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Leslie S. Lebl
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Is their any chance at all that I could purchase a copy of "The Great Mosque of Notre Dame de Paris"? The English version. Best of luck, Steve Lambertsen
boston bruins jerseys July 03, 2011 at 4:57 AM
Another book that tackles this subject is Tom Kratman's Caliphate. A sample of it is available at
How many attacks by Evangelicals, Monsieur Norman? How many deaths in the name of Christ? How many homosexuals hung?How many women stoned, burned, shot, mutilated?How many apostates does any branch of Christianity kill?BTW, I am Russian Orthodox and don't really take to Evangelicals...however, I'd much rather have them around, abrasive as they are. Islam=death. Taqqiya, mon frer. Abrogation.Taqqiya.
Racist? Xenophobic? Please, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Christians expelled from Kosovo, Gaza, Wset Bank, Egypt, Bosnia, Chechnya, 21,000 attacks by Islamists in the world since 9/11 and not one protest against the violence by moderates...and we're the ones who are racist?How dare you? If these animals had white skin, blue eyes and a swastika you'd agree with both women....
Chudinova and her reviewer are classic xenophobia or plain racism. I live in Paris and never heard of any Islamist demonstration, no streets are blocked by prayer groups : actually, Muslims in France become rapidly secularized. Half of Muslim women marry non Muslim men. Chistian Evangelicals in Paris suburbs are more active these days, than Muslim preachers. What about a book on Evangelicals dominating the world and taking Notre Dame away from the tourists to whom it belongs?
Adding to Emily Nelson's comment recommending Tom Cratman's book Caliphate, I'd say it is a great way for folks to learn the true tenets of Islam. The treatment of the "infidels" and women comes directly from the Koran and is easily verified. I also recommend Mark Steyn's writings on the subject.
We may already be years too late to stop the inevitable from happening.
Recently several of the local television stations here in the New York area have started covering the Muslim communities that have taken root in Brooklyn, Queens, and the New Jersey urban areas. I happened to flip on one local network affiliate for the 6 pm local news, which cover strictly the local stuff - car accidents, lost dogs, fires, politicians doing the perp walk in handcuffs, you know, the usual Jersey local news.
In any case, I turned on the local Jersey news and saw large numbers of obese women walking around in burkas,faces convered, or with their heads covered and wearing long, shapeless robes. Men were walking around or squatting on the sidewalk dressed likewise in robes and caps. Many of the men were chain-smoking, although there was no evidence of cigarette butts on the ground. And large numbers of children, and I mean a lot of children of all sizes and ages where either walking with their mothers or standing around with the men. The language I heard coming from the street was Arabic, only Arabic.
The first thing that struck me was why is the local news covering a street scene in Gaza? I thought maybe there had been some local Jersey/Gaza connection or something; we did have something similar several months ago when a Jordanian man took his child to Jordan to get away from his American ex-wife and the courts here.
Then the reporter stepped into the camera. Evidently she was there to ask local residents what they thought of congressman Peter King's hearing in Washington that day.
Where was she reporting from? Downtown Paterson, New Jersey! Couldn't tell it from the Gaza strip.
Maybe it is too late.
Another book that tackles this subject is Tom Kratman's Caliphate. A sample of it is available at:

Chudinova's reactionary anti-semitic, pre-Enlightenment Russian Orthodox bigotry is almost as reprehensible as the Islam she fears.
Uhhhhh, the Catholic liturgical rite is spelled with a capitol "M". Somewhat like experts on Mexico that spell Anta Ana's name with two n's. Decoding Captcha requires a Ph.d. in caligraphy. Too damn cute for its own good.
Uhhhhh, the Catholic liturgical rite is spelled with a capitol "M". Somewhat like experts on Mexico that spell Anta Ana's name with two n's.
Erudite synopsis and review of Chudinova's book. I look forward to both reading the original and future reviews by L.S. Lebl.
Reminds me of Jean Raspail's "Camp of the Saints" first published in 1974. There no no religious dimension in Raspail's book, but the theme of cultural transformation is similar.