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Bruce S. Thornton
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Horowitz and Emerson have credibility? And I thought they were simply Fifth Columnists. What did I know.
I've more or less followed Jamie Glazov's career in print mostly at and consider him one of our (the West's) heroes in the fight against the enroachment of Islamism.

As a long time resident of the Middle East(40+ years), I've always been struck by how it's almost always people who have some "foreign" experience that have to wake up the West, and especially Americans, to the kind of threat that is really confronting them.

Americans are such "babes in the wilderness" when it comes to foreign affairs. Despite 9/11 and other barbarities, they just cannot grasp that out there, there really are people bent on their enslavement or destruction. Viva Jamie Glazov, Emerson, Pipes, Hirsham Ali, Ibn Warraq et al.
!حيا امريكا
Nicholas Earth (Athens-Greece) April 09, 2011 at 1:44 AM
This beautiful planet (a speck in the ocean of cosmos) is nothing but a mess(!); lacking genuine leaders; full of hypocrycy and pathos for power & greed. NO exception !!! All the rest is a matter of opinion and of self interest, to the few; whilst the masses struggle & suffer. That simple. Thank you.
(PS. Pls re-read Robert-Green-Ingersoll's 1833/1899 - speeches)
Fabulous as usual, Dr. Thornton. As much as I respect Sharansky, I was troubled by his opinion of this Middle East "democracy" movement. I'll have to check out this book.