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Stefan Kanfer
Judge Goldstone Recants « Back to Story

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The Israelis spend way too much time worrying about what 'the world' is thinking about them. As do we Americans.
Though I may exceed the limits of politeness - as a result of which the editors of the journal may very well cancel this remark - I cannot help saying that to my mind Goldstone is an ass with a big hole.
I guess it took this to figure out how to squeeze the guy…
Unfortunately, it's exactly this kind of "judges" which is in a great demand now both by the liberal and the dictatorial regimes all the world over. The notorious Nazi Volksgericht chairman Roland Freisler would be proud of this evil tribe: like him, all these goldstones are true not to their facts, but to their ideas only. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Have you sent this to "fair and balanced" Fox Business, that is, copies to Hannity, Huckabee and Beck?

Oh, and don't forget O'Reilly who has never had a good word to say for Israel.

In what sense is Cuba a worse human rights violator than the USA. Our government too imprisons people without trial, wiretaps and reads our mail without warrants. Habeas corpus is a dead letter. Our current president even claims the right to execute US citizens without any sort of trial or hearing.

The Glass-houses rule applies,nu?
Archie Wedderspoon April 04, 2011 at 6:27 PM
Hear, hear to your last sentence. And I'm not even Jewish.
Goldstone is a liar, incompetent, and a complete fool!
Sorry to learn he was born Jewish.