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Guy Sorman
Egypt’s Unborn Revolution « Back to Story

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“We Must Educate Our Children to Become Like Young Egyptian People”

President Barak Obama

Tariq Says:

One day before January 25th 2011, President Obama would never have said that!

He might have considered those young people as a big threat to the free world as they were dying on death boats trying to escape through an illegal immigration to Europe.

Simply, that would have never been said if Egypt was not Reborn!

“It have never been just a bound between a man and a woman, it is that I did melt into you that I became like your fingerprint… cant belong to any other person and can never be found but where you put your finger ”

“Oh my Queen, I breathe you… and you are even more important that the air I breathe”

And I could have never been able to say that to Rehab without being Reborn!

one of the things i liked and wanted to share about this revolution!
here is the source:
I doubt egypt will be able to stabilize its population growth. Depite an impressive size, its livable space is quite small - this might be the start of a malthusian crisis.
I pray that this kind of revolution will take place in this part of the world (Nigeria) where a few have been milking our dear country dry for decades using ethnicity and religion. I am happy for the Egyptians that they eventually got their breakthrough (freedom) from those that have held their country/lives to ransom!
There is more to a modern country than a democratic government. Egypt and other Arab nations are rife with cultural pathologies. The horrible bigotries against religious minorities, the nepotism and corruption that infests both the private and public sectors, the treatment of women, and the constant blaming of others for self-created ills do not promise a speedy transition to modernity.
I'm not sure how realistic it is to dismiss Islamism in Egypt by stating that it is a secular culture. Of course it has some secular instincts, even a few habits, but its deepest challenge to a free economy is also what prevents real peace with Israel.

For Egypt to have a free economy, or for that matter, real peace, would require it to give up its hatreds and habitual scapegoating. This is an almost impossible thing when their most animating force, Islam, nourishes their most retrograde instincts.

Egyptians would have to learn to believe they could master their fate. Islam has never encouraged that.
Is there any person or group in Egypt (or any other mid-east country) who is organized to promote and help make free enterprise a reality?

If there is, maybe they could come to the US and teach ours leaders how to run a government that allows free enterprise to flourish. After all, we citizens also like 8-10% growth.
To make a political system work requires a culturally sophisticated and intelligent people. For example, they have to be intelligent and sophisticated enough to see through the Ponzi schemes which make up the bulk of political "solutions". Even in the US, that may be a bar too high.

But to make a market system work? As Lord Peter Bauer has shown from his study of markets in Africa, basically any people can make it work, no matter how backward.
Lack of competition in the education of our kids has the adults (teachers, unions, and the bureaucrats) very satisified with the status quo. Sadly, the children suffer with a second-rate education and little or no growth in our place among nations.
The practice of guaranteeing a government job for graduates has been interrupted ten years ago.
Most of the professionals , lawyers , doctors , etc.. do not belong to the Muslim Brotherhood: this organization is now deeply divided along generation lines , the younger showing no interest in an Islamic regime.Right now , Socialism is a bigger threat than Islamism for Egypt's future.
No mention of the Muslim Brotherhood's control of the Professional unions; doctors, lawyers, etc. Or the practice of guaranteeing college graduates a job in the government maze of bureauocracies. Radical Islamism is very likely the wave of the future, especially since they have a ally in the Oval Office that runs interference for them.