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Andrew Klavan
Justice for All « Back to Story

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"Justice is a moral necessity of the human heart. We cannot live without it."

Well put, Mr. Klavan. Well put, indeed. Thank you.
Patrick: Obama opposed the irrational, wrong-headed WAR IN IRAQ that took us off track from the real war, the one in Afghanistan/Pakistan against Al Qaeda the people who attacked us on 9/11. Obama has reinforced our efforts in that necessary and moral war. But he has never supported the wrong-headed immoral war in Iraq for mythical WMD and Sadaam connections to 9/11. That war was a lie. I do not and have never supported that immoral war that took us off track from the real war. Neither did Obama and neither do the American people.
Show Your Gratitude...send the Navy SEALs a postcard:

Navy UDT-SEAL Museum

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3300 North Highway A1a

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Though working in secret & seeking no glory, they richly deserve our thanks—so let’s give it to them. It would be so awesome to build a mountain of thank you cards from their fellow Americans (and people from all nations). Please take a moment to write two little words that could mean so much. Tell our finest '"thank you."

More on SEAL history

And please pass this on to anyone you know who is grateful for what the SEALs have done in the War on Terror and who would take the time to say thanks.

José Fonseca e Costa May 02, 2011 at 6:05 PM
Justice is done when when you take the guilty to a court. Killing a man like Bin Laden with a shot in the head without taking from him all the information he had about the sinister terrorist organization he was the leader "may change exactly nothing". Revenge is not the more intelligent way of defeating terrorism. Americans lost a unique opportunity to dismantle Al Qaeda by killing one head of a beast with several heads which goal from now on "may set off a storm of retributive terror". It's a pity that Justice has not been done.
Andrew, always appreciate your take on things. Yes, the final justice here is sweet. I do find the jubilance and Obama-themed flags a little troubling. We seemed to have hit a constant theme with this guy.

I think his defense of Osama as 'not a Muslim but an extremist' was shamelessly PC. The Quran's teachings served as a guide to what Osama created and executed. Add in the left's anti-torture pro-rights terrorist stance and it makes it difficult to view Obama as anything but one lucky dawg. He did manage to avoid the usual dithering, though. The US is grateful.. our special forces and Intel really brought it home. Thank you, President Bush.. and I suppose thanks Obama for not screwing things up for personal gain.
Celebrating the death of an individual, whomever that individual may be and whatever he or she may have done, is savage and lends further sanction for retaliation to those who may have supported that individual. Remember how you felt when you saw news clips of celebrations in other countries after the 911 attacks? Didn't it have a decreasing effect on the value of the life of those celebrating? Bin Laden has been killed? Yes. He had it coming? Sure. But the consequent celebration is like the hooting of chimpanzees over a carcase, and chimpanzees, even, who had nothing to do with the kill. Further, if we consider the lengths gone to to actually reach this point, isn't the victory a little Pyrrhic?
Video: Obama Trying To Prosecute Cheney For The Policies That Led To The Death Of Bin Laden
Not for the first time, Andrew Klavan has eloquently stated what our family feels.
So when do we get to see photos?
Obama opposes the war, opposes the military, opposes Gitmo, and opposes interrogation, but those four things add up to a popular event and he takes full credit for it? Shameful.
This is an incomplete view of justice. Justice is about harmony and balance. There are times when justice is applying mercy. Justice is not always found in an eye for an eye. Indeed, that is the form of savage and cruel justice that leads to cutting off the hand of a starving theif or the stoning of an adulteous woman. Certainly there are places where justice needs to be harsh, and I certainly believe Bin Laden is such a case. But to decsribe justice this way is...well, it's unjust.
Just finished reading Ignatius's column in The Washington Post. Apparently, this would not have been possible without the "enhanced interrogations" of the Bush administration.

Thank you President George W. Bush for making this possible.