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Jerry Weinberger
On Smoking a Cigar « Back to Story

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Dave forwarded your email and I enjoyed this article you wrote. Didn't know you ever smoked. Dave and I did from dating to young married. I gave up the stuff for good the day I gave birth to Maggi. Can you believe I smoked during both pregnancies and didn't have a clue that it was bad news for me or our kids. Dave gave it up much later, and then we began to learn about the harm second-hand smoke does.
Best to you both. If you're ever in Durham let us know.
An unusual way of describing the pleasures of smoking a cigar, but very poetic. I am going to smoke a cigar right now.
Lovely article, Jerry. The sublime qualities of the cigar are quite at odds with the pedestrian "cool", and today not-so-cool, of the cigarette. Here in DC, the opportunity to share this experience with others is severly hindered by overly restrictive regulations about where one can imbibe. Spring is still months away, and outdoor smoking is but a memory and a wish.
I am a cigar maker, one of two in the Metropolitan area, so glad that I found the noble cigar, and quit the evil "nail".
Very nicely written.
Such poignant musing on cigars. I can't wait for this weather to thaw a little...nothing beats having a cigar on a spring or summer night! Guess it's time to head to and stock up!
Great article. The simple joys are mostly the best joys.
I love good journalism. Great article, Professor Weinberger.
Big tobacco knew early on what their product did to people's health, but they lied about it. They deserved what they got.

To those people bemoaning the fact that public health "fascism" stops them smoking ..... we live in a shared social space. The moment you light up a cigarette, cigar or pipe, then it becomes your space. There is no compromise possible on this. Its only when you become an ex-smoker that you realise how intrusive the habit is.
Great article Professor Weinberger! While I lost my infatuation with cigarettes at the young age of 19, cigars have continued to have a mystical hold on me. A nice meal, good sex, a job well done; everything is better when it is finished with a long contemplative smoke.

Unfortunately I live in NYC where the notion of "the consent of the governed" disappeared long ago and it's nearly impossible to have a cigar and a drink with your friends in public. We carry on though. Cheers!
Mr. Weinberger, this piece was a pleasure to savor, right down to the final draw.
As an ex-cigarette smoker, I read the article with fond memories of the sublime pleasure that is smoking a cigarette especially, for me, with my morning cup of coffee. And no, I never kidded myself that I was doing something that was good for my health. But I do now enjoy the pleasure of a fine tobacco product, the occasional robusto-sized cigar. Not quite the same, but still in its own way, tremendously satisfying. Regrettably we now live in a society where smokers of all types are demonized and, in our schools, categorized with illegal drug users. Very sad. Perhaps I will console myself with a cigar this evening.
Jeez, what is with these cigar dorks? They're better off endlessly jawing their tiresome mantra, "It doesn't get any better than this!" than trying to wax all lyrical as in this soggy-brained cesspool.
Why the separation of Americans into CLASSES?
The class construct is a European mindset!
Please explain?

J.Berger(Drammen, Norway)

Date: 2/9/11
You should give up the cigar too, bub. And although your writing is lovely it's just too damn seductive for former smokers. I don't smoke. I am, in fact, one of those annoying asthmatics who wave away smoke ostentatiously in public. I think what your anti-smoke essay is going to do is entice those who are on the wagon in the non-smoker to start puffing away again. Bad, bad, bad.
Never smoked - didn't like it. But loved characters in the movies who did.

I am not a smoker, except for the very rare cigar, whose reality is usually not as good as the thought of it.

Nevertheless, the poetry and the picture it evokes make me wanna go burn one, toute de suite (as my late grandfather would say).

Gilbert W. Chapman February 08, 2011 at 5:55 PM
A pleasant essay describing pleasurable moments. Thank you!
Gads. I haven't wanted a smoke so much since 1982.
Love the writing. I've been up Hwy. 99 quite a few times, and Dr. W's description of it brought back lots of good memories.
Wonder if Dr. Weinberger is familiar with Dr. Freud's observation that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. He does, anyway, confirm it.
Richard Burnett Carter February 08, 2011 at 3:40 PM
What a lovely bit of writing.
I'd like to know when and where you publish more.

You really should join THE VOCABULA REVIEW. You would like them and they you.

Be well,