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Theodore Dalrymple
Clientelism on the Defensive « Back to Story

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I welcome any alternatives to the present system of leftist and pro-jihadi indoctrination that prevails in the colleges and universities in the entire western world. We have the same problem on this side of the pond.
Thank you for introducing me to the books of Theodore Dalrymple. They have made a big impact on my thinking about culture and the importance of my own and how i must conceder outher peoples for me to have a good world view.
Norman Hanscombe July 03, 2011 at 8:19 PM
For decades now the ranks of those with a vested interest in supporting academic mediocrity have been swelled by a) students who would not otherwise have managed to complete a “university” degree, b) lecturers who would not otherwise be employed, and c) bureaucrats/politicians whose careers have been based on the fraud of reducing standards whenever such reductions were necessary to achieve “desirable” quotas.

Two years ago many felt “university” standards in Australia had fallen as low as they could. Undeterred, over the past two years our “universities” have increased the number of their Australian students by 5,000. This sort of quantity over quality approach has been a feature of much of Western “academia”, so it’s easy to understand why A.C. Grayling’s efforts would infuriate those who can’t achieve excellence, but do know how to make stink bombs.

Theodore Dalrymple
I am searching for a scientific basis for atheism/naturalism.
don cain
I imagine the thought police are very worried because they can't pay for play anymore. Now they are being forced to compete too?
It is the new socialism --- for, by and spin its own elite life!
What? Clientelism in French academia?

Seriously, though, if he has managed to publish many books over the past seven years (and appear on television)and if his works have had anything to do with the analysis and judgment of opposing points of view regarding political choices, then I'd say he's lived up to his part of the bargain. French taxpayers can certainly decide they don't want to fund future lucubrations, but they can't ask for their money back.

On the other side of the Channel, I'm not going to enroll in Grayling's college (unless he gives me one of those scholarships and a free plane ticket to boot), but it sounds pretty innocuous to me. If the smoke bombers are afraid it will threaten the state-run system, they should just look at the US. As far as I know, Naropa has not yet drawn all the students away from the University of Colorado.
Although I always make sure to read Mr. Dalrymple's pieces I have to admit that I had no point of reference for what this was talking about.

Luckily the U.K papers are all abuzz with it from back about two weeks ago. And as T.D. points out here with;

"This in turn threatens an entire world outlook: much is at stake, then, which the protesters instinctively realize...Even a small breath of competitive air threatens clientelism as a prevailing system."

there are pieces from all angles in the news there.

This topic has at least 744 hits if you google Grayling in the news category. Interesting stuff. Thanks for this piece!

(Really liked: " well as a means of disguising youth unemployment."

We could use that in this country!