevance. However, most of his critiques about Bachman and Palin are irrefutable. Both of them are transparently dumb even if some of their positions are correct. Frankly neither of them is ready for the national stage and both need some general training in basic civics and history. Sorry.
lol denise. the article is about the debt.

i love how conservatives think the truth is somehow liberally biased. i bet you think that Snopes, PolitiFact, Factcheck, are all out to implement the LIBRUL agenda and that Fox News and AM Radio is the real source of objective information. Don't you realize the bubble you're in? You people are a complete joke to the rest of the thinking world out here. There is an absolute world of research, facts, studies, data, academia, science and expertise that all of the world's educated, critical minds can plainly see and American republicans are totally oblivious. they are taught to believe that you can't trust anybody, they're all "elitists" out to trick you with their smart-talk, only believe in hack political pundits with no real credentials in anything.

Here is the plain cold truth. George W. Bush added way more to the debt and deficit than anyone.

Q: How did the debt grow from $5.8 trillion in 2001 to its current $14.3 trillion?

A: The biggest contributors to the nearly $9 trillion increase over a decade were:

—2001 and 2003 tax cuts under President George W. Bush: $1.6 trillion.
—Additional interest costs: $1.4 trillion.
—Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: $1.3 trillion.
—Economic stimulus package under Obama: $800 billion.
—2010 tax cuts, a compromise by Obama and Republicans that extended jobless benefits and cut payroll taxes: $400 billion.
—2003 creation of Medicare's prescription drug benefit: $300 billion.
—2008 financial industry bailout: $200 billion.
—Hundreds of billions less in revenue than expected since the Great Recession began in December 2007.
— Other spending increases in domestic, farm and defense programs, adding lesser amounts.

that's the associated press. just pure facts. look at them. i can't even imagine the cognitive dissonance you guys have to go through every day.
Excellent observations! The more the left fails, the louder they squeal
funny you don't give a single example of maher being "sexist." you conservatives so pathetically and deliberately try to project your own qualities onto the other side, you probably have a wry little smirk as you're doing it. you either know that you're lying, or you're so stupid you don't know what sexism entails. you think it means any criticism against a female conservative.

i just wish for once that conservatives could by and large argue from the heart, in good faith, saying what they truly believe. instead it's just constant game playing and trolling, they'll say anything and everything, and literally change 180 degrees depending on who is in power.

there's a serious question to be asked whether people like Klavan, along with Limbaugh, Palin, Boehner, McConnel, etc really truly believe what they say. The evidence and common sense shows they almost certainly don't but they know it's impossible to prove. they just try to use a playbook that "works" for them and drives unthinking people to get angry. doesn't matter what the truth is.
Ellen K. Correct,he is all style and no substance.

Brett: Barack Obama has added 5 trillion dollars on the the National Debt since taking office. We are not talking about deficits which is 1.7 trillion. PolitiFact is a joke, right? LOL LOL That's like believing Factcheck
J4140. They do it because they think that everyone,but them think that homosexuality is sinful. That is their own thinking and not true. They tend to place all conservative/republican people into the religious category, which is really bigotry.
You're a liar. Simple as that.

One small example:

Pure blatant lie.
Thank you, Andrew, great take on the whole mess.
Why do liberals accuse people of being gay in order to harm their reputations? I thought libs embraced homosexuality as a beautiful thing. The hypocrisy is unbelievable. July 22, 2011 at 9:16 PM
What do you mean?!! The anointed one was awarded the Nobel prize. Never mind Libya, the economy, the distortions. If you cannot see the greatness of this man you are clearly a RACIST!
ghost of hallelujah July 22, 2011 at 9:15 PM
First article I've read by Mr. Klavan (that I'm aware of) and all I can say is 'Bravo'! Well-articulated assessment of what most social/political observers have seen in the current version of America.
I am not a big support of Palin or Bachmann, but their shortcomings seem pretty insignificant the moment Bill Maher opens his mouth.
I read once that a thousand years from now our adulation of some celebrities like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe would be viewed as religions. I think we see some of the same worshipful attitude toward Obama. He's labeled by the media and the far Left base as iconic. An icon was traditionally an image to be worshiped. But images are just that,images. They don't have substance nor do they have depth. In this regard the media fell in love with an image and are now outraged that some of us point out a definite lack of depth in this administration. As we saw with the Global Warming believers, people who have their faith put to the test sometimes become violent. Maher is nothing more than a believer in a shamwow faith created by Soros and media hype. Being only so smart, he's probably embarrassed. And being only so funny, he can't find any way to hit back. Maybe Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death II is in the offing. It's all that will save him.
Michael Dickerson July 22, 2011 at 8:25 PM
Why do right wing punks always dream of Obama being a loser when he clearly isn't? Little boys and girls are so scared of the big bad president they have to allay their own fears. I suggest this joker of a writer place his dollar bets on Obama loing on, a site with a remarkable record on political races, where he can bet against Obama at 42 cents on the dollar. Those betting ON Obama have him at 56-58. That is quite a spread.

Conservatives are sooooooo dumb.
Great article. To those reading this comment, check out Klavan On The Culture. They are also fantastic.
Maher is a total loon, and attention whore
But with a bow to Coulter’s wisdom, there does seem to me to be one thing worth saying about Maher and the others. Their ugliness seems to be escalating day by day, and with it the dishonesty, distortions, and bullying anger of their mainstream-media fellow travelers."

The problem is that character assassination can be a precursor to physical assassination.
You lost me at..."Yet another attractive, powerful, and intelligent conservative woman (gee, there are a lot of those, aren’t there?), Ann Coulter" and "Coulter’s wisdom."

Advice for author: You need to go back to writing children's books.
Bladerunner1954 July 22, 2011 at 7:41 PM
Exactly. Well said.
Maher is a smug elitist. Why anyone with half a brain would pay the remotest attention to him is beyond me.
Hard to imagine how Maher could be uglier than he already is.
No wonder he brags of hanging out with Hefner at The Mansion.
How else would a guy like him get dates?

The astonishing thing, though, is the condescension ("the South is the dumbest region", "America is a dumb country",etc.) of this guy who's highest educational attainment was a BA in History. Listen to him for five minutes and you realize he is no intellectual giant.

He is good for one thing, however:
He generates even more loathing for the Left than they manage to engender themselves.
Hope he keeps talking and spewing his "crackpot fringe" political views. What a lightweight.
Mike S:

You missed his point entirely.

There is nothing wrong with being gay.

There is definitely something wrong with a gay man being married to a woman and pretending to her that he's straight. Which is what all those leftist attackers of Michele Bachmann are really claiming.
A lot of leftists are now realizing that they placed too big a bet on Obama. As his Presidency continues to sink, their judgment is looking worse and worse. And they're getting angry as a defense mechanism against embarrassment.

It's not like the usual rationale: "He wasn't my first choice, but he's the guy my party nominated so I supported him." That would have given them some wiggle room to claim that they supported him only out of party loyalty.

But with Obama, the Left went "all in." They swooned over him, worked hard to get him nominated over Hillary, and then worked hard to get him elected.

Now they're going to have to live down having hitched their wagons to a loser. And they're freaking out over that.
So much to reflect on here. Every time I read a post or better yet a blog speak of the 'Bush Tax Cuts', I recall that that particular legislation expired on Dec. 31, 2010. The tax signed into law by the pen of George Bush ended at the stroke of mid-night. They were replaced by the 'Obama Tax Cuts' signed into law by Barack Obama, that expire on Dec. 31, 2012. Obama owns them. They are his tax cuts now.
"MSNBC’s Chris Matthews compares Republicans to terrorists, Jon Stewart implies that Michele Bachmann’s husband is a homosexual..."

Mr. Klavan, I hate to break it to you, but there's nothing wrong with being a homosexual. The fact that you equate homosexuality with terrorists shows just how homophobic you social conservatives really are.

P.S. You got one thing right. Most of the liberals in America who voted for President Obama (myself included) are pretty disappointed with his overall performance. But what you don't understand is that we are disappointed because he has been a CENTRIST president, constantly catering to the country's moderates and conservatives. I know that Republicans think that President Obama is a radical marxist socialist communist, but in reality he has caved in to the conservatives when it comes to foreign policy, Bush-era tax cuts, guantanamo bay, medical marijuana, lack of public-option in his health care bill (which is nearly identical to your 2012 candidate Mitt Romney's bill).

I'm not happy with President Obama, but if you think for a second that I'm going to vote for a conservative who stands against every single one of my principles, you're just as insane as Bachmann and Palin.

Oh, and one last thing. Criticizing President Obama does NOT make someone a racist. Saying or doing racist things is what makes someone a racist. Likewise, criticizing Palin or Bachmann does not automatically make someone sexist. We criticize Palin and Bachmann because they are complete and utter MORONS. The fact that they are women is irrelevant!
Obama is just a liar plain and simple. He reminds me of Mussolini, 'stupid' but gave rousing speaches. The man spent $4 Trillion on horses**t ideas then wants to levy taxes to pay for his dumb a$$ largess.
It's funny how Canadian's love Obama so much. For all their criticism of the U.S. for our racism and dislike of Obama, the ironic thing is that Obama would have never been elected in Canada. Where is Canada's Colin Powell, where is their Condi Rice, where is their Barack Obama? Ditto Western Europe. These countries that love Obama so much are in a hell of a hurry to reverse their own Obama-like policies.
To Jeff,
You could possibly one of the biggest , and most foul idiots to write a post . You should read books {not porn} and learn some manners . To be short , you are the village idiot.
There's nothing attractive or beautiful about liberal fascism; it's ugly to the bone, like Maher. Liberal facism is straight up hate through and through, like Maher.
....and there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. If you don't have any teeth, teeth will be provided.
Great little piece, Mr. Klavan....Can't wait to see your next video, they are all hilarious, and oh so true. Keep on Keeping on.....
Joyce Weinstein July 22, 2011 at 6:25 PM
It would seem that you and your"fellow travellers" as you so quaintly put it, have conveniently forgotten the congressman from SC's screaming"YOU LIE!"at the pres. during the State of the Union, Rep. Allan West(Fla) calling Debbie Wasserman Schultz "Vile" etc.just two days ago,the Kerry Swift boat obsecenity, and that ever-present epitamy of civility and decency Rush Limbough-this name-calling and descent into the garbage heap started with you people- if you think this stinks you're right- it is the stench of you and your kind polluting what used to be a decent tolerant country.Now thanks to you and your kind it is not.
You are missing the point here. While not constructive, Bill Maher is using shock to convey hatred of one person (at a time, Palin Bachmann whomever). That does not make him sexist. Disliking Obama does not make you racist.

You said, the left "regularly twist themselves into knots to make conservative speech sound hateful". But the problem is that the loudest amongst you say things that are in fact racist,sexist etc. I have to do very little twisting at all. Conservatives are being represented by those saying the loudest most obnoxious things(Limbaugh, Beck, Cain, Coulter etc), which do not represent all conservatives.

Limbaugh quote, "Obama’s entire economic program is reparations."

Limbaugh again, "[To an African American female caller]: “Take that bone out of your nose and call me back.”

Herman Cain when asked if it would be OK for a community to ban the construction of a mosque in their town, "They have a right to do that. That’s not discriminating based upon religion."....uh yes it is.

Gingrich when asked about the ground zero mosque, "Nazis don't have the right to put up a sign next to the holocaust museum in Washington," a community center for muslims is equivalent to Nazi's taunting holocaust survivors.

Ann Coulter on slavery, "“They [whites] were buying them, fair and square, from their African masters. Slavery,as Joe Sobran has remarked, is the only African institution America has ever adopted.”...So slavery is the slaves fault?

Ann Coulter again (you picked probably the MOST racist conservative as your sounding board for this) on Native americans "“The Indians were savages. … they were
nomads, scalping people. … We don't eat
people. … we don't engage in human
sacrifice.”...Europeans introduced the concept of scalping to the Indians...who also did not engage in cannibalism or human sacrifice.

Coulter again, "“Thank God the white man did win or we would not have the sort of equality and freedom, or life, that we have now.”

You will be hard pressed to find such a sweeping discrimination based on race, religion, etc from the more visible liberals. Certainly you must see that Bill Maher saying stupid nonsense about Sarah Palin is not equivalent to Herman Cain refusing religious freedoms to Muslims.
For you need a sample of Maher's shameless anti-religion vulgarity, just type "Bill Maher" in the search box at
(After doing that, I lost my appetite.)
The Inner Party has instructed Mr. William Maher to lead the sixty minutes of hate events each week.
The only criticism I have about Bill Mahler is that he is friends with the awful Ann Coulter who is a bigger "vulgarian" than Bachmann and Palin combined, and much more dangerous, because she is much smarter and more competent. How he could be friends with such a person is really inexplicable to me.
"False gods ALWAYS fail."---Walter Wagerin
I don't believe in boycotts so I won't propose one for HBO. But I refuse to personally support this nonsense. I just removed HBO from my cable lineup and will never again activate it.

The few movies it provides are readily available from other sources and most of its original programming is garbage.
Your a bigget and a rasist!
Bill Maher was born a has-been. He is a dirtier old man than that tripe Letterman. Stupid, arrogant people such as these two have no language worth two cents because they have no ideas so all they can do is spit trash. Who gives a damn about either of them - they are half-witted cretins.
Brad Millspaugh July 22, 2011 at 5:46 PM
Check out that Richard Minitar post about the death of the democratic party, he makes some interesting points.

As usual Mr. Klavan, spot on. God bless.
We don't stare at the Elephant Man because he has no control over his affliction.

Maher, on the other hand, readily chooses to be grotesque and repulsive and does so with a purpose.

To ignore his incivility is to leave the field to him and his purposes. He and all others like him should be held responsible for their behavior in the most public manner possible.

Decent people, regardless of their political party or persuasion, should let it be known that this type of discourse is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

If we tolerate it, we will just get more of it, and it will be progressively worse.
A good beginning would be for sites like to stop carrying videos of Maher's repugnant commentary. He adds nothing worthwhile to the debate.
uglyness is right. Maher is a combination of Igor and quasimodo. Is there an uglier face on television. the man is ugly enough to be two people. He should wear a bag over his head ot prevent ugly contamination of his guests. or perhaps his guests should request a hasnmat suit before they appear on his travesty that he calls a show.
Who is Bill Mar again and why should I care?
"...It may, on the one hand, be the tactic of second-rung celebrities desperate for more attention, but it may at the same time represent the dismay of yet another generation of leftists waking from yet another utopian daydream to find themselves in a disaster of their own making."

Classic! That's probably about the most eloquent,concise and verbally ruthless take on the modern left-wing media I've ever heard.
You are correct, Mr. Klavin. The incivility of the Left has become absolutely dreadful. What is amazing is that they turn right around and accuse their opponents (enemies to them) of being hateful. I think you have the reason for the craziness exactly right also. It is becoming clear to everyone that this president is a disaster.
Maher is very funny. He's also nearly psychotic with a weird rage that reminds me of my Jewish uncle. The dude finally needed EST. It must be a relatively common syndrome. A shrink could probably help him.
Here's hoping that you are right. Unfortunately, as the 2008 election demonstrated, the Left's fantasies, when adopted and compulsively repeated by the left wing (mainstream) media,can become self-fulfilling prophesies. Thus, a relatively unremarkable and inexperienced machine politician from Chicago became the apotheosis of the age, and all who criticized him were unenlightened at best, racist at worst. The media is working very hard on this narrative even now. The only difference is that a growing segment of the public isn't buying it. The question is whether that segment is large enough to outweigh the Left's entrenched constituencies and the dupes who follow them.
Nicely put. Now all we have to do is kick these nut-jobs out of office. Obama is a complete failure as a leader, Maher knows it, you know it and the majority of the American people know it. The MSM can't cover up reality anymore. Crisis anyone? Sky falling? Expect it right before election time.
Great article and I couldn't agree more with you. From Gitmo closing to HAMP to the simulus, spending his first year on a health care plan few people want, the expensive gaudy trips abroad for Michelle ... almost everything he's touched has failed. Even with bin Laden - what choice did he have? He had to take him out. He's a failure at the worst possible time to have a failure in that job. If he were a CEO, he'd be fired.
As a conservative...I try to be consistent...Why would I demand the defunding of the Natl Endowment for the Arts, yet subscribe to HBO? Why should I put money in Larry David's or Bill Maher's pocket...yet whine about the liberal bias of the NEA? I say...defund both. Cancel your HBO and tell them why you did it....when enough benjamins go will Bill Maher.
“Barack Obama is developing into what Hegel called a ‘world-historical soul,’ an embodiment of the spirit of the times. He is what we hope we can be.”
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP IT...HAHAHAHA YOU'RE KILLING ME....HAHAHA no seriously, stop it, you're killing me Obama.
People do in fact avert their eyes from freaks like Maher and the MSNBC troglodytes.Their ratings tell the story
Great article... you nailed it!
Maher is neither intelligent or funny. He's a hate monger that hides behind a vale of "political satire." He's incapable of winning a rational debate with people of other beliefs that is why he resorts to mocking, ridicule and name calling. His weakness and self-loathing are both obvious and profound.
I remember some on line discussions about that Marche column; a lot of people refused to believe he was serious and claimed it was satire. Nope. it was typical of the "take me obama media", and the hostility is growing as their desperation spirals out of control.
Nobody is listening anymore, that's why they throw their tantrums. The less people listen, the louder they get.
Andrew, Thank you for the best thought out and logical writing I've read in years.I was sure no one knew how to write a decent article anymore.May you have a good day.
Maher and those of his ilk hide behind "I am a comedian" They are pushing a political agenda. They see themselves as leading secular progressives (so much more than liberal) They are not Mort Sahl who was indeed funny with a left leaning perspective. With Maher and others it's easy to understand why progressives early on pushed to have dueling outlawed. Were that not the case there would surely be less vile ranting. Andrew Jackson comes to mind.
Has anyone noticed that Bill Maher looks more and more like the devil every day.
Just imagine him with horns and see what I mean!
You just sound bitter. Take a deep breath
Great commentary - spot on..
If your conclusion was correct and it was just that we might have some hope. Unfortunately you may not recognize that what Maher, Krugman and the assorted odd liberal fish have to say is what they actually believe. They don't just ignore Obama's hyprocrisy and contradictory statements, for example, in reality they don't see or hear them; they are deaf to them. They are so certain they are correct, that they are true defenders of the good standing up to evil that any word or proposal from Republicans, Tea Party members, or conservatives more generally is automatically considered suspect. If you live in New York and know liberals well you would understand that this is the case, without exaggeration.
I am 70 years old, still working, we have a family business. We have worked and saved for over 50 years, and now the government with its craziness wants to debase our savings. Does it ever occur to anyone how people become financially solid, working and saving.
Don't these people on the left see the failure of the welfare state in Europe. Do we want thathere in the wonderful USA.
Do you realize that Bill Maher is a comedian and not a political pundit like you.
@John L Cleaver - that's very "cleaver" of you not checking your spelling.

How's the Beaver... really got pounded last night?
The left is down to Castro (uhoh), Chavez (uhoh) and Obama to worship on Sunday. And Monday. And...

What with the wall coming down, the USSR breaking up, Arafat croaking off, Viet Nam and China going all-in on capitalism (well, almost)...

What's a leftist to do?

Double down on spending and ad hominem!
john l williams July 22, 2011 at 3:42 PM
more trash, Maher is intelligent, Palin and Bachman are only cleaver in using the evagelicals and neo conservatives, who do not read history or check for facts.
Well put. Thank you.
Very well said. Thanks.
Andrew, you said like no one I know. Great comments. I dropped HBO six months after Maher got his show. Haven't missed it since. Ann has it right. Drive on people, drive on. There is nothing to see here.
Love Klavan and take on this looney upside down world. I never watch Maher. in fact It is the reason we do not subscribe to HBO. I am simply tired of the projected accusations by these people which is fear and hate driven. after all !they have all the answers! those that don't agree must be made to shut up.

I am reading this great book right now by David Marmet, the Secret Knowledge on the Dismantling of American culture. So far it helps me understand these people and my own generation's complicity in the destruction of the greatest nation to ever exist on the face of the earth. I recommend it highly and I am grateful for men like Marmet nd Klaven Astor giving a voice to millions.
It's interesting that the hard left bomb throwers are uniformly, physically defective.

Bill Maher has this hideous, gnarly appendage spread across his face like a malignant fungus that apparently is some sort of 'nose', rendering him the metaphorical bastard child of Karl Malden and Desmund Tutu. And yeah, he only has a BA degree, which is hardly what an educated person is expected to have these days.

Then there's the hideous beast Whoopie Goldberg, who's clothing on The View looks like neo-garbage dump.

Finally, so many are dirty-looking 'females' like greasy-skinned, oily-haired Jeannine Garafalo, who looks like she last took a bath during her masturbation scene in Must Love Dogs. Can you imagine the stench of the Va-ga Monologue in a hot room populated by Grafalo, Goldberg, Joy Behar, Amy Goodman, and Arianna Stassenopolous? The only thing these nasty dogs could arouse in any heterosexual male is projectile vomit.

Good night and good luck.
Sorry, Andrew, but I couldn't disagree with you more on this point. If we ignore these Alinksyite tactics, we'll retain our dignity, but little else. We absolutely need to answer the rancidness of the left, or the Big Lie mentality will work against us.

We need to follow Andrew Breitbart's example - answer, hard, every specious charge, angrily, and vociferously. Don't stoop to their tactics, but never let one of Maher's, or Stewart's, or any other leftist's crap go unanswered.
I'm 51, and I've lived almost all my life witnessing "The Great Society". This country has wasted billions and billions of dollars through useless programs that appear to encourage waste, sloth, and dependence. And no matter what the results prove, the Left always wants MORE. It will always be thus. Leftists believe Marxism will thrive if only we give it enough money, if only we tried harder.
Coulter and Maher are both "brands" who deliver what their audiences want to hear. I lean slightly to the left so I some times find Maher funny; Coulter not so much. But I don't take either one of them seriously as an analyst.
The Leftists played double standards with their moral positions and sold their souls for gaining power. And after they gained it, what did they do with it? Well, having no anchor and only a decades of sound bites to fall back on, they botched up everything. The Economy is shot, the Justice System and National Security is a running joke, and Foreign policy is Everywhere and Nowhere. And after achieving all this with super majorities, what do they do? Blame the Republicans!!
I am reminded of the South Park episode "It Hit's the Fan." A show gets popular using the work sh#*. And in order to increase it's popularity it just increases the use of the word sh*&. This eventually wears off. In the beginning, swearing is always edgy and attention getting. People do the same thing in real life conversation to appear hip and intelligent, but over time their stupidity and lack of intellect is exposed. This is exactly what's happening here, and I am enjoying the entertainment.
Maher is an idiot and is not particularly funny. What WAS funny is when HE implied Bush was dumb right after he (Maher) looked embarrassingly stupid and ill informed on a
Sunday talk show.
Valid points here.
but it may at the same time represent the dismay of yet another generation of leftists waking from yet another utopian daydream to find themselves in a disaster of their own making.

Not a chance. It will always be someone else's fault.
Really enjoyed this article. Thank you!
Per Tony Berleton: "If this isn't rabid right wing propaganda, I don't know what is!"

Tony, Tony, Tony. What will it take to snap you out of your trance?
You left out the parts where Maher's guest, Dan Savage, wishes all Republican congressmen would die and for Rick Santorum to be sodomized. Just before they did a bit on "hate radio". More like Hate TV.
It looks like a Charlie Sheen flame out with the added stench of desperation hanging over the whole mess ...

Absolutely spot on article, Andrew!
I don't watch Maher, but I hear about his vulgar insults sometimes on FOXNews and talk radio.
If I wanted to hear what he has to say, I'd watch his show.
A pleasant read that succinctly exposes the meanness of the left and shows how Obama's defenders gravitate towards hate at the same light speed that he is taking this country to destruction!
Good article!
True enough, but add to that, I think, understanding that Obama is the purest example of the modern day liberal we've seen in politics in a long while, mixed with the slowly dawning realization that his failure is not a matter of competence or personality. Rather, he has failed because his ideology... the one they themselves believe in so fervently, is flawed.... fatally so. What we are seeing is disillusionment, not unlike what we saw in the 60's, following the death of JFK, etc.
L Michele Painter July 22, 2011 at 8:39 AM
All of this should be no surprise. The left is scared ****less of the results of this president's reign. Failure in every part of his administration on the economy is so blatant that there is nowhere to hide. So to counteract the "train wreck" that is OB they "TRY" to divert the public away from it, with their vile, negative, disgusting display of filthy scenarios and language that is not fit to print let alone be espoused on television. Bill Maher does not deserve a clip on t.v. or in any venue, he is a pitiful, hate mongering, weasel, who's mother should be ashamed to call him son. It is clear he is VERY INSECURE with himself. A man who is confident of himself personally, need not curse, name call and lie in order to get a point across. I can't wait for the day when the likes of B Maher & OTHERS is irrelevant, and not worth a blip on the screen. Until then, I agree with the writer, don't give his antics anymore attention then you would the directions on a soup can that will be tossed into the trash when you are done with it.
Andrew, as usual, great article, and excellent points. One caveat: I think you should appologize to Mr. Bean for the unflattering comparison.
Maher's hate speech is actually an example of the psychological defense of projection. There are unconscious aspects of his personality that are very feminine and very conservative. He denies this reality by attacking such people. He is actually a figure who deserves our compassion because of his impaired development.
Occasionally I still read or hear in some article or news report or another that President Obama is still trying to dig the country out of the 'mess' that George W Bush left it in. Just be aware that this message, muted as it is right now, will be resurrected come next year and the real start of the 2012 reelection campaign.
Stuart Lebowitz, Bill Maher and the other talking heads of tv will be all on track with the same message: Barack Hussein Obama - Man of Steel - strange visitor from another reality, locked in battle with evil, dead white men in a never ending struggle for truth, justice, and free money from the government.
Sounds funny now, but wait a year. You'll see.
Andrew Klavan is the man in this feminazi world! :D
Brilliant, as usual.
Francis W. Porretto July 22, 2011 at 5:50 AM
I think you've nailed it, Mr. Klavan. Their wild hopes for some sort of Obama-led Utopian transformation have been dashed so dramatically that their need to lash out has swelled beyond all restraint, including the restraint of predictable consequences.
If this isn't rabid right wing propaganda, I don't know what is!
Honestly it isn't about Obama. It is about the failure of their ideas. They want it to be about Obama. They desperately try to make it be about Obama. But at the end of the day Obama is just a man, president though he may be, and a rather typical example of the crypto-Marxists that today hide behind the moniker "Liberal." People like Obama are a dime a dozen.

Leftist ideas and policies they inspire are monuments to the stupidity of mankind, and that portion of mankind who live in America are waking up to that fact like never before. Leftists such as Maher have become shrill and agitated because they sense that they are fast approaching the end of their road politically.

It isn't that they'll lose an election or two, but that they and their ideas will be ignored by the majority of Americans. Not disputed mind you, ignored. Disregarded.

Imagine a Democratic party that wasn't dominated by Soviet era marxist 5th columnists and their ideological descendants. Imagine a Democratic party founded upon sound principles and dedicated to doing good in the world instead of trying to tear everything down. That is what the left fears. They fear that they will become irrelevant. Nothing would make me happier.
Mr. Klavan:

Thank you. Nice job, as usual. I think you've hit the nail on the head. (Oo, sorry, more violent imagery from the right.)

It's a bitter and vile time for the Mahers of the world, who had only recently been smugly awaiting our thanks when we finally realized that they had recognized the returning Christ before we did, but who now face the dismal thought that we've been laughing at them and their pretensions.

If you've called this correctly - and I think you have - then we should keep in mind that the textbook progression of the crumbling of such a group superego invariably descends into fantasies of violent rage, and this particular social group has never excelled at distinguishing "fantasy" from "reality."
"Ann Coulter is not a great ambassador for moderation"

For some reason, the phrase "golden means fallacy" is coming to my mind. Penn Jillette even said in one of his vlog videos that this idea that all compromise is a virtue needs to stop.
AtheistConservative July 22, 2011 at 2:38 AM
"Maybe if we fought more for "consensus" among Americans rather than constantly re-waging our silly "left-right" (or was it "blue-red"?) battles - we could find a way to figure things out? "

This sheer, driving stupidity has to stop. How can anyone be so dumb as to not realize that the reason we have 'left-right' and 'blue-red' battles is because there are two major competing ideologies struggling against each other: the statist versus the individualist?

We _never_ want to 'get along'. Because you're wrong. And while you can hem and haw and say 'both parties did this and that', the reality is that the people in both parties who made this disaster were people who, to some extent, believed the statist ideology.

That ideology is the enemy.

"Bipartisanship" is a ship of fools.
Stephen Marche is profoundly disturbed. Anyone who could write such nauseating, delusional drivel is in need of a court appointed guardian.

Maher, on the otherhand, is a common type. A frustrated, vulgar dog and pony show. A Howard Stern with a failing political agenda.
Hazen MacIntyre July 22, 2011 at 2:14 AM
Mr. Klavan, thank you for your precise take on this situation with Maher, Stewart, et al. They represent the worst of the worst at a summer camp shindig when childish fools grab a mic to beg for attention. How better than to say outrageous things with a sprinkle of profanity. Reasonable minded folks in the audience would cringe but then ignore them once the power was turned off to the mic. Ms Coulter is right by ignoring them as childish fools and soon enough their power will evaporate. They might keep saying bad things but no reasonable people would be listening.
I’d say, Ms Coulter is rather consistent in having friends like Maher – right now I’ve finished to read her “Demonic” and was really astonished at all the thick layers of wit, sarcasm and irony (but not a single fact, alas) she has used to defend Obama’s legitimacy against “some folks” who “continue to believe the “birther” story anyway”. Here in Russia we have a few Ms Coulters of our own too, and it’s both sad and funny to witness how rapidly their overwhelming feeling of uppity grandeur turns their undoubted talents into their undoubted blindfolds… Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
You should lead with your pov that Coulter, "as so often" makes a good point. Hypocrite that she has she has appeared on said show DOZENS of occasions.

I suppose she doesn't exhibit "vulgar meanness"? Your partisanship is showing.
consigned2despair July 22, 2011 at 1:49 AM
Obama's new campaign slogan: Building the Bridge to Dystopia - Change You Can Believe In.
"But this culture is confusing, amorphous, and constantly shifting. It not only resembles, it IS the party line, avant la lettre. The confused liberal must grope, each day, to find how to explain (to his OWN satisfaction, for he will never talk to a conservative) the inexplicable vagaries of his tribe.

Of what does this new culture consist? In obedience" David Mamet, The Secret Knowledge. Pg 110
Bill Maher and his ilk are blowhards and cowards. Do you think Maher would have the stones to repeat his insults of Sarah Palin if Todd Palin were standing in front of him?

Of course, Todd Palin seems to be a complete gentleman. So I'm sure he'd at least offer to help Maher pick his teeth up off of the floor.
There is a 6 page essay by David Mamet in his book The Secret Knowledge entitled Rumpelstilskin which explains the bombast and displays of hatred toward those who don't adhere to the views of the left...Page 104. Don't possibly miss it...either buy the book or go to the library and read it or check it out...You will be genuinely happy about the effort made. He is an exceptional writer and the subject is clearly examined.
Spot on.
Great article!
So Andrew wants to defend the honor of the women. Better check with the experts on the "Antiques Roadshow" for the dueling pistols you'll need. And the etiquette, do you still need to slap the person with a pair of gloves? That would make great TV! You better read up on Andrew Jackson. Say anything he didn't like about his "babe" and you were in a boatload of trouble. Andrew I've seen your "Klavan on the Culture" skits. The Yul Brynner look won't work. I suggest you let whatever you have grow into a long and flowing mane. Better yet, forget it. The women you want to defend aren't damsels, delicate flowers, they're American women. They can, and will take care of themselves. And Maher? They wouldn't give him the time of day. (But they would appreciate the thought of an old fashion romantic.)
At some point any reasonably intelligent "progressive," in order to keep their political worldview intact, has to reach into their own brain and begin pulling out wires.
Patrick MacKinnon July 21, 2011 at 11:43 PM
All I can say Mr. Klavan is a big AMEN. You have so nailed these
pitiful sycophants of the left.
I would definately hold this article up as exhibit A, evidence the far right in America has suffered too many body blows & has consequently resorted to this kind of pulp.
We're talking beta-fish aren't we?
"What might once have been dismissed as an embarrassing lapse into bobby-soxer squealery now has to be recognized as a desperate attempt to keep a dying euphoria alive." That rings so true to me. I listen to and watch these people on the Left become more and more crazy. The legitimacy of their ideology is being destroyed by reality here in the U.S. and Europe for all to witness. They're insanity is sort of understandable, but I have no sympathy.
My thought is that Maher in particular is authoring a very elaborate, drawn out assisted suicide. He knows someone out there will only take so much obscene hatred directed at that paragon of decency Sarah Palin before they snap. Let's hope he is wrong.
A haiku...

Obama has failed
The worst President ever
Jimmy Carter smiles!
Scum like Maher and company need to be pointed out, they need to be humiliated and mocked at every turn. Sorry, but Coulter brings nothing new to the table, and if she could be friends with a misogynist douche like Maher then that just about tells me everything I need to know no matter what her political views may be.
February 5, 2008
"We are the ones we've been waiting for."
Barack H. Obama

And it ain't pretty.
correction; I heard a bible teacher teach.....
re: cbpelto's question about the appropriate attire at a wedding feast, as mentioned in the gospels.

I heard a bible teach on the parable of the wedding feast. He said that the contemporary custom was that if one did not have the appropriate attire, it would be provided by the host.
You think they are ugly now? Wait until we get closer to November 2012 and it becomes more and more obvious that Sarah Palin will be president, inspite of their spittle.
Most toddlers go through a phase where they know they can get attention by drawing on the walls with their own crap. Most toddlers outgrow this. The rest grow up to become liberal entertainers like Bill Maher.
Re comment about Coulter being a friend of Maher, who is a "vile human being." I am a traditional conservative (Burke/Buckley/Kierkegaard) and I agree totally that Coulter should choose her friends more carefully. But this is a free country and Coulter can be friends with whomever she wants--although she probably would blast a conservative, say Mark Steyn, who suddenly proclaimed that he was good buddy of Chris Matthews.
I've seen Coulter quite a few times on Red Eye, which is a very funny, very creative, very politically incorrect talk show with a host, two pals, and three guests--guests change nightly, but many have appeared multiple times, including Coulter. She usually enters into the spirit of the show--but she loves to argue, hard core contentiousness being her calling card in her books and articles. When she does argue, she makes good points, but really tries to win arguments by overwhelming her opponent, often Andy Levy, with unfunny and often unpersuasive arguments.
Anyway, Maher is an insecure narcissist who packs his audience with drooling fans. He despises conservatives and thinks he is very smart, which he definitely isn't. As a comedian he is funny 10% of the time, unless you agree with his shallow leftist philosophy. Personally, I consider his show unfunny and HBO runs far too many reruns of his show. However, conservatives should watch his show once in awhile to see how lame liberal "celebrities" really are.
Can't say that Maker has ever been all that funny, bright or popular - so I agree with you that he has turned himself into a moral Elephant Man - but please, after pleading for an end to the ugliness, dishonesty, distortions, and bullying anger of the mainstream media - you go right ahead and get ugly, dishonest, distort and vent your anger - by making fun of ... what? ...the other half of America that you don't like? How does that help?
Sorry Mr. Klavan - but the disaster we are all lying in right now was built over a very long period of time - and has contributors from all sides of our political world. Maybe if we fought more for "consensus" among Americans rather than constantly re-waging our silly "left-right" (or was it "blue-red"?) battles - we could find a way to figure things out? I guess we may find out on August 3rd, eh?
They are just sore losers. They had all this power, and it was taken away from them. Things have gotten far more shrill since the '12 elections, when they got spanked. It's not about Obama at all. It is about them losing. They just cannot stand it. Cannot. Boo-hoo.
"He is what we hope we can be".....I guess that applies to the left....he is a thief and a liar and a fascist....and we wish we could be, too, gosh darn it (Ann Coulter, fill in the appropriate words for Bill Maher here).
Ann Coulter is not a great ambassador for moderation.
Andrew, I appreciate that you take something troubling and whittle it down to its bare components, which is what I can finally understand.

And your newest book for "young adults" is a great story for anybody, loved the work.
At one time BM was insightful and witty - what happened? His vile show was ONE reason I too canceled HBO.

I am truly amazed that someone hasn't relocated that giant proboscis of his.
Nobody knows how to have fun anymore. Pay a guy a hundred bucks to punch his lights out next time he pops off. You'll get every reaction imaginable but I bet Maher checks six and clears his flanks before his next indiscretion.
Bonfire of the Idiocies July 21, 2011 at 8:08 PM
Maher and other idiots like Deepsix Chopra think by yelling loudly and more insultingly, they will be able to conceal Obama's and progressivism's dismal failure. They, as usual, are deluded. They are just calling MORE attention to it.
TO: All
RE: DHS's Video....

....about how middle-class white folk are the most dangerous threat to the United States.

Out of curiosity, does that include the following:

• military personnel who have laid their lives on the line to "...uphold and defend the Contitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic...."
• police officers
• FBI and BATF officials
* Congresspeople
• state, county and local officials

We ALL took the same sort of oath. And the majority of US are 'white'. And, considering the pay many of those 'officials' receive, they look to be 'middle-class'.


....why is it that DHS thinks that the majority of this society is a 'threat' to this society?


[The Truth will out.....and Janet isn't going to like it.....]
I may be wrong... but I think the author actually wants me to take this article seriously!?!
How much we forget. The economy was nose diving under George W. Bush, and his tax cuts. Of Course you conservatives will say it would have been better if McCain had been elected, but you do not think, you say because you are a Republican.
Ah, if only it were a Mr. Bean episode...
TO: Atheist Conservative
RE: What Can One Do?

Given the fact that the myth of Obama seems so resilient, what can anyone do? -- atheist conservative

ALL you can do, is all you can do.

Or some some wag said, some time ago.

However, what you do—or do not do—will determine where you spend 'eternity', compadre.


[Endless nothingness is fine, if you're properly dressed. -- Some pundit]

P.S. I seem to recall some ancient writing about wearing the 'proper attire' to the Biblical 'Wedding Feast'. The problem is just WHERE do you get it....
Just like an alcoholic who lashes out and blames everyone else for his misfortunes, so goes the left. Those alcoholics who admit they have a problem join a support group and strive to get sober. That is not possible for a leftist. When a liberal is inquisitive enough to challenge his belief system he becomes a conservative. And his former friends will exclude him from their "tolerant" circles for fear of developing a sense of self awareness.
A 'comedian' a couple generations senior to Maher
who gave a typically vulgar opinion of a woman, and found himself on the floor with a busted mouth, courtesy of one of the woman's friends,
said 'Why did he do that; they are just words ?'.
Courtesy has died along with community.
TO: All
RE: James Think

The left wants to build a fair world, built on insane assumptions. Conservatives want to build a somewhat less fair world based on assumptions which are true. Better, I think, to talk about the differences in assumptions, than the methods they use. -- James

Too bad that the 'Left' is likely willing to 'kill' anyone who oppose them in their desire to establish what they think will be 'utopia'.

And therein lies the crucial difference in 'methods'.

Stalin did as much in the late-1920s/early-1930s when he consigned the 'kulaks' to 're-education camps'. Something of a precursor to Hitler's 'final solution' for the Jews.

And to think the Obama's policsci mentor, Bill 'I Bombed the Pentagon' Ayers was thinking of doing exactly that in the 1970s.

Getting a 'clue' here?


[History repeats itself. That's one of the problems with History.]
I think you nailed it. The emperor has no clothes, and I don't know why anyone should be surprised. Obama has swallowed hook, line, and sinker the tripe Karl Marx dished out, so by definition that makes him an ignorant fool....By the way, this past Monday I cancelled HBO.
Ann Coulter is Bill Maher's friend for a good reason as they are indeed birds of a feather. To bow to the wisdom of Ann Coulter, take her latest book, drop it in the garbage and bow to that.
well said! One of my favorite quotes, and I'm not so sure where he wrote it anymore, comes from Fr. George Rutler. He wrote: There is nothing more shrill than the screams of a dying modernist. The shrillish cries of Maher and his ilk are the dying screams of a corpulent, vacuous, political philosophy. At least I pray that that is so.
Well said. Although I find it peculiar that Ann Coulter escapes criticism for being the friend of a rather vile human being.
"I wish there was some way to bring back the fairness doctrine just so we could get rid of Rush, Beck, and Faux Faked and Bullshit news. It would be so sweet and wonderful to just have journalism in our news again instead of bought and paid for talking repubbagger heads."

This is a comment from a leftist blog (Washington Monthly) and it gives us a picture of the leftist ideal world. George Orwell wrote a book about this based on his experiences at the BBC.
AtheistConservative July 21, 2011 at 7:10 PM
Andrew, while I agree that all this is true, there is no getting around the depression that necessarily results from noticing that no matter how terrible a President this guy is, he still has >45% approval rating. It absolutely boggles the mind. A recent poll showed that the majority of people questioned supported the President's "balanced, ambitious" plan to fix the national debt ... disregarding the fact that he has no plan whatsoever and is entirely responsible for the national debt fiasco.

Given the fact that the myth of Obama seems so resilient, what can anyone do?
Every tactic of the left is justified. They plan on creating a semi-utopian world. The only thing standing in their way are the evil conservatives who want to keep the world ugly and unfair. Almost any methods which stop the conservatives from doing this can easily be rationalized.

I have a hard time deciding if it is useful to point out this behaviour. I guess it changes some peoples minds. But without any evidence, I have a hunch it would be better if conservatives didn't spend too much time on leftist tactics. Its more useful to work on cause and effect.

The left wants to build a fair world, built on insane assumptions. Conservatives want to build a somewhat less fair world based on assumptions which are true. Better, I think, to talk about the differences in assumptions, than the methods they use.
so i'm watching showtime, as a freebie...

i get margaret cho, circa 2009, telling me how she would perform lesbian sex on sarah palin.

later, i catch the fact that some guy on bill maher is obsessing about how bachmann has sex...

libs get really weird when nervous.
and they are really weird, NOW.

can't even imagine how freaky they would get with chris christie.
I have long believed that Maher fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. Yet CNN and their leftist cohorts continue to use him as an expert--an expert in stupidity
TO: Andrew Klavan, et al
RE: You....

....can expect this behavior to escalate.

It correlates well with the recently disclosed DHS video to local law enforcement that the white, middle-class is the REAL threat to America.

I spent 27 years in the infantry. The last part was in helping State Area Commands (STARCs), i.e., state adjutants general and their staffs, prepare for national emergencies—think Gulf Wars—and natural disasters—think Katrina.

Combining that with training from the Army's Command and General Staff College and other sources, I've learned to start recognizing 'situations' before they come to a head based on the information that is blatantly obvious.

These recent developments do not bode well for the 2012 election cycle.

I'm 'looking forward' to a possible 'Reichstag incident'.

Pardon my 'paranoia', but I've been trained by the best. Heck. My compatriot in Idaho and I foresaw Hussein invading Kuwait, six months before he actually did it. Threw our 'exercise' onto the trash-heap as it was OBE to become a 'Live Fire Exercise'.

What's my 'point'.....

....things are getting 'interesting'. And our friends at DHS are just setting the 'stage'.


[May you live in 'interesting' times. -- Ancient Chinese curse]
Maher is not funny. He's abusive and hateful. I find it amazing that black conservative Rep. Allen West is being raked over the liberal coals for calling Wasserman-Schultz vile (which she is), but no one rakes Maher over the coals for his vile, sickening, hate-filled rants directed at conservative Republican women. Really...I'm so over lefties and their "woe is me" while they spread the hate around.
Obama is everything I am glad I am not. Banal, Self absorbed,vindictive and malicious. All of that is wrapped up in a shallow entitled veneer that is charming when there is a telepromter around.
Mentally and emotionally, Maher is not yet legally old enough to have a beer.
Excellent appraisal. Thank you Mr Klavan, for your keen insight and analysis.