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Laura Vanderkam
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On the topic of the most successful immigrant group, I nominate the Cubans who came to this country shortly after Castro came to power. There are many of these people in my part of the country. Of the Cuban-Americans that I know, all are good citizens, good people, and most are very successful in their careers.
look at with confident suprisely
Bill Bryson's 'THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE THUNDERBOLT KID' is a rites of passage book and in USA the battle field of that rite is the deli.
The kids of the 50's bankrupted a deli by theft. I witnessed a similar psychological and monetary attack in Pittsburgh 2004. The pensioner aged proprietors of Viet Nam origin feared for their lives more than in Saigon.
That Delis survive the onslaught of kids and bureaucracy shows the metal of the owners!

Any small business is more stimulating that an office job figuring out how to backstab your competitors. With you life on the line, your rush never ends.