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Ben Boychuk
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Ayn Marie Samuelson June 08, 2011 at 1:45 PM
Parents have always found that they have been "left to fend for themselves against an education establishment heavily invested in preserving its prerogatives." The point is that the political-bureaucratic public education system doesn't function to promote student learning or genuine parental participation; its overarching mission is to control and to sustain itself.
I know from personal experience and from my extensive research in writing the new book, Exposing the Public Education System, which delivers facts about the existing system and how to transform it.
School systems do not tailor education to individual students because the system is not set up to allow individualized education or meaningful and lasting reform. And now, national standardization is occurring in curriculum and testing through the push of the federal government and Gates/Buffett funding, along with educational elites who are benefiting from the initiative. Check out the Common Core State Standards in your state that have come down from those noted above. Parents, communities and teachers will see a more one-size-fits-all approach to education. This is not what most Americans want for their children.
We can transform the entire system to educate individual students and build democracy at the community level. It can be done, but the effort will require grassroots mobilization and legislative support.
The alternative is to stand at the sidelines and watch American education shift to nationalization and globalization and further eat away at our participation in any educational decision-making, while further damaging the competency of our children and the nation.
Public schools are seldom functional educational institutions, merely politically created sinecures for the incompetent.
I think the communication between parents and the staff keep all parties on the same page.

I'm very happy to observe it's positive outcomes in my kid's school.