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Nicole Gelinas
Nation-Building in Washington « Back to Story

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Less spending not more spending. I'm sure the American Society of Engineers knows what we need. But we don't have the money without more borrowing or immediate cuts elsewhere. I'm surprised there is no mention of the political dilemma the newly minted Republican House of Representative would face if it took your suggestion.

p.s. Mr. President, show us your papers! [pass it on]
A small portion of the stimulus money would go a long way, such as a new multi model twin span Tappan Zee, reviving Westway (the cancellation should be scrapped), the Cross Manhattan Tunnels and Brooklyn's Linear City plus a multi model cross harbor and cross sound tunnels.

But no, instead it will be squandered on the alcohol-pharma-cigarette criminal mercantilism (drug war) instead- with 'liberalism' being about wasting money, along with 'conservatism'.
I always value what Nicole has to say. Good points. A Tulane liberal arts grad, with a CFA. A nice combination.
When I see a proposal like this, my knee-jerk reaction is to ask what happened to the Stimulus Package money that was supposed to repair infrastructure. If my state of Delaware is any indication, it went to installing sidewalks and bike paths that almost nobody will use, installing walk/don't walk signals in areas rarely frequented by pedestrians, and planting trees and shrubs by roadsides and medians (said vegetation ususally dies, and quickly). Repairing infrastructure is a great idea, the plan just needs to be corruption proofed as much as possible, no easy feat in DC.
Now this is a good idea. Steal Obama's agenda and embrace the tax and spend agenda the Republicans are so quick to criticize. I'm sure that will win over the Tea Party converts.
There should be no new construction until the disintgrating infrastructure is rescued. Nothing gained by putting new patches on old wine skins. The worst needs the most money,and the quickest appropriations. One formula cannot fit all; Northern states suffer relentless damage to roads and bridges and must get highest priority.And Committee Chairmen, such as West Vigina's late Czar of Pork ,should be strictly restrained from political self-agrandizement.