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Luigi Zingales
Dodging the Trump Bullet « Back to Story

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Excellent insight.

Now what if Trump runs as a third party candidate?

Unfortunately our ignorant electorate seem to be inclining toward a "powerful" candidate, showing their naivete about such such thing, and ignorance of history. So little is understood about power and those that seek it.
it really bothers you "moderates" that he is running again and going after your Bush boy doesn't it.
old brooklyn conservative July 20, 2015 at 1:10 PM
Did The establishment rinos tell you to re-run this ? Lol over at nro after dedicating an entire week to attacking trump they have been pretty much stopped simce the comment section would blow up with all walks of right wingers who would spew thker dislike of what the party has become .pretty much the poltically correct democrat light party. We'drather see hillary finish off the country and destroy whats left of it then see a Jeb "stop the divisve hate speech" bush run . the republican party has left me and many other 'crazies" in the dust and panders to the left while illegal invaders over run the country and our vets languish without proper medical care .
Online free casino August 24, 2011 at 7:42 AM
The good intreguing pages keep me coming back here time and time again. thanks again so much.
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I may agree this piece is not one of author's best, but the comments about Italy and Italians are quite out of context. Italians have greatly influenced and contributed to science, the arts, technology, culture, cuisine, sport and banking, worldwide.
At a marketing conference I once heard Prof. Philip Kottler explain how the Italian contributions to science and innovation throughout history, and especially during the Renaissance, has created a foundation for rapid development of other countries.
What has Italy ever done for the world, other than giving us popes and part of World War 2? LOSERS, LOSERS, FOR THEN, NOW AND FOREVER. Send Luigi back to his miserable roots!
A Trump presidency is still preferable to a second Obama term.
Donald Trump = Mussolini without hair.
Robert James Frias May 19, 2011 at 10:56 PM
In all the time that I have been reading your journal this has got to be the worse article you have published to date! It is time to send this italian home where he belongs and arrivederci!!
Funny, I was sure you were going to say "...winning one with the wrong candidate for the party and for the country is worse. I know something about this: look at Obama."