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Bruce Bawer
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Tax all churches.

Require and uphold absolute separation of church and state.

Any religious sect or denomination that sends unbelievers to hell, or to death, get a choice: deportation, or death.

We'll be back on course as a republic in no time.

(DAR member, mostly liberal, 11th generation American)

That Texas program has since been cancelled, although it was very odd. The out-cry from the public brought an end to that.


I think your soft-soaping the problems that are manifesting in England, and Europe, as well.
These immigrants arrive because their home countries are unlivable, without realizing that they bring the same cultural values that made their homelands unlivable in the first place.
all you had to do is watch who was in the streets to see where Egyptians stand on Sharia law as applied to females.... none to be found, except a few posed for camers later on.

I respect anyone's religious beliefs as long as it does not impose it on me or my children. I fear we are being "useful idiots' in accepting a relative stand on a religion that treats half of their population like slaves. It is NOT compatible with rights of the individua that defines us as a culture.

I would like to see a law from Congress, signed by the President, mnaking sharia law illegal based on all legislation passed defending a person's civil rights.

I don't believe this President would support that....sadly.

"...days of the "melting pot" are over..."

Yes, by forces that support multi-culturalism.

New Flash: A Texas school got Fed funds to require all students to learn Arabic.

Why Arabic in a state with so many Spanish speakers and why manadatory? And oh by the way the parents new nothing about it. Again why?

Someone trying to hide something?
Good points all. I just finished "While Europe Slept" by Bruce. I wish I could win the lottery and send my liberal friends on a tour of the Europe few Americans see. Keep going Bruce.
Whatever happened to the "law of the land"? One obeys the laws of the place on earth where his feet are placed. When I am in Rome I must do as the Romans do in all matters legal. This is not at all too difficult a concept to understand. Islam takes pride in their heritage which goes back over 1000 years. All well and good. We refer to the Modern world as if it were dreamt up and came into existence in 1789 in Philadelphia. In fact our own foundations go back much further than those of Islam. Our world draws on wisdom, laws, learning much further than that and from a great many sources, Greek and Hebrew to name but two. Our heritage is too rich and too dearly paid for to be replaced without a defense.
This is essentially a culling of newspaper clippings masquerading as something more substantial. There are flaws in multiculturalism in the UK, but its not nearly as bad as this article paints it. Most Muslims I speak to are very concerned about how they are represented, aren't terrorists or sympathisers and want to live a quiet life. Some of them have religious views that I disagree with profoundly, but I also disagree equally with people who want to know if I have found Jesus.

Most migrants want to live near each other. Aren't areas in the US still characterised by the German, Swedish, Italian, Irish migrants who first settled there? Hindus in the Uk may be more assimilated than Muslims, but they still tend to live near each other, so do Sikhs.

There is no serious prospect of the UK having Sharia, but worth noting that Talmudic law is recognised within English and Scots law. It may well be that elements of Sharia will eventually be incorporated on a similar basis, but this will not lead to hands being chopped off in supermarket car parks.

Its difficult to compare the UK experience of migration with the US, but it is apparent that the days of the "melting pot" are over. The Latino migration into the southwest looks a lot more like the UK experience.
Intimidation of local Christian clergy and vandalisation of churches go virtually unreported in the British press although it a far from uncommon phenomenon.
Great Britain has a big problem with the non-assimilation of certain immigrants. I hope that we do not come close to such cultural/political implosion here in the USA.

I do wonder why immigrants would choose to migrate to a country with whose values they do not agree. I know I would not.

What indeed might be the motivations of the sharia-loving immigrants in Great Britain? At this point I cannot rule out the possibility that some/many of them might want to establish mini-caliphates in Great Britain. If they have not already succeeded.

I am reminded of advice that I received in my youth (the 1960s): If you don't like it here, you can leave! I stayed and worked to make my country better. Amen.