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D. J. Jaffe
Time to Close New York’s Office of Mental Health « Back to Story

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Prameet Singh MD April 11, 2011 at 1:00 PM
There are two other areas that might help to reduce unnecessary spending and improve care.
1. OMH, at its regular site visits to clinics its certifies, overemphasizes the need to reach out to patients who have dropped out of care. While is is appropriate for the seriously ill patient, it is unnecessary and infantilizing for the worried well. Yet hours of labor and dollars galore are spent on this issue in the name of good care.
2. Millions of dollars are spent on medications that are frequently unnecessary and often duplicative- A more rational and systematic approach must be mandated by the OMH, to cut these obscenely balloning costs.
3. Its about time that OMH and OASAS, the body that certifies drug treatment were merged - this will avoid duplication of services, patient double dipping , and is based on the scientifically sound principle that these two grouips of disorder frequently co-occur and are optimally treated together
If you are not hearing voices,the meds will bring them out.Just take a look a prozacs side effects such as delusional thinking.I know,lets give the prozac to a person whom had prior issues with abuse and now ptsd.And get them crazi"scitzed out" enough to role them over in the system of a short planned lifespan.I have seen the "bad" in the meds[dying bro]age 45,hmmmmm.Its not the mental illness that kills you.Its the chemicals that destroy the symbiotic well bein of are biological systems and put them into dysbiosis!!!.The modern equiv of a labodome with a knew twist!.Now if the sick knew of this do you think people would want help anymore.And then their is the great cannabis lies,the worst humanity has ever seen.Evil is always arrogant and defensive to a T.No blame they ever assume.No wrong doing will they admit.They have the legal right to damage/destroy your life as the medicine is an art and due harm is allowed.Dont be a foo educate yourself before you become the next victim of"help"
Maybe if you force the meds down their throat it will make them better.Just from personal experiance it has caused me ptsd memeorys of that time in speacial education.The school also contracted cdpc,to handle the dirty deeds of abuse of a child.And they call that helping.It seems the almighty narcasshol personality type has done there damage
I share the authors concern about the attention paid to the "worried well" and the increasing number of severely mentally ill that are now in our nation's jails and prisons. Absent in the article is any mention of the role pharmaceutical companies play in pitching medications to the worried well. Pharmaceutical companies are invested in adding new patients - especially the "worried well" who are more likely than the seriously mentally ill to be employed and have the money or benefits to purchase psych meds. The severely mentally ill will have to go to prison to get mental health care - why? because it costs about one dollar to house a mentally ill person in prison and give them minimal care to about five dollars to house and treat them in a mental hospital.
Do you really believe that there is that many mentally unstable people out there who need treatment? I wish psychologists, social workers, and others trained in therapy would start more free groups. NAMI meetings suck. They advocate for taking medications only. What happened to moral therapy? Doctor$ with restraints, chemical and leather, took over. And that is why there is more problems today.
Zappalorti Society endeavors to promote adherence to treatment and compliance to medication. We hope to expand and extend the inclusive dialogue of the client-clinician partnership.
I wonder whatever happened to government "of the people, by the people, and FOR the people." If some of those people are seriously mentally ill (and they are) it looks like and feels our government, or at least the NYS Office of Mental Health, is throwing them off the train. Such folks are poor, don't make political contributions, and don't vote, so why should "government" care about them?
Anita M Bjorklund March 03, 2011 at 3:15 PM
They might try relocating their offices to the NYTs 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018 and then they can take on helping the really really seriously mentally ill. Anita M Bjorklund