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Don't forget the lack of protection and justice that MBTA Officer Daniel Cardarelli got when he tried to expose a murder cover-up.
And the disgusting lack of accountability and pass-the-buck mentality surrounding the Amy Bishop debacle.
If you neo-cons think Massachusetts is bad news, take a hard look at Ft. Lee, N.J. via the local press, or go stand in line on court house Tuesdays and chat up the locals. There power politics with all it's many diverse perks runs amuk from bottom to top, including through the judicial system and the brotherhood who serve it and themselves so very very well. Ft.Lee is one sweet town: a town where there is no such thing for ordinary citizens as a plea of "not guilty"--except for the cops and their protectors. Four civil rights abuse cases by cops between late March and June 2011 tell a sad sad tale. And they are only the beginning.
Thank goodness for all that 19th-century Irish immigration -- it clearly had a salutary effect on the ethos of the state!
If you think Massachusetts Democrats are protected, what about blacks Democrat leaders in the inner cities? In my area, no one dared touch Sharpe James, Mayor of Newark,New Jersey until he was out of office. EVERYONE knew he was corrupt, but we also knew no one would touch him until he was no longer mayor.

Wouldn't we all love to know what happened to the trillion dollars in anti-poverty money spent in the last 50 years? One thing we do know is that all that money accomplished absolutely nothing for the African American community - the inner cities are still impoverished, the black family is in ruins, and black Democratic leaders are still riding the poverty gravy train to wealth and fame. Why not? After all the Democratic media has adopted a political correctness policy under which these people are never questioned, and treated like idols and 'spokespeople' for their community - even as they loot and pillage their way through office. From our 'investigative media' - nothing.

But, of course, Democrats are subject to a different standard, and black Democrat leaders get the highest level of protection from our wonderful band of journalists. Even Marion Barry, caught on film with a prostitute smoking crack, at the same time as the drug was devastating the community he was supposedly governing, got a pass from our national and local media. This is, of course, nothing more than the racism of lowered expectations on the part of the mostly white, mostly male, all Democratic media, and if it helps keep Democrats in office that is all that matters.

Accordingly , the one thing you will never see in the national and local media is an expose on half century of failure on the part of black Democratic inner city politicians - no amount of failure is too great for this group - after all as far as they are concerned it isn't failure at all, things are just GREAT, the money is rolling in, along with even more power and influence. Certainly, no amount of failure is enough to interest our band of hypocrites in the media.

Massachusetts is simply another example of this agreed upon fiction, that somehow when Democrat politicians are corrupt it is cute, and we should look affectionately at these people, even as they doom the residents of the areas they govern to more years of misery. So, anyone with a "D" is protected through an unspoken agreement between the members of the media and government, especially if they are black - even Sharp James is talking of a comeback once he gets out of jail. That's just great, right? It's a sickening situation and has finally resulted in the pictures like those of flash mobs - these children who could and should have taken their place as responsible functioning members of society - doctors, teachers and the like. Well guess what, it isn't Republicans who doom these children to a lifetime in and out of prisons, it is the media supported Democratic Inner City Poverty Machine, which is working day and night on all cylinders, with a population now devoid of family ties, dependent on government, robbed of its will to be educated, riddled with crime, and since humans will have a family of some kind, where gangs have replaced family. All this, with a root cause being the 50+ years of Democratic corrupt city politics, and a complicit media. There is a special place in hell for such people - how many doctors, scientists, educators have we lost?

P.S. Latinos take note - the Democrat poverty machine has you next on the agenda, and is already in the process of converting your community to its vision of paradise.
What is it called to throw a state out of the Union?
Home of the Kennedy dynasty it could not get sweeter than this. Hey kiddies can anyone say political corruption is rampant in America.
As a proud Michael Dukakis liberal, I can attest to the damage that one-party control has done to Massachusetts, making it the eerie shadow-image of corrupt right-wing politics in the Deep South. One-party control has done nothing good for the cause of liberalism.

The biggest problem our Democratic governor has is sedition and mutiny from within his own party. The GOP is not a credible threat to nearly any state legislator, so there is no party discipline and no respect for the Governor as a party leader. Each legislator is "in it for himself," and has no reason to fear breaking ranks or defying the Governor's leadership. Needed reforms which the Governor champions get shot down by a recalcitrant and self-interested cabal of legislators within the party.
The Puritan Antinomian heresy is alive and well in the Old Bay Colony. That's the one that took the Calvinist doctrine of 'justification' to its logical extreme, the doctrine of salvation by God’s grace rather than by one’s own good works. If your salvation was predestined by God, if you were a 'visible saint' (now defined as an 'elected Democrat'), nothing you might do here on earth, no matter how depraved, could change that. Visible saints are exempt from moral law.
The voters think these guys are cute - thumbing their noses at the law. They admire them. The state is corrupt from the voters up.
A bit of common sense and the voters could put a permanent end to it.
Legislators should be active for 3 months out of every two years at a minimum stipend equal to their regular job elsewhere and a bonus of 50% of that amount. No perks beyond what they had from their regular job.
There should be miminum of legislators from each party. They should be responsible for solving the problems they are assigned to and if not then they should not be allowed the privilage of serving again.