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David R. Henderson
A City That Works « Back to Story

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Professor Henderson should spend couple of days in Hong Kong then he would know what it is like when a city really works. New York doesn't even come close.
David R. Henderson May 14, 2011 at 1:57 PM
@tma_sierra hills,
I have to admit that the line about the fishes was pretty funny. It isn't the case, though, that my piece was mainly about immigration. It was mainly about what it purported to be about: how well NYC works relative to the stereotype.
@Clarke S. Erskine,
Thanks. By the way, I did come back last month to tape a Stossel segment and again had a nice time.
@Robert Gismondi,
Touche. I wonder what the proportion is though. You seem to think it's high.
tma_sierrahills May 14, 2011 at 1:49 AM
"Professor Henderson, while you were out someone called, claiming to be from the Monterey Visitor's Bureau, asking in a sort of muffled gravely voice some question about whether you would be interested in sleeping with the fishes at the bottom of the Monterey Bay Aquarium."

Seriously, all this seems a bit much. Most of us are well aware that there are caring, competent and helpful people in all cities, some a little more than others. And sometimes you do hit a run of good luck. Slightly alter just couple of random details in Henderson's report and it would make New York City no less desirable, but it would lose its dreamy 'The Good Professor Henderson in Shangri-la' quality.

Before I finished the first sentence I was pretty sure that immigration and, to quote a certain former mayor, the "gorgeous mosaic" would be this buttery rocket's main payload.

But until when? A billion Americans? Or until the values, traditions and institutions of Western civilization become unglued? And all communities across America are reduced to rude, insufficiently cosmopolitan, wealth-scorning, interminably-long-waiting-lines-for-Econ-Professors, Villages of the Damned, like Monterey or Palo Alto. (Jesting on that last sentence.)
- - - -
Border Enforcement + Immigration Moratorium = Job, Crime and Eco Sanity.
Clarke S. Erskine of Ft. George NYC. May 14, 2011 at 12:43 AM
This article written by one of my cities gives a really accurate picture of the city that I call my HOME. This is exactly the impression that we who live here strive to persue and exemplify every day all around this city that we residents call " THE GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD." Thank you for having visited NYC, and for going home soo very impressed that you were so moved to write a note of such profound praise for my fellow New Yorkers. We really appreciate your thoughts, come visit us again, we'd welcome you back, with profound thankfulness, Thank You for visiting.
Robert Gismondi May 13, 2011 at 10:35 PM
Well, the people you met were the ambitious and productive. Those who came for welfare benefits were at home watching Oprah Winfrey.