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Stefan Kanfer

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Dorothy Dietrich who appeared at the Jewish Museum with Kenneth Silverman on a panal of 3 on Houdini might be added to this list.
You state
Still, Houdini’s most valuable legacy is not for artists or magicians like Penn and Teller, James Randi, and David Copperfield, who d

Dorothy Dietrich who appeared at the Jewish Museum with Kenneth Silverman on a panal of 3 on Houdini might be added to this list.

Dietrich is the first and only woman to accomplish the Catching of a Bullet in her mouth, often called "The Jinxed Bullet Catch" and The Trick that scared Houdini. At least 12 men have died attempting this feat. Ms. Dietrich now holds the World's record in several categories. Dorothy Dietrich is often called "The Female Houdini" , "The World's #1 Female Magician" and was the first to be called "The First Lady of Magic". Columbia University Press and Encyclopedia called her "one of the most noted magicians of the late 20th century. or check out her page on wikipedia.

Dick Brookz & Dorothy Dietrich November 23, 2010 at 10:54 PM
Houdini had a comment about Appleton, according to documents we have at the Houdini Museum. When asked what his greatest escape was he said.... The day I left Appleton, Wisconsin.
Just because people enjoy watching paranormal shows does not mean they are naive.Far from it,alot of times. And if you are to write about Harry,than please get your facts right.
You are very judgemental.
Actually, Houdini's family first permanent home in the US was Appleton, Wisconsin, not Milwaukee. Appleton is about 90 north of Milwaukee and his father was the first rabbi of this Fox River Valley city.

Houdini spent 4 years in Appleton which he usually claimed as his "birthplace" (it wasn't, he was born in Budapest).

Appleton's "History Museum" has featured a Houdini exhibition for many years now which contains, among other items, Houdini's "last will and testament".

There is a Houdini Museum in Scranton, Pennsylvania which I assume exhibits mementoes of his later, professional life.

Although Houdini never returned to Appleton after the family departed, he always held a special affection for his childhood home.

There is real magic, Mr. Kanfer. Houdini is the most famous illusionist. Magicians create magic, illusionists create the illusion of magic, so to use the word "magic" is incorrect for us, but good marketing for Houdini. For example, Christ was a magician since he performed acts that can't be scientifically explained. Because you haven't seen any magic yet doesn't mean it can't be done.