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André Glucksmann
Guilty of Being Right « Back to Story

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I came across your www and now i'm big fan of your writing talent
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szybkieodchudzanie February 12, 2011 at 3:27 PM
I see a lot good quality posts here
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@francis Nolan

Race ? Well it certainly wasn't intended as such. I had just finished reading the article in Le Monde when a friend sent me the link to this piece and perhaps my dander was up a bit too much.

Although I stand by the over-analysis of a straightforward situation.
The first part of your comment had me interested but why the personal attack on grounds of race
The first part of your comment had me interested but why the personal attack on grounds of race
As a novice in World Affairs I must say a big thank you for your article. My interest in World affairs was stirred by various injustices which have appauled me over the last few years. The internet has many good points and one of them is the relevant ease of communication and the joining together of millions of like minded people to try to make this world a better place for all its inhabitants. At the same time organising meetings and pressure groups to weed out the corrupt burocrats before its too late. I cannot believe Putin has stooped so low and most important that he thinks that is the end of it. Well there is disbelief amongst the student population here and I await to see what happens next. I was beginning to accept Russia as a friend but now I feel Russia will become a third world country and unrest comes close behind
Khodorkovsky was a crook, who then tried to sell huge swathes of Russian Oil/Gas reserves to US companies. That is what did for him./ Putin was a small-time crook who, as they say, got the drop on Khodorkovsky.

Typical of some tousled french blowhard to take time out from grovelling to muslims ( in order to over-analyse a simple situation.
The French never were very good at understanding Russia.
What on earth does "three times less" mean?
Alan van der Woerd December 29, 2010 at 4:43 PM
Wow! Excellent article! Corruption and chaos seem to know no end where authoritariansm over-rules individual rights. It could be argued that the chaos of Putin's Russia is the logical outcome of globalism, and a picture of where the US is headed.
Mr. Glucksmann has not only clearly analyzed and grasped the history and unfolding tragedy that is Russia, but, also presented his synopsis in articulate and erudite argument... which makes him a rarity, indeed.

Bravo, sir!
And the useful idiots who prostrate themselves to Putin, cheering the START treaty hailed by the American Pollyanna in Chief, keep on enabling Putin's mission to carry Russia back to a cold war mentality, and all the economic ills and risks of war that carries.
This is the universal result of concentration of power. It doesn't matter who gathers the threads together--communist, fascist, theocrat, priest-king, Caesar or Great Khan. Concentrate power and injustice flourishes. Diffusion of power is the only way to go, but so far it doesn't seem to be catching on in the world. It takes freakish anomalies like the American Revolution, George Washington and John Adams to make it happen. I wish my admiration for Mr. Khodorkovsky did him some good. His actions certainly put in in company with many great men and women in history; and after all the greatest Truth-teller of all ended up dying an ignominious death on the cross.
Brilliant and correct synopsis of Russia today.
Gosh I'd always thought Mikhail Khodorkovsky was a gangster and a thief. What did I know? I find it very interesting how the paid flacks come out of the woodwork whenever a Russian Oligarch gets what is coming to them.
The problem is that we really don't know what's going on. It maybe an unjust stitch-up, but the job of oligarch wasn't openly advertised ..... It does appear that the oligarchy represents theft of national assets on a grand scale and there is a sense here of thieves falling out.
Well, I'm not sure about what Russian people deserve Michael. Don't forget that a large number of them approve what Putin's Russia represents.
Anyway, what an excellent article! Thank you Mr. Glucksmann for writing it! And thak you Mr. Cornel for translating it!
Excellent! The Russian people deserve much better than Putin and his legacy of wealth for a few thugs,false, hollow pride for poor pensioners, and lost opportunities for Russian youth.