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Thierry Baudet
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From an American point of view, the notion of non-jury trials appears at the outset as an elitist instrument easily tranfigured into a political persecution arm to harass, persecute, and jail perceived state political enemies.

How such a system, being judged by elite non-peers, can be compatible with free speech is a mystery. Why not simply have the Queen determine which head should roll? Is there really much difference or are the Netherlands only halfway to Democracy?
Outstanding journalism! Reporting at it's best! Go for it!
I believe that Islam is both a religion and a political ideology, much as the religious right is in the United States, which is allegedly Christian but ignores Jesus' statement that his kingdom is not of this world as well as his other advice of a socially progressive nature.
I hope the Dutch government reads your article, and these comments.

I will not travel to or via Holland, nor buy anything produced there, unless and until these foul proceedings are dropped. I will NOT settle for ongoing prosecution and an acquittal, which will cause me to make this boycott permanent.
The attitude of those Dutch judges is incredible. Maybe there needs to be a change in the Dutch system. When the prosecuting and defense attorneys both agree that a defendant is not guilty, all charges should be dismissed forthwith. January 30, 2011 at 8:52 AM
"Islam is a fascist political ideology rather than a religion."

I thought Wilder's view silly until I read "The Myth of Religious Violence" by Cavanaugh who argues that the term "religion" was constructed during the rise of modern states to compartmentalize ultimate obligations into the sphere of the private. Christianity with its "two cities" and "render unto Caesar" concept was able to allow for the hegemony of the secular state over the Christian worldview.

Islam has not division of the state and mosque and therefore it is quite arguable that it does not fall within the modernist concept of a "religion". While it is absurd to say that Islam does not have transcendent aspects, the inability of the worldview to differentiate its temporal politics lends credence to the argument that it is not a "religion" or at least that is is not just a religion but a religious-political-ideology.

The similarlity between Islam and Hilterism (another religious(neopagan)-political-ideology is easily made.
Brilliant. And frightening.
I wish all the best to Mr. Wilders, surrounded as he is by cowardly, myopic judges concerned more about their own comfortable lives (and taxpayer-funded pensions) than they are about ascertaining the truth about Islam.

And the truth is, it is a scourge that must be contained, condemned and then consigned to the ash heap of history.
I lived in the Netherlands for five years in the early to mid 1970’s. While there I learned a great deal about the Dutch and came to appreciate the many contradictions that appear to make up Dutch liberalism and society.

It helps to learn the language and especially their humour. The Dutch are possessed of sublimely literate and absurdist sense of wit. It’s too big a stretch to suggest that it’s worth it to really learn to speak and understand idiomatic Dutch if only to get the jokes. They can ribald, gross, sublime, antic, intellectual, and scathingly satirical all the span of the same joke or story or in breadth of a few seconds.

I also learned a famous Dutch saying, “God created the heaven’s and earth, but the Dutch made Holland.” The Dutch, a naturally sea faring people, took what was essentially a gigantic cold, sodden, flooded, uninhabitable swampy bog the size of New Jersey and made whole swaths of their country from scratch.

They are tolerant, ebulliently good natured, quick to laugh, and generous to a fault. And they are keenly sensitive to disrespect, haughtiness, and anything that might smack of condescension to their nation, their culture, themselves.

And the Dutch do understand the difference between “tolerance” and “collusion”. The Dutch will tolerate a lot of difference and cling steadfastly, proudly, to a sense of live and let live. But it is a quid pro quo. Tolerant forbearance is offered freely in exchange for respect for their culture, their way of doing things, and if it be not given happily, then let it be surrendered politely and in silent protest. Above all silent.

That the Islamic community in the Netherlands fared as well and for as long as they have without major conflict is astounding – and this should not for a second be taken as a criticism of the Dutch. That the Dutch people have found themselves to be sufficiently fed up with Islamofacism that they would burn mosques and lead political protests to compel cultural assimilation speaks volumes more about how utterly alien to humanity Islamic has made itself in the Netherlands than it could possibly speak about any social shortcoming of the Dutch.

What heartens me even more than this wonderful article and the timbre of so many in response, is the number of observations that for far too long, Islam has found sanctuary and asylum under the wafer thing guise of “religion”.

Islam is a religion only in so far as it is truly a political movement of violent and despotic conquest using the cloak of a religion and a disguise and a recruiting tool. Unmasked of the legitimacy that “religion” lends to Islam, no society on this side of the 14th century would long tolerate the ghoulish campaigns of death that have been the hallmark of Islam since it’s inception.

We are in a war. Understand this if you understand nothing else – there is a war going on, and it’s been going on since at least 711 A.D. And try to grasp the idea that while it may take two to have an argument, it only takes one to have a war. Islam is now and has been in a constant state of war since it’s literal inception. It is a political manifesto of violent conquest.

While it’s fair to note that there are indeed sects or septs of Islamic followers, worshippers, who do not now and have never advanced or practiced jihad, those with whom we are enjoined in battle now, the jihadi folks, the folks who attacked and destroyed the World Trade Centre, ( after truck-bombing it failed in 1993 ), who attacked the Pentagon, attempted to fly a jumbo jet airliner into the White House, blew up the U.S. Embassy in Kenya, attacked the U.S.S. Cole, attacked and truck bombed a U.S. military compound in Lebanon killing over 200 U.S. Marines, fire-bombed a Berlin nightclub, who continue to harass, kill, in essence wage a 50+ years war of atrocity against Israel and who invented suicide bombing, and who murdered the Israeli Olympians in Munich, and who too contributed too many depraved acts of barbarianisms to count, those Islamofacist curs began this war.

This is a war that’s been ongoing for about 1,350 years, long before the First Crusade was ever conceived of and – in point of literal fact – had it not been for the political ravings of a racist pseudo-Arab paedophiliac malcontent, ( who by the way happened to be named Mohammed ), it’s a fair bet we in the U.S. wouldn’t be anywhere near Afghanistan now except in the form of geological engineers offering their services to help a very poor country mine and produce an extremely rich mineral field.

I’m quite sure there are literal millions if not billions of people the world over who’d love nothing more than to happily leave these people to their own 11th century form of self imposed hell. People the world over in varied governments in positions as lofty as the United States President to the lowliest tribal shaman in some South East Asian ville have been attempting for at least the last 200 hundred years to “leave them alone and stay out of their business”. Would to heaven’s sake that they would let us.

Jihad wasn’t a Western idea. Holy war wasn’t a Western idea. Decapitating anyone who fails to drop on their knees and drag their face in the dust in ecstatic praise of Allah wasn’t the notion of anyone in the West.

This war, like the Crusades, like the war to reclaim the Iberian Peninsula, like the war to impede the Ottomans from invading all of Europe, like the Barbary Coast Wars fought by the U.S. from Jefferson to Monroe, this war the Dutch are engaged in to literally reclaim their own country, is one of Islamic choosing. The sole sane choice anyone can make is to take the fight to them.

It is a testament to the world’s tolerance and the strength and forbearance of Western Civilization that a liberal nuclear application to rid the planet of this pestilence has not been availed. For now.

For those still stuck on trying to make Western Civilization the agent of oppression, it might help to try thinking of an Islamic agency, al Qaeda, as the Spanish Inquisition. Although nominally a “religious” agency, the Spanish Inquisition answered to and was a specific arm of the Spanish Monarchy as opposed to the Pope or Catholic Church. Founded in or around 1478, the Spanish Monarchy usurped the Inquisition from the Pope and published it’s new mission to maintain Catholic Orthodoxy in the Iberian peninsula.

In practice, as a government agency, it was used to ensure that after 700 years of siege to reclaim Iberia from a Muslim invasion begun in 711 A.D., there’d be no easy or furtive going back.

Keep in mind while thinking in modern parlance about Al Qaeda, that the jihads began sweeping across most of Northern Africa by the late 680’s A.D. with the clear goal of “converting” the world under Mohammed’s sword into a single Islamic POLITCAL entity.

As an “agent of change”, Al Qaeda is merely a recent expressly political expression of Islamic Jihad, a group nascently begun in the 1920’s to re-establish Islamic scope to encompass the breadth of the Middle East from Turkey to the Moroccan Coast as one Caliphate. For starters.

This same group under different guises and names assassinated various Arab leaders and royalty for the crime of being too “western” or failing to be sufficiently Islamic, and assassinated Anwar Sadat for making peace with Israel. Under a loose confederation of groups, ( Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Jihad, etc. ), this political arm of Islam turned it’s attention to the United States only after failing to over throw impure Arab governments. The reasoning was/is that so long as Arab powers are financially linked or beholden to the U.S., the efforts to bring “Greater Islam” back under the control and governance of a Sharia Caliphate would be for naught. Anyone at all surprised at the assignations in Holland, or elsewhere in Europe, has paid no attention at all.

Egypt in particular lead a harsh suppression of Al Qaeda activities and today maintains “peace” via an increasingly tense détente with Islamic “Religion Police” much as do the ruling monarchs of Saudi Arabia. In fact, what the world fails to even guess at is how very much the Saudi Kings rule at the pleasure of Islamic Mullahs and Imams.

Al Qaeda is embarked on a holy war of jihad no less than any other manifestation of this ages long crusade has been witnessed. To suggest that they or such another Jihadist group does so without tacit consent if not outright enthusiastic lauds, is the blind one’s self in cultural if not outright literal suicide. May Mr. Weerts long bring the fight to the enemy, not because we love to hate, but because we will repel hatred with untiring vigilance.
Great article. Clear and Concise. I forwarded it to my Facebook friends.
God bless Wilders)
'Among the injured parties who testified was Mohamed Rabbae ... who ... warned the court that Moroccan Dutchmen found a reason for their criminal behavior in the “racist views” of people like Wilders. Rabbae also cited psychiatric research showing that incidence of schizophrenia among young Moroccans was seven times higher than among the rest of the population;'

Hmmm... a pro-Moroccan Dutchman cites their 'criminal behavior' and notes that they have seven times higher rates of schizophrenia than the population, and it's Geert Wilders who besmirches the reputation of Moroccan Dutchmen?
Wonderful article!

Thank you Mr. Baudet!
... with the current structure and the content of european governments and the suffocating effect of the totalitarian EU, it will be impossible to stop progressing islamisation of our continent and consequently the orwelian fantasy will become soon the nightmare reality...let's hope we will soon have more such people like Geert Wilders who change the direction in which these disastrous winds are currently blowing...
@ LAH -- And how in the world can one fairly 'prove' in court that Islam is/is not a fascist religion? When on one side you have a harsh opponent of Islam, who has all the knowledge one needs to have to criticise Islam, while on the other hand you don't have Islamic debators (like Zakir Naik or Shabbir Ally etc.)but mere lawyers debating with him, who don't have the know-how of tackling criticism against any religion!
Naturally, this is good news. Similarly, it is hoped, that the attempts by CAIR to force an appeal in Arizona will prove that Islam IS a fascist political ideology positioning itself as a religion (which it does lately only so it's able to cry out, "religious intolerance" whenever exposed with the truth.) The more truth that shines on the Koran, and the totalitarian and repressive ideology of Islam, its plans for world domination and submission of everyone to it, the more we will see them "hoisted upon their own petard." It moves with creeping sharia and by the "political correctness" (?!) of a dhimmi press and media, but the truth casts a light on the monstrousness of its intentions towards all other peoples of our world.
I wish there were more people as brave as Wilders who would speak out against injustice and not bow to political correctness. If we do not make a stand, we will lose our own separate cultures as we are unwillingly or unwittingly absorbed into "Islamic culture".
Well,I really don't see what the big deal about 'offending' islam is....I mean I use a page of the koran every time I have to take a mohammed...much softer than Charmin.
This is almost unbearably offensive and Orwellian. It points to the end of the West - what other culture has such self-loathing and hatred for its own culture and traditions? Do you see the Thai people hating their culture with such forcefulness? Chinese? Anywhere else that there exists such self-loathing, promoted by the popular media? How did this happen? How can it be stopped?
The Geert Wilders saga perfectly illustrates the Left's standard operating procedure when it comes to speech or ideas that threaten to disrupt their collectivist aims: namely, they don't argue against what's being presented, because 99% of the time, they don't have an intellectual, philosophical, or factual argument with which to counter the "offensive" idea.
Instead, they attempt - over and over again - to use their patented "3S" formula of attack: Sneer, then Smear, then Sue.

First, they sneer at their opponents ("Real scientists agree that Global Warming is settled science"..."Palin went to what school?"..."Man, that Glen Beck is nutty!")

If sneering doesn't suceed at marginalizing the target, they move on too smearing ("GW skeptics are no different than holocaust deniers!"..."Sarah Palin's an accomplice to murder!"..."Glenn Beck is whipping this country into a murderous frenzy!")

And when the smearing also fails to neutralize the target, it's time to sue, or threaten some other legal action ("GW deniers should be arrested!"..."We need Acceptable Rhetoric legislation!"..."Bring back the Fairness Doctrine!")

When the Left starts calling for legal action, that's your cue that they are TRULY desperate to shut you up. And when it comes right down to it, it's most always a win-win for us. why? Because a courtroom isn't The View or The Bill Maher show. Their opponents aren't at the mercy of partisan hacks with their trained-seal audiences...they are able to refute and disprove the Left's claims FULLY, as well as present FACTUAL evidence to bolster their arguments. It's the reason John Kerry didn't sue the Swift Boat veterans...or that ACORN didn't sue James O'Keefe...or that Shirley Sherrod didn't sue Andrew Breitbart.

Or...they go forward with their legal actions. And what do they normally get? They get Ezra Klein. And they're about to Geert Wilders...again.
I honestly think that those who say that the Koran has hateful verses are dishonest people. The verses in the Koran which are apparently 'violent' are the one's clearly dealing with some WAR situation WITH THOSE who had themselves BROKEN PEACE COVENANTS and NOT any normal situation.

The verse 60 of chapter eight (with which 'Fitna' starts) is dealing with a similar to read the verses which precede/follow it??? See:

KORAN 8:56 "They are those with whom thou didst make a covenant, but they break their covenant every time, and they have not the fear (of God)."

KORAN 8:57 "If ye gain the mastery over them in WAR, disperse, with them, those who follow them, that they may remember."

KORAN 8:58 "If thou fearest treachery from any group, throw back (their covenant) to them, (so as to be) on equal terms: for God loveth not the treacherous."

Now Read 8:60 Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies...

AND THEN : KORAN 8:61 "But if the enemy incline towards peace (again), do thou incline towards peace, and trust in God: for He is One that heareth and knoweth --But Mr. Wilders won't like to quote these verses so that no body understands the context.

And How foolish MR.Jenses seems when he tries to show the Bible has no hate stuff. The Bible UNLIKE THE KORAN has hate verses against INNOCENT CHILDREN, WOMEN etc. Here are a few examples:

BIBLE Leviticus 24:16 "And he that blasphemeth the name of the LORD, he shall surely be put to death, and all the congregation shall certainly stone him: as well the stranger"

"Then I heard the LORD say to the other men, "Follow him through the city and kill everyone whose forehead is not marked. Show no mercy; have no pity. Kill them all – old and young, girls and women and little children..(BIBLE Ezekiel 9:5-7 NLT)

(Jesus says:) For God said, ‘Honor your father and mother’[a] and ‘Anyone who curses their father or mother is to be put to death. (wow how cruel) (BIBLE Matthew 15:4 NIV)

How do you translate "kangaroo court" into Dutch?
If only there were a British Geert Wilders to sort out all those with weak knees which currently govern us.
I have always been fascinated by Dutch history, its people and of how a relatively small nation, once-upon-time, distinguished itself as a great mercantile nation, and also, having produced the great Dutch Renaissance humanist, Erasmus. Of how, in the past, the Netherlands were also known for its relatively religious tolerance and was a refuge for the persecuted that included the English Pilgrim Fathers, French Hugenots, the Jews (amongst whom the great Sephardic Jewish philosopher, Spinoza, stood out) and such. There were some blemishes attaching to its history, of course, notably the genocidal massacre of the population of the Banda Islands(valued then for its spices, notably nutmeg)in 1621, instituted by the then VOC Governor General, Jan Pieterszoon Coen and the fact that among the various European imperialist powers that ruled some of the nations of SE Asia, the Dutch (compare them to the British, who, when they quit their dominions left some good things ie. the institution of parlimentary democracy, hospitals, education & transport systems, the rich & subtle English language etc.) who ruled Indonesia was said to have left behind "dead bodies only", plus a reputation, justifiably or not, for being avaricious. For those interested in some bits of Dutch colonial history, a visit to Malacca (my hometown) which the Dutch conquered from the Portuguese in 1641 would be the next best thing to do. Here, smack in the heart of this balmy historical city - listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site - stands the Stadhuys (literally "town hall" in old Dutch) thought to be the oldest remaining colonial Dutch bulding left in SE Asia. There's also an old clock tower nearby it, which, though not exactly the Big Ben of London, is certainly, of some historical interest to history buffs.
Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels has been writing about the impact of the high level of consanguineous marriages in Muslim society (70% of Pakistani marriages, almost half among Arabs), and the outcomes that flow from a millenium or more of close cousins marrying within the family... including depression and schizophrenia. (A nicely footnoted popular presentation can be seen at with links to scientific papers of interest.) Quite possibly the level of the hereditable genetic disease of schizophrenia seen in the Moroccan-Dutch community is not actually due to stress caused by Mr. Wilders' statements.
peter1589, the taxis-driving 'Hindus' in your city with 'their ever-present turbans' are very likely to be Sikhs. And Sikhs weren't so docile in India in the 1980's, killing the Prime Minister, Indira Ghandi, among others in their fight for independence. As for Muslims being God's appointed chastisers of the sinful West...are you taking your medication? No, I didn't think so.
Great article
At Howard: as the Dutch, including Dutch Jews, had been neutral during WWI and even before that time largely kept out of other peoples business, they never anticipated the Germans to invade their country. And even when the Germans were there, they never anticipated them to round up and deport their countrymen otherwise they, including the Jews working at city hall in Amsterdam would have destroyed the meticulously kept records of all their citizens, where they lived and what religion they were. When the Germans started to deport Jews nobody in the Netherlands could have imagined what they where awaiting. If somebody would have told them, they would not have believed them anyway. The Dutch people living in the Netherlands were too innocent and too organised to have been able to avoid this catastrophe.

PS The killing of Mr Fortuyn in 2002 was the second 'political' assassination in The Netherlands. The first one was 418 years earlier when William the Silent (grounding father of the Netherlands) was assassinated by a Frenchman in 1584. Philip II of Spain had promised a reward of $25,000 for that.
THANK YOU for your excellent article!!

Speaking of Islam / Mohammedanism, I wonder if the proper authority in the U.S. that deals with the case of the murderer of Ft. Hood, Texas will EVER come up with a charge against that infamous character. My guess is they NEVER will. It would be very interesting to read CITY JOURNAL's take on that.
And in that case (Islam standing trial) it could become one of the most far reaching trials ever.
You have to ask yourself, why don't we have such problems with Hindus? They drive taxis in my city and I have NEVER heard of anyone complaining of the treatment they got from a Hindu.

If Hindus are so docile and, despite their ever-present turbans, still not quite willing to meld into American society, why are we not afraid of them or suspicious of their intents?

Because, as Geert Wilders astutely and boldly points out, Islam is out to destroy the society we live in, while Hindus are out to make a living for their families. When is America and Europe going to wake up to the fact that the self-same peoples who were the chastisement of early Israel when they went astray are the apt choice of God to chastise the West due to our abortions, homosexuality, birth control, wide-spread divorce and fornications, drug abuses, child abuse and all the other copious sins we engage in with impunity. Until we reembrace Catholicism, which has been the only barrier in history to successfully stymie Islam's sociopathic intents, we will find the sword at our throats more and more as time goes by. As the Blessed Virgin stated in Fatima, unless man betters himself, a worse world war would occur during the pontificate of Pope Pius XII. Now, She has come to Medjugorje for the last time to continuously warn us for over 20 years of what we need to do to avoid catastrophe. Do we listen? Bah!
Thank you.
The Dutch are a strange people. They broke away from Spain, rejected Romanism and blind religious intolerance, became (somewhat briefly) a major colonial power, remained a seafaring powerhouse until their empire was obliterated by Japan in WW2.
One interesting fact, make of it what you will: of all of the countries that were occupied by Germany during WW2 that were allowed to continue to exist as a political entity and keep, at least nominally, their internal political independence (e.g. Denmark, Norway,Slovakia, etc) the Netherlands saw the greatest percentage of its resident Jewish population murdered by the Germans, over 85%. Unlike other countries such as Lithuania and Ukraine, Dutch nationals did not participate along with the German occupiers in this mass murder of their fellow citizens but, basically, allowed it to happen. Open opposition to the German occupation was restricted largely to members of the labor left and communists, and that only after Germany turned on its ally, Soviet Russia.
Make of the above what you will.
This account, to me, reveals even more starkly if that were possible, the rank hypocrisies within Islam. Also emphasized is that Islam is a "religion" sustained by fear and repression. As such it has no place at all alongside Western Civilization.

Let these Muslims/Islamist keep their affairs away from all of the rest of us. Quarantine and containment away from Western Civilization is the best response from us here in the West.

These Muslims/Islamist's are very skillful at using our own Western legal institutions against us.

We must anticipate this, and be better prepared.
Thank God that the Dutch still cling to the basic principles that spawned enlightenment throughtout the rest of the Western nations!