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Pete Peterson
The Hong Kong of Los Angeles County? « Back to Story

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I have a cousin in the Panhandle of Texas who is a very successful farmer. A few years ago he told me of a California family that moved thier dairy operations lock, stock, and barrel from California to a Panhandle location because the business environment in CA had thier business difficult if not impossible to run; and the Panhandle is not a pretty place.
I live in Oklahoma City. Travel to Dallas often.
There are a many more ex-California folks here than just a few years ago.
We feast on the ingrained blindness and stupidity of the political class in California.
Soon after the local school district here in
Idaho got a successful property tax levy
passed due to budgetary shortfalls, the
guy who was head honcho of the school district created an unnecessary administrative position, put his wife in charge and paid her 50 grand a year.

That was several years telling
what games are being played by the local
school district now because, as back
then, no one could accurately check the
board's expenses. Every two years we have
a property tax levy and no one knows where
all the money goes.
great work Pete!
There is something almost desperate about what is proposed here - it's as if one has to recognize that the whole system is broken, perhaps part of it can be saved. But, if I was a business outside one of these districts I would complain bitterly that those in the district are not paying their fair share.

What's proposed is a good idea, but it's a shame that it has to be proposed at all.