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Paul Howard and James R. Copland
The Whooping Cough’s Unnecessary Return « Back to Story

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Hey David Smith, why would the waivers contain the language that says "I accept all liability for others" when the Federal Government passed a law which prohibits suing a vaccine company if your child dies. They profit, parents who don't vaccinate don't. So can we sue you if your child is vaccinated and gets infected then infects mine? Maybe that's the way it should be. Do a little more research and get off the bandwagon.
Paul Howard is not doing his research. In his article he claims that it is unvaccinated children responsible for the spread of this disease. Well Mr. Howard, this is simply bad journalism. Do your research and get off the bandwagon and start reporting real facts to the public. We deserve it.
Go to Natural News to view a great article that cites the vaccine as the cause. My comments are not opinion like the article but rather based on research, here is one of the reports I will cite:
This is based on a study led by Dr. David Witt, an infectious disease specialist at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Rafael, California.

Your article is yellow journalism. Shame on you, as a reporter you should do your own research and not repeat what others report as "facts".
I wonder how much money Big Pharma paid these people to write a pro-vaccine article. Funny how there is no mention of "natural immunity" amid all of the criticisms of people like myself, who do not support the majority of vaccines that are out there! Big Pharma must LOVE having immunity from lawsuits through VICP--this lowers the quality and sense of accountability from these big-money corporations, and at whose expense?! At the expense of the health of the people! And I wouldn't put it past our WONDERFUL US government to be spraying germs into the air and making people sick via chemtrails--they obviously seem to be buddy-buddy, and there are WAY TOO MANY side effects in new vaccines to even count! Big Pharma being granted immunity via the VICP has got to be (contrary to this article) one of the WORST things to happen, as it lowered the quality of present-day vaccines, and took the lawsuits AGAINST Big Pharma out of the public eye with it being moved out of the courts and into VICP! Do not let this article fool you. And why is American culture so centered on fearmongering over every little thing? People live, and people die. That is the circle of life, my friend!>:P
Dear, Paul Howard and James R. Copland, Important please help. I received a whooping cough with a combination of tetnus and something else injection. Since then I've been constantly coughing and have a terrible taste in my mouth. I've taken cough lonzengers which has not helped. I have never coughed this much in my life. My room mate agreed shes never heared me coughing this much. Why does the pharmaceuticle business have doctors give this injection that cause this condition? "Why haven't they tested it first for its reaction on humans"!? I would appreciate a response. Can you please help me with this cituation? Thank you and God bless yours truly
The contingency fee bar strikes again. These cases are hopelessly bound up with junk science, or no science at all, but as Twain (I think) observed, a lie will travel halfway around the world before the truth can get out of bed. Truly frightening to me that a case of this type has been found worth hearing by the necessary four Justices? I hope they have taken the case for the express purpose of disposing of this tawdry line of argument forever.
The contingency fee bar strikes again. These cases are hopelessly bound up with junk science, or no science at all, but as Twain (I think) observed, a lie will travel halfway around the world before the truth can get out of bed. Trulky frightening to me tghat a case of this type has been found worth hearing by the necessary four Justices? I hope they have taken ther case for the express purpose of disposing of this tawdry line of argument forever.
I am a great believer in vaccinations ... however: the medical profession has erred in trying to force parents to vaccinate their children without answering the parents' concerns.

As with Marin County (cited above), these are educated, affluent parents who want the best for their children. If these parents are not vaccinating as the MDs indicate, then discuss the concerns in a detailed, scientific, factual manner and not with an arrogant "Because I say so."

Each year the medical profession piles more and more vaccinations onto younger and younger children, and it is a very reasonable question whether this overwhelms the immature immune systems of these children. I have however read nowhere a thoughtful and detailed response from the MDs, just more ridicule and a refusal to discuss the issue.

The next move has to be that of the MDs, to provide information proving their contention that all these vaccines on the current schedule are not harmful and are necessary: "First, do no harm."

The last paragraph of this article sadly falls in line with the MDs: "Convincing parents to vaccinate their children appropriately is a public-health imperative." Does the author then suggest a fact-based dialog with the reluctant parents to 'convince' them?

No, instead: "Let's hope that the Supreme Court will rule accordingly [in Bruesewitz] and leave science to the scientists" -- which leaves no role whatsoever for the parents, except acquiescence. This approach is wrong.
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Interesting article. How would you explain that over half of all who came down with whooping cough in the recent San Deigo outbreak were immunized?

Also in an outbreak in NJ in 2009, all 100% of the people who came down with it were up to date on their vaccines.

I'm trying to figure out if I should take the risk of the side effects of the vaccine if you can come down with it either way....
Maybe the waivers should include: "and I accept legal liability for any harm caused to others by my exercise of this right".
You have no idea what you're talking about. Multiple sources confirm that the 2010 outbreak was due to increased awareness and a large number of cases in adolescents and adults due to the short duration of immunity provided by the vaccine. Do your homework before you publish this type of unsubstantiated nonsense. This is from the NY Times

The rise in pertussis doesn’t seem to be related to parents’ refusing to have their children vaccinated for fear of potential side effects. In California, pertussis rates are about the same in counties with high childhood vaccination rates and low ones. And the C.D.C. reports that pertussis immunization rates have been stable or increasing since 1992.
is it as you suggest or is it because California has the highest population of immigrants both legal and illegal in the nation
Perhaps we should look to the millions upon
millions of invading colonists as the primary
source of new outbreaks of diseases that were
eradicated in America many decades ago.
84% of those cases were already vaccinated. Do some real journalism.
"...the Supreme Court is considering a lawsuit against whooping-cough vaccine manufacturer Wyeth; if successful, the suit would make epidemics much more likely and undermine public confidence in vaccines even further."

Well, the Supreme Court did rule against Wyeth after all. However, this case had nothing to do with "vaccines" of the kind mentioned in this article.

It had to do with an "injection", that is to say, with a procedure, which was improperly performed and ultimately required the patient's arm to be amputated.

As far as I could tell, there was nothing wrong with the actual "medicine" that was being injected.

Still, the subtle difference between a "vaccination" and an "injection" will be lost to the public and the case, as the authors stated, will cause a loss of public confidence in anything to do with "needles". Too bad.
Children who are unvaccinated (because of parental refusal) are 23 times more likely to get pertussis than vaccinated children.
Are you fella's aware that 90% of California's whooping cough cases are in those that are fully vaccinated (6 shots)?
No surprise that our wonderful traditional media would grab on to vaccination in the search for yet another Pulitzer (or Emmy). Global warming, second hand smoke, alar, you name it, just keep the masses afraid - and don't touch that dial! And keep voting for Democrats - those wonderful people who can't do enough for the misery merchants in the plaintiff's bar. It's just a bit sickening here though, because it's children - do these people have any decency?

Two other comments: it's my understanding that children who are not vaccinated can't attend public school (??) Also, diptheria, whooping cough and other childhood diseases are caused by some pretty nasty bugs. Since our traditional media refuses to do it someone needs to remind parents who choose to forgo vaccination that in the disease lottery the odds are far FAR better with vaccination.
I expect we'll see many screeds like this one, trying to whitewash the crimes from bad medicine, and worse vaccines. This fact-less op-ed shows that some "diseases" are coming back, yet only in California where the influx of legal and illegal immigrants has gone up exponentially over the last 20 years, exposing Americans to people whose health is suspect, and no vaccinations. vaccinations have indeed been shown to cause harm, proving that Congress was absolutely wrong when it enacted VICP. I sincerely hope the Supreme Court finds in favor of the family against Wyeth. just like the exposal of the mythical global warming, that cervical cancer vaccine turned out to be not just false, but deadly also. This is especially so when giving it to young teenage girls, when parents learned that vaccine is only good if the recipient is having sex. this polemic is shameless attempt to whitewash an industry that many doctors working in the vaccine and pharmacy industries have admitted that there are serious problems with the drugs, and new court cases continue to show the miserable failures of the materials not just vaccines but drugs overall. What a Shame! Another whitewash of a greedy industry !!
Sometime people's just don't think!