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Sol Stern
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Excellent article. Obama's narcissism was on display during his announcement, just as it was when he tried to make Donald Trump look foolish for simply asking the President to verify his qualifications for "the job" of President.

The audacity of this man who acts as if he is above having to answer questions from the people he purports to "serve," while at the same time trying to take credit (I directed Leon Panetta. . . .) for something our military and intelligence services have been fighting to do for years, is unbelievable.

Sadly, the Republican field of presidential candidates is, so far, uninspiring, to say the least.
You just can't stand the thought that Obama succeeded in doing what Bush failed do to, can you? What an ungracious and small-minded article this is.
Nobody remarks that BHO appeared to be all by himself when giving his UBL is dead speech. The East Room looked empty. Why didn't he have his full National Security team behind him, along with the CNO and some top SEAL commanders? My guess is that the "I" president is looking to the 2012 election as the indispensable one.
B. Samuel Davis May 02, 2011 at 12:51 PM
why would anyone expect that Obama would give credit to anyone? He acts as if he had done it single handedly, then forced the military to have Bin Laden buried with full Muslim honors or rituals. Right in line with his habit of bowing to Muslim leaders and apologizing for the United States.
Acknowledge Bush? Oh no, Obama has been President for two years now. If he must take the rap from the right that he, single-handedly, destroyed the economy and any reference to Bush is merely the whining of an irresponsible cry-baby, then, I'm afraid, Bush gets zilch when it comes to killing bin laden.
Where are the Muslims jumping up and down in the streets of America ?
Where are the Muslim Brotherhood members dancing in the street .
America, what Bin Laden did was terrible, but what these Islamic groups have in store for us is total destruction of our nation the way we know it .
Actually, the President was, perhaps, too kind to President Bush. He could have talked about the unneeded war in Iraq and how the energy, money and time spent there represented our country's biggest foreign policy disaster in history and that it took our eye off of bin Laden. The fact that he did not mention this inconvenient fact should be welcomed by President Bush and his army of apologists....