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Guy Sorman
Pakistan’s Dangerous Game « Back to Story

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thanks for the article, good one
Mr. Sorman; Pakistan was created by the Partition of India in Aug 1947 and not 1949 ! Before that they were all Indians. Nothing wrong calling themselves, Punjabis, Sindhis or Bloochis as they are different parts of Pakistani state. But they spend all their time working very hard trying to prove,"They are not Indians"!. Almost all Pakistanis are (descendents and )Indian muslim converts from Indian sub-contient. They speak the same language, eat the same food etc. and yet believe they have descended from Persia and Arabia. History is distorted and falsified in educational system from primary school and up!
Hence all this problem!

Anyway we will see what will happen to Pakistan in the long run!
Re: "In a more perfect world, India and Pakistan should someday be reunified or, at least, reconciled."

Never. India has more than enough internal problems to fix without having to deal with tens of millions more who, among other things, are not accustomed to paying taxes, or obeying a common civil code, or living with people different from themselves, or not biting the hand that feeds them. No thank you!
"In a more perfect world, India and Pakistan should someday be reunified or, at least, reconciled."

Good luck with that one.