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Theodore Dalrymple
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Perfection in dogs leads to acute imperfections. It is a human disease "we know what is good for (insert word)"
Usama followed a script from the prefect Quran.
Years ago I wanted to be a saint* well there's no proscript for it unlike the Indian striving for nirvana -- control your emotions then control your physiological functions.
Perfection can only be for oneself others need to reach it their own way IF they choose.

And that the rub "You have to be like ME"
leads to failure because variety is the spice and science of life!

* What is Usama's perfection? Death to the infidel?
You write: "He pours secular hatreds into a theological vessel; and in a way, bin Laden’s appearance bore this connection out. He was half Mohammed, half flak jacket and AK-47. It was a toxic combination."

Was not Mohammed himself pouring his secular hatreds into a theological vessel? Was he not "half flak jacket and AK-47?" Mohammed murdered many people as well.
Everything you say about bin Laden may well be true. And yet one is forced to reflect that he was responsible for so many fewer deaths than his enemies.

Incidentally, how much do you imagine professors of philosophy earn? Some things are very much the same in England, the USA, and Peru; and one of those unvarying truths is that professors of philosophy are among the very few people whom society values more cheaply than school teachers.
And Guzman was captured under the leadership of President Alberto Fujimori, now unfairly in jail accused by politized coirts of 'human rights violations'. What a shame. Imagine Obama in jail in 2025 for having ordered the OBL operation.