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Claire Berlinski
The Sound of Turkey Clapping « Back to Story

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Thank you for your ongoing insight into Turkey. As some other commenters have noted, there was fairly good coverage of the run-up to and outcome of the June 12 election, for those of us who are interested.
I do think the AKP legal vendettas against the Turkish media are of great concern, but hard to fault the high voter turnout, and the AKP's sudden shift to really wanting to stay in NATO, which acts as a restraint on full-blown one-party rule by Islamists.

What is really sad is how the western media seems ignorant of the Alevis (and their role in the CHP), and how NATO members side with the AKP in denying Kurdish self-determination. I would have liked to know how the Kurds voted.

And how much of Turkey's economic progress has been through borrowing.
This truly is a great article, Ms. Berlinski. I am a Turkish student who goes to school in the U.S.A. I study Political Science at Bennington College, Vermont. I spend my summers in my home country, Turkey. Since you live in Istanbul, I would love to meet you in person at your convenience, and discuss these issues further to broaden my knowledge.

Thank you,
Claire Berlinski's analysis is written through her lens of zionism (israeli interests) and related hatred for Islam/Muslims. They are quite useless as they are not objective......
Excellent CB. Democracy is a process not a product.
I would just reinforce that the Turkish elections, before, during and after, were extensively reported and analysed in the European press.
I am so glad the secularists are out of power. This nation is nothing like the nation I grew up in. It is modernizing at a furious pace. Turks say and do stuff that decades ago under the CHP would have gotten them jailed or beaten.

May the CHP and their socialist ideas drop in whatever hole bad ideas go to once they are proven failures.

Your condescension is incredible. Frankly your disdain for the average Turk makes me ask this particular question. Why are you living in Turkiye?

Please leave. Foreigners like you give all outsiders a bad name.
Where are the Young Turks to rise up out of the barracks to cut the head from the Islamic Beast? The Turkish Constitution empowers just this action.

Rise up Young Turks and slay the beast!
thank you for speaking up for us, Ms Berlinski...
I have never seen such a biased article. Ms. Berlinski, is that all you could say? I am appalled! I live in the U.S. and followed the elections in Turkey mostly from the US and European media. Somehow I got a different impression as unlike the previous elections, this time the media coverage in the west was actually pretty extensive and informative. You sound exactly like those antidemocratic nationalist/militarist and ultra elitist section of the Turkish society. I am very happy to see them removed from power forever. They have sucked that nation's blood for decades. Finally the nation is getting on its feet and realizing its potential.
It is so curious. f* is polite but fu isn't.
The Turkish FaceBook commentator on the stupidity of the voters could have been speaking of Massachusetts.
A tax cheat for State Auditor?
A smooth 'mystery man' for Governor?

To a lesser degree, much of the US electorate:
A smooth 'mystery man' for President?
Geithner the Tax Cheat in charge of Treasury?
Chuck Julien still working for NOAA/NMFS?
"Turkey hasn’t become as wealthy as outside media tends to assume."

Are you kidding me? GDP per capita has tripled within the last 9 years. Show me another country where that has happened. Yeah, compared to Western Europe Turkey is still poor, but it's already richer (again in GDP per capita) than the European Union's two poorest countries. And whereas the economic indicators in the Euro zone point downwards. Turkey's economy is basically breaking records every quarter.

Believe it or not, people like that, and for the first time in a long time, they have hope for the future again.
Claire I dont know who you were talking with at Facebook, but she is lying.

This is from the World Bank report:

The Government’s aggressive reform efforts have led to consistent improvements in the country’s macroeconomic situation. Since 2001, the country has seen continued progress in its overall economic situation, including an average GDP growth of 7 % over the last five years and inflation reaching a historical low of 7.7 % in 2005 down from 55% in 2001.

Turkey is making progress in its development across a range of sectors, including modernization of the cadastre and land registry systems, increasing the efficiency of the energy sector and helping growing businesses get access to the capital they need to grow. The country as a whole is moving forward, and they are seeing results.,,contentMDK:21663619~pagePK:141137~piPK:141127~theSitePK:361712,00.html

This article will give you a very good analyze about Turkey and its recent past