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Jerry Weinberger
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Isabelle Byrnes July 21, 2011 at 5:18 AM
Not nauseating, not a waste of time to read about, not trivial, not decadent. I'm truly astonished at the venomous reaction this charming article elicited from one reader. The kind of cooking described is beyond my pocketbook, but I love reading about the artisans (or artists) who produce it. There is nothing decadent about a culture where good food is taken seriously and is a normal part of everyday life. I currently live in a province in South Korea where that holds true. People with money to spare explore European cooking and drink wine, people in humbler circumstances eat traditional Korean food which is prepared extremely well here. There's no need for rancor about it.
We watched this interesting film having heard about it from Joy Philbin that very morning on "Regis and Kelly." I consider myself pretty well informed, but I had never before heard of Paul Liebrandt. We in Pittsburgh are behind the eight ball. Thanks for an interesting film about a most interesting young man.
Nauseating. Waste of time writing about it. Is this meant to be a Johnny-Come-Lately contributing to the celebrity chef topic, tattooed, Prof? You can do better than this - deal with serious matters, drop the trivia. Or use it for small talk in socially awkward situations.

Now, think about this: What price decadence?