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Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox
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Still looking to the past. Even this article.

The coming results will depend on many things, one being how people will move around in the future. By what means ... how will it be powered.

Until that new standard is settled all this is a guess.
Interesting analysis. We live in a suburb of New York City - what we have seen over the years is that couples start out working or living in Manhattan or Brooklyn, then leaving the city once they have children (and then moving to Florida when they retire).

What does that say about the city? Not much other than it is obvious that lots of people think the city isn't a great place to raise children. In other words, people want a house with a yard, picket fence and all that other mom and pop apple pie stuff. What we've also noticed is glass office towers built all over the place, every time there is a building boom, allowing people to live and and work in the suburbs.

I was going to write something about how one of the political parties is doing all it can to get people back to cities where it maintains totally undeserved dominance, but since the piece is non-political, will not do so.