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Stefan Kanfer
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Going on a book tour is akin to, say, going to a fabulous restaurant for a business meeting with your associates. It may look like fun and enjoyment from the sidewalk but it is work. And while you are on a book tour, any missed connections and missed meals will not be fixed by the publisher. There is no kowtowing concierge to correct any inconvenience that may befall.
So, lighten-up, complaining commentators. This is a light-hearted look at what may appear like a junket to the uninitiated, but in reality is a real slog. One that must be done as part of the process, but a slog, nonetheless.
Yikes! Did your agent and editor know you were writing this?

I know authors at your publishing conglomerate who begged for some kind of funding for travel to speaking events in the absence of a book tour. Didn't happen.

Bring something fun to read the next time you go on the road.
I love to go to author signings. I like authors and I hope that they realize that without bookbuyers like me, they'd have no audience and no money.

Lighten up, Mr. Kanfer.
Kanfer's Pity Party September 20, 2011 at 11:20 AM
I guess Stefan Kanfer doesn't give a damn about bookstores selling more books when an author attends a signing at their store. After all, it's only about Stefan Kanfer. Is it the fault of the store and publisher when only a handful attend your book signings? Poor baby. Go have a bag of peanuts on me pal, and make sure to leave a nice tip for the cleaning lady.
The sound that you just heard was of Sharpies scratching on the edges of Stefan Kanfer's book to be stacked on the "remainder" list pile by booksellers everywhere.
Great comments left by Gilbert W. Chapman and Michael. Amazing with far less "art" they said it more eloquently than the "author." Bravo Gilbert and Michael. Let us all spare a thought for the poor sad hard life of Stefan Kanfer. Don't you all feel sooooo sorry for him? Why imagine having to get only four hours sleep after eating only hotel peanuts, crackers and drinking vodka? WOW! How does he do it? And on only four hours sleep?! He's such a brave hero isn't he? *PUKE*
I've been attending book festivals and various book events for over 35 years. My personal favorites being non-fiction; history and biographies. Odd that I've never heard of Stefan Kanfer. Who is he?Perhaps if he was as successful as Cormac McCarthy, there'd be no need for whine. Also odd that most successful authors have no problem with meeting the "unwashed" that read, and most of all purchase their books.

Just noticed at the bottom of the article, the author has written a book on Humphrey Bogart. Great actor, but who cares about Humphrey Bogart? Reminds me of the great quote from Frank Zappa about critics: "They are people who can't write, writing about people who can't talk, for people who can't read." Same can be said for authors of books about people who made a living impersonating others. I'll refrain from reading anything else from Mr Kanfer; even if its' from a library. Maybe his next book will be about Vanilla Ice.
Youngman's line was: The room was so small you had to step out in the hall to change your mind. What, no limos at the airport, driver bowing and tugging his forelock. No fruit baskets. No lines of docile fans, eyes shining, clutching copies for an autograph. No talk show host who's read every word you ever wrote. Guess you're just an inkstained wretch like the rest of us.
Gilbert, I'm glad to see that the sense of humour by-pass operation was successful.
I wish all articles had this combo of readability, humor and meaningfulness. Definitely going to track down more by Stefan. Thank you!
Ok, it may be hell, but it still sounds like heaven to one who Has Yet To Have A Novel or Even a Nonfiction Work accepted, let alone published. You want purgatory? Hell? THAT is hell. Oh, boy o boy, do you have it good. Enjoy those hotel room vodkas and crunchies, ya hear?
Wow, I hope you don't suffer PTSD from all that physical and psychological trauma.
Interesting essay, sir.

It is indeed tragic what you have to 'put with' as an author.

But . . . I suspect most any soldier in combat in Afghanistan at present would have little sympathy for you. Nor do I.