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Heather Mac Donald
Reentering Opera’s Lost World « Back to Story

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Denton, you have got it ass-backwards. Wagner and Verdi are a relief from Baroque opera.
Great review, thank you a lot!
Lucky lucky people, who had the precious chance to be there and to enjoy such jewel.
I very hope to experience this wonderful performance also in Europe .
I am grateful to read the opinion of anyone who takes Baroque opera seriously. For some unknown reason, we are ready to hear it in all its glory once again. I have recently spent happy hours listening to Handel's Giulio Cesare in Egito, and the combination of huge emotion and tightly mannered vocal expression, with great tunes, is delightful. Baroque opera is such a relief from Wagner and Verdi!
Ward L. Reed, Jr. July 01, 2011 at 8:34 PM
Superb review. Thank you.
I thought Todd might be interested in this.